Taiwan Actor Wu Zun Joins C-variety Show with 70 Year Old Doppleganger Dad

Sometimes celebrities are just very good looking people born of two average folks but in the case of Taiwan actor and former idol singer Wu Zun it’s like he leapt from the loins of total financial and visual privilege. In recent years Wu Zhun has mostly turned into a reality show star on the backs of daddy devotion image to his two kids with his high school sweetheart turned wife for the C-version of Superman Returns called Daddy is Back. I’m thrilled because everyone knows Wu Zun is a terrible actor but concede he’s so very handsome so being a reality show star allows his visage onscreen without subjecting us to him trying to “act” lol. Next up is a variety show with other C-stars where he is participating with his 70[year old dad and everyone is amazed at how young Daddy Wu looks and how much Wu Zun is a doppleganger to his dad. Wu Zun also comes from a very wealthy family in Brunei and speaks very openly about what a happy supportive family he comes from which gave him the chance to pursue his star dreams. He’s also married young and devoted to his wife and kids so gotta hand it to a very wholesome successful star.


Taiwan Actor Wu Zun Joins C-variety Show with 70 Year Old Doppleganger Dad — 7 Comments

  1. I dont see why he qualifies as a taiwanese actor as he never revoked his Bruneian citizenship n id a tourist ambassador for Brunei. His dad is Bruneian too. His mom is taiwanese.

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