tvN Drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter Release Dual Form Official Posters

The low-key production of pre-filmed tvN fantasy drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (Tale of the Gyeryong Goddess) continues with the release of official drama posters that are creative and cute in an understated way. The posters need to be seen side-by-side to get the full effect as it’s the usual leads posed set up but takes on narrative meaning by the very important changes between the two. The one on top has leads Moon Chae Won, Yoon Hyun Min, Seo Ji Hoon, and Kang Mina posed like a family portrait, and toggled with the same pose below for the two male leads but substituting veteran actress Go Du Shim for Moon Chae Won as her older grandma form and a tiger for Kang Mina. The tagline reads that she’s been looking for her woodcutter husband for 699 years but which one is he. I hope he’s not the male lead because I would love for the romance to have agency in this modern age, that the fairy picks the man she loves not because she lost her fairy wings but because he’s awesome enough for her to stay on earth with him rather than go back to heaven.


tvN Drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter Release Dual Form Official Posters — 8 Comments

  1. Love the posters and what’s written on there about her egg. Don’t touch her egg or you’ll be in trouble with mama fairy haha

  2. I hope the first male lead is not the woodcutter too, let her be with someone else! I read the synopsis, and tbh I would be mad to a person who steals my clothes, and bound me to stay on earth just because of his lust, marry me, and have children with me, then made me stuck on earth for like 600 years just to wait for this asshole to be reincarnated so I could get my fairy clothes to go back to heaven. Heck… that sounds like an enslavement to me.

    • I just want to point out that the webtoon isn’t similar to the folktale everyone knows about. There’s a twist about the woodcutter…
      Dolbae is a awesome writer and I hope this drama does it justice, even if just a little.

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