Park Min Young Offered Female Lead Idol Fangirl Role in Upcoming tvN Rom-com Her Private Life

The synopsis for the upcoming 2019 tvN rom-com K-drama sounds like a ripped from real life background for countless Hallyu female fans. The network is planning the K-drama Her Private Life adapted from a webtoon called Noona Fan Dot Com, telling the story of a rabid idol fan who presents a professional and capable daily life of a museum curator. She first idolized Yoon Kye Sang of real idol group g.o.d and since then has spent twenty years of her teen to adult life being a secret hardcore idol fangirl. Her passion gets revealed when the a new director arrives at the museum and hijinks ensue. Park Min Young has been offered the female lead role, and it would be HILARIOUS if Yoon Kye Sang is cast as her male lead but not playing himself hahahaha. I also would love for him to comeback to drama land, but this post is about Park Min Young’s potential casting which I’m all for. She’s shown a fantastic comedic timing in her last drama Why Secretary Kim and I don’t think she’s typecast yet since most of her dramas are genre, sageuk, or melo.


Park Min Young Offered Female Lead Idol Fangirl Role in Upcoming tvN Rom-com Her Private Life — 27 Comments

  1. Rip park park couple,she gonna been ship with another costar. I she accepted this drama since park shin hye drama was flop now.

  2. @valentinozara. hahahah how can a cable drama with 7,5 % ratings be a flop ? you are high on drugs. You didn’t try hard to hate PSH, try harder

  3. I like that she constantly challenges herself with varied roles in different genres, legal, melo, action and saguek. It keeps the audience anticipating her new works. I’ll keep my eye on this if she signs on. She never disappoints and has gotten better with each role.

  4. the storyline sounds weak, so it all depends who will be casted as the male lead. PMY is a good actress but she cannot hard carry a drama yet… All credits or awards seem to go to the male lead especially with WSK where she should be the focus not PSJ. hmmm… feel kinda unfair to her…

    • I think she can carry a drama by herself if d writer gave her a gud development…until she actually get a drama lyk dat…you might never knw wat she is capable of n I think d plot is thick enough n her double personality/life will make it fun to watch

    • I think she can carry a drama herself but she always ends up lifting her co stars more. Even though she does great but she is typecast. The genres may be different but her character in all of them more or less is the same In Seven Day Queen PMY showed great range and she was the soul of drama.

      • How is her character d xame…r u saying her character in healer is d xame with secretary kim or her character in remember is d xame with city hunter….

      • I don’t think she is being typecasted, not yet…. but she is lacking something (?Charisma) to push her to the next status… She has the acting capability but not the luck of being the “star” of the drama, not yet… if you know what I mean 🙂

      • It’s better to be on a similar genre with different and challenging characters than in different genres with too similar characters.

        While I understand that she used to do similar characters but I notice she is pushing herself lately. I don’t like the over the top fluffiness of the WWSK but she is the one who did the best in that drama, though other actors did all right too.

      • U do knw she is playing herself in secretary kim…I dont c overreacting in kim mi so cus d character isn’t challenging at all n i still bt can you tell me how her character is d xame n she did diff genre…even medical in dr jin n a rookie worker in glory jane

      • @lawal what i meant by saying that the character is essentially similar is that the charcteristics of the character and their personality rather than their professions. She is always the bubbly, next door girl. I think rather than being typecast I should have said that this is her comfort zone and she aces these characters and perhaps choses the roles that offer these characteristics herself. Either ways she is a good actress and does her job well but I can’t really say that besides Healer and Seven Day Queen any of her characters were vastly different from the other

      • @candycane I think it is PR. Her agency is not pushing her enough to get the status that she should. Plus I guess just because its known that she went for PS so even people don’t consider her in the beautiful actress league. But I think uour agency can do wonders for you. Honestly Park Bo gum was in the industry for so long but reply 1988 changed his fate but it wasn’t the show itself but the numerous interviews he gave left and right. Oh well but what do we know. Maybe she prefers being this low-key. She is one of my favorite actresses so I have never really thought that she lacked charisma because I found her charming but yes maybe she does and again I think charisma is sth you can push through also by PR.

      • No she didnt play d nxt door gal u talking abt….d only tin her character hv in common is strong independent woman…
        I understand u d little charisma he enough for her maybe…
        I kidda lyk d way she is living…less hype less burden…even in remember whr her character is not develop well,she is still not ur gal nxt…I do understand you sha…pleasure chatting with you

    • @candycane,

      Admittedly, I think you are right. PMY’s character really got lost the longer the drama went on. However, I think PMY can hold her own. She did great in Healer and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I do think, though, she needs a writer who won’t sway with the input of netizens and keep her character as the focus.

    • @candycane I agree with you.Not only does the storyline sound weak.Its juvenile too.Its another drama whose success will rely on the chemistry and acting of the main leads.

      @wapz You cant blame PR or her agency for her star status or charisma vacuum.She joined Namoo Actors(her agency) in December and if you follow her activities sunce then.You will see that out of all the female actresses in that agency(there are many), I can say she is the most promoted.Magazines, variety shows, endorsements, fanmeetings.She is everywhere.She got out with lesser backlash than Park Seo Joon for her dating scandal because they filtered her interview.Lets just say she has an equal number of fans and antis.She appeals to some but somw wouldnt give a shit about her no matter how hard she pushes herself.But I think for her acting experience now and her age.She is doing well.Its better to be less hyped but have more longetivy than a shot burst of overhype and then fade to oblivion.Also conpared to her peers who are all respected actresses e.g Han Hyo Joo, Moon Geun Young, Moon Chae Won, Park Ha Sun and many others who are of a similar age as her and started acting around the same time as her.She is doing really well.

  5. I can’t wait to see her next drama, she’s a versatile actress and romcom seems to fit perfectly with her personality, in real life she’s that fun girl that everyone wants to hang out with. Hope the male lead will be a good one…

  6. Didn’t watch WWWSK and this one reminds me of Sooyoung’s ‘So I married an anti fan’ but I do like YKS So I’ll see how I go but another rom com for PMY not really hanging out for it cos reads it’s same old same old.

  7. I knw wat u mean…she might not b d star of her drama bt she still shine in her own way…sum pple r lyk dat…dey lift pple up n still shine…she might not b a superstar bt she is definitely a star….Also no one knw her popularity will rise tru busted n secretary kim so knw one knw wat will appen with dis drama either…whatever happen will make her stronger n wiser…when u fall,u rise again,when u fail,u study more,when u lose,u fight again….m sure pmy hv knowledge abt dat…in one of her interview she said she didnt let d hype of secretary kim get to her cus…she as recieved more negative comment dan positive so she definitely knw nothing last forever not even popularity bcus everyday everyone grow,new tin happen,more pple get popular n more pple her forgotten…

      • Exactly….bcus she is not overhype…pple r complaining,Alot of actors n actresses out dere with gud acting skillz bt zero popularity….pple dont watch deir drama or movie bcus dey aren’t overhype

  8. You had me at Yoon Kye Sang! I too would love to see him back in a drama! Maybe he could at least do a cameo?! Oh and yes… Park Min Young would be great in this role! I can totally see her as a devoted fan!

  9. I must be the only one who thinks her romcom acting isn’t that great… she was much better in her other dramas. There’s something unnatural about her acting in wwwsk.

    • U do knw she is pmy herself in secretary kim,dat character isn’t challenging at all bt d character in dis drama is 360° different from kim mi so n if she dont do more romcom,she won’t knw how gud or bad she is…pple learn everyday,sumtym by wat we do or pple around us do…we r human n no one is perfect, we also learn from our mistake to do better..I think she want dis drama bcus she hasn’t show acting skill for romcom since secretary kim is jst pmy herself…bt I do respect it opinion tho

  10. I like park min young! Seen in many different roles! She’s best in Healer and what’s wrong with secretary Kim
    Her facial and eye expression especially in what wrong with secretary Kim are superb!
    And she works well with her male co-stars! It’s not easy to portray good chemistry but she always did it well!
    I wish for her to upgrade to super super-star level!

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