China Tax Authority Summons 17 Top Stars to Meeting with mid-December Deadline to Repay Owed Taxes

The list is out and there are 17 names on it. The good news is that if a star’s name is on it that means said star is an A-lister and one of the top earners in C-ent. The bad news is that the stars on the list were just summoned by the Chinese tax authorities for a meeting and given the deadline to repay owed taxes by December 15th. That’s two weeks ago and the owed taxes are reported in the billions of RMB. The names are on the list are: Yang Mi, married stars Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming, married actors Deng Cao and Sun Li, Zhao Li Ying, Kris Wu (Wu Yi Fan), Zhao Wei, Dilraba Dilmurat, Zhang Zi Yi and her rocker husband Wang Feng, Luhan, veteran actors Xu Zheng and Huang Bo, director Wu Jing, Chen Si Cheng, and actress Tong Li Ya. At this point it’s clear Fan Bing Bing was not the only one misreporting her income and with so many A-list names on this list it’s time to just accept that all the top-earning stars are tax evaders and move on after they pay their penance.


China Tax Authority Summons 17 Top Stars to Meeting with mid-December Deadline to Repay Owed Taxes — 29 Comments

  1. Damn idk whats the effect gonna be on their image but if that was in korea they will be in huge trouble as public there are little too sensitive.

      • Jang geunseok did too, get off easy I think.
        But unlike SHK who has a good sense in picking projects, JGS has been on a downward spiral after after YAB, so that was even before his tax evasion scandal. And he paid the owed money and nothing was said much on it.

        I think only KHD was hit hard at the height of his career where he was considered National MC with Jaesuk.

      • @Sherpa She evaded around 2.5 Million Dollars, made a public apology and is now the darling again.

      • JGS makes a lot of money overseas (e.g. concerts in Japan) and he has his own production company, he is rich. He paid the owed taxes but I think his part on a PD-Na variety show was all removed… He is very talented, just a little weird imo.

      • There is rumor about Huang xiao Ming and and angelababy getting divorced. I think because this tax evasion scandal. And angelababy getting critic about bad acting.

      • hahaha… yes that’s silly… but what terms an A-lister? By wages – Angelababy’s wage is quite high. This proves that acting skill has no correlation with wage scale. Do you agree? About the divorce rumor, I am not sure how true it is coz I do not read Chinese. But why would HXM go for a divorce and suffer a loss in wealth if he has to pay her & the child alimony, what benefit will he get unless he has found a new love? just saying…

      • @Candycane
        From the way Ms.Koala wrote this post, it seems to imply that her wage is what made Angelababy an A-lister. I don’t think she deserves to be named an A-list actress at all (even for her high salary) because she is definitely not on par with the likes of Sun Li who has genuine talent. Regarding the divorce rumours with HXM….They didn’t sign a pre-nup? That would save him from paying her alimony and divorce settlement.

      • A prenup cannot include child support…. He will be at a loss unless the child goes with him ?

      • Plastic looking terrible actress Angelababy is not an A-lister when it comes to acting, not even B-lister but she has too much popularity and she bags out all these dramas and magazine spreads with zero talents.

  2. Will it impact their carreer ? From what i read in the past, in SKorea it’s the case when it happens . In my country they just go to live in another country as Portugal, to pay less taxes .

  3. After the government is done going after their local artists, they will for sure go after the foreigner artists that work/worked there and never pay taxes or lie about the amount they were paid ! Watch out!

    • No, they will not.

      For the last time: This has nothing to do with tax evasion. It is a strong man manoeuvre on part of the Communist regime to let rich and famous Chinese citizens know that there is no path to success outside of the Communist party’s control.

  4. That explains why those big actors don’t have any future projects line up. I remember when Tang Yan was at her height after My Sunshine, she had about 7 project either (in the works and/or waiting to be air). HXM would normally have a few projects selected, but I don’t hear anything.

    All the big name actors are pretty quiet now (in regards to their upcoming projects). This must have something to do with it.

  5. I wonder if these stars know how to read their account books… because for sure they aren’t the ones doing them up.

    I’ve always wondered if tax evasion is ordered by the stars themselves, or their companies or their accountants…

  6. This is interesting since probably they are not that much into the accounting side of things. But if someone is making a lot of money then they should at least hire an independent auditer once a year to avoid errors (intentional or otherwise). It is their money so it is their responsibility.

    But so many of them doing it shows a different pattern. It is almost like everyone did it and never thought of consequences. Taxes for the rich should be paid in my opinion. If you are not happy with your country’s tax policies then you can choose to change citizienship (I remember a French actor doing it, he even publicly declared that it is because of tax reasons)

    • Yes, Gerard Depardieu, Charles Aznavour, Johnny Hallyday, and plenty of them . They didn’t change their Citizenship but took a double nationality… And soccer players as C Ronaldo , … Honestly , i may be harsh but people should pay their taxes. And be happy when they pay a lot it means that they win a lot too. I never complain about paying them and in France we pay a lot but we have a social system .

  7. It is most likely be a legal loophole within the C-ent industry until the govt. decided to close this loophole and hence this crack down. The fact that these celebs were publically called out but yet given instructions and time to pay implies that it is not too serious if they pay up and on time. FBB was used as an example if anyone thinks to resist payment etc. I think all will be fine if they pay etc.

  8. It seems like almost everyone on the list didn’t get affected by this. Fan Bing Bing got ripped into shreds with hate for invading taxes. Is it cause she invaded more while everyone invaded less so they get less hate?

    Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan, Nicky Wu, Wallace Hou, and Crystal Liu didn’t make the list, good for them from not invading lol.

    • Do those who didn’t make the list mean no tax invasion? I thought the government just has not gotten to them yet. Those artists might not have earned that much because of less work or lower wages.

  9. The same artists that practically have fake orgasm when it comes to patriotism are suspected of tax evasion. Interesting.

  10. Hones, I dont think it is fair to call them tax evaders since China changed their tax law retroactively to get celebs to pay higher taxes. There was a loophole in the system that allowed celebs to pay less and they were all taking advantage of it like anyone else would tbh. After FBB, government went back and got rid of this loophole and asked celebs to retroactively pay more taxes.

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