Kim Yoo Jung is a Plucky Hot Mess in First Teaser for Clean With Passion for Now

I am on the spectrum closer to OCD than comfortable mess so it’s going to be an uphill battle for me to like the female lead in upcoming jTBC drama Clean With Passion For Now. If her journey towards love also includes a journey to improving her hygiene and tidy living habits that’ll be a double reason to watch.  I’ll still find her cute onscreen thanks to the charming antics of Kim Yoo Jung who infuses the role with kooky charm as seen in the first drama teaser. I’m still not feeling male lead Yoon Kyun Sang for this particular role but he’s playing the uptight straight man role to Kim Yoo Jung’s effervescent whirlwind who barges into his life so that contrast might work well. The drama premieres at the end of November on jTBC in the Mon-Tues time slot after The Beauty Inside.

First teaser for Clean With Passion For Now:


Kim Yoo Jung is a Plucky Hot Mess in First Teaser for Clean With Passion for Now — 21 Comments

    • I actually hope the male lead is someone like yoo seung ho or lee jong suk or the original male lead who dropped out because of their clashing schedule..ahn hyo seop?

      • Let’s wait and enjoy the drama. As fan, we should give every actor/actress the opportunity to act their role. Give them a chance to show their acting and not assumption and jump to conclusions. You need to be talented or born ‘actor’ to act the role and character.

      • I like both of them..I just feel that they do not match in term of visual and acting,a bit worry if it doesn’t work between them..but, yeah lets wait and see their chemistry. I hope the best for the two of them and I will be very happy if the drama come out great.

  1. Yoo-jungie is so adorable! And I love that she really looks and acts like a slob in this teaser.

    In theory, I like that Yoon Kyun-sang’s character is looking at her like she’s gonna murder him with her poor hygiene (her menacing leer which I’m 100% sure he’s only imagining is a nice touch), but I still have reservations about their chemistry.

  2. Drama that I have been waiting. Kim Yoo Jung played a different role and character. From other videos, YoonKS and Kimyj look good together. I will watch as Both are talented actor/actress. Fighting CWPFN team.

  3. Not to demean YKS, yes he might be a good actor and a good person, but there are characters that suits who and vice versa.Im not blaming him fully, I blame jtbc for their choice. Im still not convinced that he is webtoon character, still a miscast. There are more roles that suit him.They look comfortable and friendly in Apan awards but still cant swallow the “lovers angle”, they just look like they are brothers and sisters, that’s a fact. Im sure there a lot more roles that suit him than this, fans try to swallow it because there is not point of getting mad anyway lol

    • I have to agree with this. I’ve liked him since Pinocchio and think he’s a talented actor. But based on the stills he shares with Yoo-jung and Jae-rim, and now this teaser, I don’t think he looks the part. Hopefully he matches better with the webtoon character as well as his co-stars once the full first episode airs.

  4. Perhaps it’s best to watch a few episodes before we leave any judgement… it’s really unfair to any actor/actress who’s being judged without given the chance to prove his/her worth,

    That said, the first teaser is enough to make me wants to watch it:)

  5. Happy with the story and cast so will follow this drama when it screens. KYJ is absolutely cute as so good luck to her and the team.

  6. I’m so happy to see her in a drama! I loved her last drama, I missed her 🙂

    For YKS, I hve some reservations for this role, but I will see.

  7. I want to defend Yoon Kyun Sang but it would be useless since everyone just want to see what they want to see

    People who like him don’t need any reason and people who don’t like him won’t accept any explanation..

    Difference in preference is fine as long as we respect each other..

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