Park Shin Hye is Tres Chic Heading to Hong Kong for the Swarovski Event

Oooooh, I so love Park Shin Hye‘s head to toe look at Incheon airport today leaving South Korea for Hong Kong to attend a Swarovski event as she reps the brand. She looks relatively comfortable with a black tunic dress paired with thigh high soft suede stiletto boots and a leather biker coat with sherpa lining. The hair is casually feminine accentuated with delicate drop earrings, this is one look that is not skewing matronly finally and she rocks it big time. Her role in Memories of Alhambra is pretty sidelined and a plot device for now, but hopefully this weekend kick starts her involvement in the actual meat of the story, and increases the OTP interactions to more than awkward moments.


Park Shin Hye is Tres Chic Heading to Hong Kong for the Swarovski Event — 18 Comments

  1. Yeah that’s what I thought. She’s on her way to Swarovski even not MAMA award. Anyways Park shin hye look absolutely gorgeous on those photos, her beauty is mesmerizing.

  2. She looks so pretty in this outfit. I don’t really understand why people think her character in memories of alhambra is getting side lined. She has just as many scenes as hyun bin does and she’s also playing two characters in the drama. I just think the first episode didn’t have a lot of scenes with her so they could set up the game and background of the story.

  3. I cant quite put a finger on it.I dont know how to put it in a way that makes sense.But there is something about her that changed.I think from around 2016 after Doctors is when I observed this.

    I dont know if its just her having alot of maturity now in her face or because she lost weight.She used to have this glow around her when you see her pictures but its no longer there.Or maybe am just hallucinating.I sincerely hope she is in a good place emotionally.

    • hmmm… maybe losing some baby fat on her cheeks? She is getting older. Her character in MOA is really bland, I hope her avatar Emma will be more interesting, if not, her performance will be same as a cup of lukewarm water, soothing but very blah blah…

  4. Park Shin Hye , looks beautiful, confident , happy, with such beautiful aura , unique to her. Her acting in Memories of the Alhambra and the looks are super! Fighting , warrior! Amazing ! ?

    • Mine neither…A lot of hype and build up like waiting for something that doesn’t quite happen..I wish she could establish herself better as a film actress but the fashion celebrity always seems to take the billing…just my opinion.

  5. I want more out of her character in MOA then playing second fiddle to HB because story wise it’s so amped up she’s really not being utilised and that’s not her fault it’s the writer’s! She can only make do with what’s been written so it’s unfair that she hasn’t been given the exposure she deserves. In fact it’s HB drama all the way through. And I’m glad that an article on her alone has been posted here because it seemed there was no coverage and update so that was a nice surprise.

  6. Damn she looks sexy in this outfit! I love that her style is so chic and youthful looking and not old-fashioned as it typically is! The whole ensemble just screams out stylish! Love it.

  7. Does PSH & CTJ break up???
    Someone spot ShinHye & Kim Rae Won in Bali!!
    What is happening??
    Someone please tell me if you know something..

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