Seo Kang Joon Wraps 2018 With Two Solid Drama Performances in Are You Human Too and The Third Charm

I feel like K-actor Seo Kang Joon is a workaholic and it’s actually working out for his career as he uses the multitude of projects to keep improving his acting. 2018 was a great year for him with two well-received drama performances first in the KBS drama Are You Human Too where he played both the human and robot characters and more recently in the quirky cable drama The Third Charm. I feel like all his potential from earlier projects is getting the due recognition and this time without the secondary layer of blow back such as when he stole the drama from the leads in the adaptation of Cheese in the Trap. He’s due for some holiday season R&R and this quiet contemplative pictorial for Marie Claire Korea is a great way to wind down his busy entertainment year.


Seo Kang Joon Wraps 2018 With Two Solid Drama Performances in Are You Human Too and The Third Charm — 33 Comments

  1. The Cheese in the Trap fiasco is so stupid that I still don’t understand why such good drama was crashed and burnt at last leg like that. RIP my cheesy couple.

  2. He really showed his range with the two productions. I cant decide which production I preferred him in as AYHT was just better produced overall and scripting was tight but its Third Charm that brought the heartache for me. The scenes depicting a relationship that was failing felt too real and it just hurts. I think i would have preferred him to Yoon Kyun Sang to pair up with KYJ for cleaning with a passion … cant wait to see what the future beckons for him. Hope he gets to do 1-2 more productions before military beckons

  3. I like him a lot since Cheese in the trap and it was so good to have him in two different dramas this year. His acting in AYHT was superb and he was also very touching in The third charm. Glad that he’s finally getting some recognition, I can’t wait to see his next drama! 🙂

  4. I’m still traumatized so I haven’t been able to watch dramas that has pianos and/or him in it yet. Good to see he’s doing well though.

  5. I was disapointed by the story of Are you Human Too, but his acting was great. Third Charm was a nice drama. It’s the kind of story that you don’t want to hear but makes you feel so much emotions. He was great. I’m happy that he’s doing fine even if his agency has a lot of issues.

  6. The 93 line is basically him, bogum and kyungsoo. They’ve dominated over the likes of hyun woo and seungho who have basically subsided to pointless roles even though they are the better actors. Its a shame actually but he worked for it so he deserves his wins.

    • I always thought YSH was severely overrated as an actor. DO and PBG are more versatile and SKJ has more heart. I love them they really bring their characters to life.

    • ….Yoo Seung Ho has led a drama to over 20 percent ratings though, after coming back from the army.

      Even Ruler, faulty as it was and as much as it didn’t live up to its hype, had solid ratings and hit the teens. I don’t think he can be so easily dismissed as “pointless” just because of a new It boy SKJ (who has yet to come even close to his series ratings) coming along.

  7. Love when his hair doesn’t cover up his forehead. It’s make him look more mature.

    characterwise, i like him in CITT the most. Missing him when he is all rough and on the edges. , and I still like his chem with KGE too.

    Dramawise, i like The Third charm the most. The narrative potential get more explore, and it’s actually exceed my expectation About drama. Despite some flaws here and there. Meanwhile AYHT is really dissapointing and it’s turn out to be just another drama which the initial aim is to get him more popular. Dissapointing with Jo Jung Jo, she got a good PD and solid cast, ffs.

    • Agree on the hair. Hes so handsome when its all up. AYHT got solid reviews with korean netizens though. I thought it was very well produced.

      • I just don’t like the direction they take when the show got near to the end. They abandon the good stuff and It’s more like goes towards black and white between NS and NS III to add more tension rather than tell a story.

    • Really? I saw SKJ’s posters everywhere in Seoul last summer (in cosmetics skincare stores). He is very handsome with beautiful eyes. His acting is good. I like The Third Charm the best (because I like Esom too). SKJ is 5 years younger than JHI so there is a lot of time for more great projects. JHI is nobody as compared, only noona or ajhumma fans like him after that Pretty Noona drama. LOL.

      • Yep. Hes top 5 most sought after CF models in SK. I have had the opportunity to field an ad job once and his rates are surprisingly not cheap considering people thinking hes only a so-so famed actor. Ad agency said in that 20s age frame, there’s really only him and park bo gum in representation – handsome, tall and known. DO is still seen as idol/exo so not really in same category. JHI has picked up a few cfs but his age puts him in park seo joon category instead. SKJ has numerous ads. Winter wear, water park, games, food, appliances, skincare… if only he was in a less troubled agency, i think he will do even better

      • Never saw him in the brand value ranking, even when his drama aired. Btw how about yang se jong?

    • I will be visiting korea soon so i will see if he does have a lot of cfs or not. He might have a lot in 2017 and 2018 but he seems to have slowed down this year. I personally didnt see him on the brand reputation ranking too when his dramas air and I felt he is still a bit underrated. I could be wrong so i will see once i am there. He got good acting reviews from are you human and maybe third charm but ratings for third charm was not high as he admit in an article. What he needs is a drama that will do well in ratings and earn him good reviews.

  8. I absolutely loved AYHT and its basically the drama that got him global popularity. He’s a charmer for sure and I’m excited to see him opposite someone younger this time. Maybe Kim So Hyun? They were so good together in Suspicious Housekeeper.

  9. I love him in AYHT. I have yet to watch his newer drama. I saw him first in Cunning Single Lady and felt he’d go far as actor.

  10. He’s got a lot of potential for sure but he’s not consistent as an actor yet. A few more dramas will sort that out though.

    • Agreed on that. He was definitely a case of agency and looks hype at the start of his career but at least he worked hard to eventually deliver good performances in demanding roles and didn’t decide just being pretty waa enough, unlike some ‘cf queen’ celebrities who are forever whining about the hate they get for their crappy acting.

    • Weird, he has entourage, AYHT, Third charm and still not consistent as an actor? People in koala said he’s in the same level with PBG and DO, but knetz said he’s just like Namjohyuk. I will go with knetz.

      • Errr… not sure wheres your supposed knetz source. I live in korea and he has been on a high in praise for his acting since AYHT every korean article since that drama. And no… hes not being compared to nam joo hyuk. Its always been 93 liner comparison. I was hoping to walk away with a better deal cos PBG was too expensive and YSH too elusive. But didnt book SKJ in the end also as the rates was still too high and nothing they can do about it since its his rates in Korea anyways. We ended up with an up and coming actress

      • @lydia I read it in NB. And it means that his acting just average like nam jo hyuk
        Lol I always forget he’s 93 liner, because he looks so mature

      • Erm no… even NB has articles raving about his acting especially towards end of AYHT. One comment saying his acting is like nam joo hyuk doesnt warrant the 50 other comments praising him.

    • I know what you mean. For me, The third charm is not only showing his strength, but also his weakness… he is at times, trying alittle too hard to makes his performances in THe Third Charm different compare to his previous roles.. I think he should relax abit and trying to breathe with the character instead. abit more experience will help him alot.

  11. I want to see more of him before I decide how I feel about him. He gives of a very cold vibe so I’m not sure what sort person or actor her is yet.

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