Drama Posters Show Encounter OTP Returns to Cuba in Later Episodes as the Friend-mance Goes Public at End of Episode 4

I’m so in love with tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) and it’s telling how I really didn’t pay too much attention to the details pre-premiere that I totally missed narrative cues. The first posters for the drama show the leads Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum in Cuba, she’s leaning on his shoulder napping, and solo posters with each in quiet contemplation. Then I saw one where he’s giving her a backhug and just thought it was pretty. It was this week when I saw another poster of her sitting on the ocean front ledge and he’s sitting on the ground in front of her leaning against the ledge that I realized the last two posters show Park Bo Gum with a haircut! It means Jin Hyuk goes back to Havana with Soo Hyun later rather than all the Cuba-shot posters were scenes from their first encounter. I’m so looking forward to their return trip and from the body language it’s full on romantic, squeeeee!

Episode 4 ended so unbelievably romantic for me, can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewatched the ending scene. From the building tension of Soo Hyun getting slut shamed as a political ploy to get her to resign from running Dong Hua Hotel and go back to being married to her ex and being a pawn for her parents and her in-law, to when Jin Hyuk calls her director title and then her name plus title, the entire sequence is perfectly framed. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the K-drama trope of a public display of affection and this one was so restrained yet the consequences were as weighty as a hammer on Jin Hyuk’s life. He’s never been afraid of being himself and I love that when Soo Hyun needed someone to stand up for her he was the one to do it.


Drama Posters Show Encounter OTP Returns to Cuba in Later Episodes as the Friend-mance Goes Public at End of Episode 4 — 31 Comments

  1. Can’t explain how much I love this drama. Park Bo Gum is every girls dream guy in here no wonder Soo Hyun fall for him. This will go down as one of the most precious drama in Kyo’s drama history. Fighting my beauty you deserve all the love.

    • Haha… I am not one of the girls.. His pick up line is cheesy and corny. And I am easily annoyed by boys behaving puppy-like as he is. Very suffocating. I won’t say the drama is bad, but just watching simply because I have always been watching drama.

  2. However I don’t want it be separated for many years. End up going alone to Cuba due to some promised meeting set while dating. Coincidentally meet each other. Romance rekindles. And baam end of story

  3. Visuals gone waste. SHK is pretty but PBG looks unbearable. Both of their acting is same as always and PBG even regressed after such a long hiatus. His acting is cringy. This drama sucks and should have stayed in 2010

  4. This drama is just so pleasing and heartwarming fo watch and seeing how many reruns tvn made that had good ratings shows how much koreans loved this drama. Friday they had 4 (probably all 4ep) reruns that are all on top10 cable drama rating then sunday another rerun on top 10. Another rerun last night.
    Every weds/thursday they also had reruns.
    Kudos to the hardwork of PD and production crew as well for making this drama so beautiful.
    SHK and Bogummy’s pairing makes this drama great and special

    • Seems like Encounter had another good episode today. Can’t wait to watch it with subs tomorrow.

      Watched the drama for my fav, SHK but ended up being mesmerised by both leads. 🙂

  5. I think pbg is leaving somewhere as is episode 5 teaser he said when they gonna meet next and pbg looks all sad sitting alone in a cafe.. Just my presumption tho…lol not gonna lie but i love shk in this drama..

  6. I found it funny, how people trying so hard to criticsing this drama. I almost believe that the writer is the one who have so many haters. and then people kept talking about PBG’s acting, even though there’s many negative’s respond, but still his drunk video topping the list as the most entertaining video in naver (even beating Idol’s vidio). and he still maintaining his position as the most buzzworthy actor. Most korean love this drama (and still love PBG of course) I will conclude that all negative’s respon just come from hater.

    • The drama is ok, I like SHK. But PBG is only so-so in his acting, nothing worth mentioning…. Not every girl likes that kind of face and not all human beings are Koreans. Buzzworthy Actor? only in a very very small part of the world… Hater? Why? What part wowed you in that drama that you have not seen in his previous dramas? Nothing special really tbh.

      • Yeah me too. I like shk in this drama but pbg smile is the cringiest shit ever.. Idk if he’s playing 18 year old kid or 29 yr old man…

      • Yeah. He’s totally not the best one, but not worst either. Of course u dont need to like him.
        Small part of the world? Pffft just like you, yeah.
        Nothing special? Yess again, just like you.
        What a troll

      • @PI – you sound more childish than me. hahaha… you like to call everyone “haters” “troll” when they disagree with you. You are totally like a frog in the well who cannot discuss the ocean. I think I have seen a bit more than you. LOL. Who cares about “most korean love this drama”, we are international fans for goodness sake, you are in the wrong blog… hahaha…

    • I don’t know for fans; I watched this drama for Song Hye Kyo’s comeback. I really miss her on the screen but this drama is not my cup of tea. I know the writer wanted to make this a beautiful and unforgettable romantic piece of artwork for the audience. I’m not feeling it although Park Bo Gum’s character Jin Hyuk is made to be a dream guy who’s super lovely but I find him too much. Too fake and cringy. His acting is not working for me. I have seen this kind of concept before and work but not for this one. Sorry it’s a disappointment for me.

  7. I haven’t watched any of Park bo gum’s previous drama so my judgement maybe subjective; I think his acting is subtle and not over the top; He is feeling his character and emotes well up to this point.
    I am neutral about him , I only watched it because of SHK; initially I have doubt about the script too as it is a very typical korean drama just a role reverse; however, as I start watching it and pay attention to every little details that the director and the writer want to convey to the audiences , I Just love it ;
    To me it doesn’t matter whether the rating is bad or good as since when the rating determines whether we should watch the drama or not? And the last I’m happy to see SHK back to small screen.

  8. I just love this drama! There is something about these 2 characters that makes me root for them! Soo Hyun deserve her happy ending and Jin Hyuk is it! Such a heartwarming drama!

  9. I didn’t like the end of the episode 4. I wanted her to fight for herself, she’s supposed to be an ice princess, she made a bankrupt hotel in a great one. She grew up in this environment, she knows this kind of people and she had to fight them before. But nothing, she had to be saved by the puppy PBG. It was really frustrating for me.

  10. I pay close attention to this drama since it Kyo’s comeback project. Sadly I don’t like the story much. Park Bo Gum is cute but his acting is not natural and it bothers me a lot. I also don’t like guys like Jin Hyuk because i don’t find those kind of man attractive. The whole drunk scene got me cringe so bad. I’m not trying to offend anyone but his acting is very bad. Hopefully episode 5 and 6 are good.

      • yes I agree with you. Drama age 29? If a 29 yo man behaves like him seems very naive, then his acting is very off… something weird about his smile, very faked to me. Never see his charm. His loyality to the female lead totally fits a eunuch position in sageuk drama. LOL.

      • I think is the writer fault. Why they casted bogum for the first place. Even his face doesnt look like 29 y.o. he’s still look good with school uniform. But if bogum not the male lead, I’m not sure SHK will take this drama. For what I know she’s always got paired with popular actor.

  11. I feel sorry for PBG. This drama is really SHK all the way through. What can he do if that’s how his character is written and how he’s been directed. It’s not easy watching him swoon over SHK and it looks try hard. If it wasn’t for my curiosity of the story and support for PBG I would have parked this drama already. I like Noona relationship dramas but this one is trying my patience. Kim Jae Wook’s ‘Butterfly Sleep’ is a beautifully written well crafted Noona drama that definitely brings it and bugs you for days afterwards.

    • Trueee this drama is about SHK. Bogum actually got so many parts in ep 2 tho. I love jinhyuk character, but CSH just no for me. I prefer kim tae hee character in yongpal (forgot her name).

  12. Hahaha the rating slowly going downhill because last empress. Didn’t suprise if next week this drama get 7%rating. Last empress already hit rating 11 and 14% ep. I hope the writer kill park bo gum character and make shk end up with ex-husband. I can’t stand watching Pbg any more his teeth smile really annoying.

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