Han Ye Seul Glowing at Skincare CF Event and Confirmed for SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Big Issue

K-actress Han Ye Seul had a rough 2018 on her personal health front with a botched surgery earlier in the year but appears to have fully recovered. She’s been doing more public events and this week attended a skincare brand CF event looking high spirited and quite chic with blondish long wavy hair, little black short dress and an eye catching majorly oversized faux cur pink coat. She’s also moving on in her acting career with confirmation this week that she’ll be headlining the next SBS Wed-Thurs drama called Big Issue set in the world of tabloid journalism. It’s from the PD of Tazza, Protect the Boss, and God’s Gift: 14 Days and the screenwriter of Reset, Yongpal, and The K2. Han Ye Seul plays a top tabloid editor with express prowess at digging up news, with her male lead reportedly Joo Jin Mo, and the drama will air in early February following An Empress’s Dignity.


Han Ye Seul Glowing at Skincare CF Event and Confirmed for SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Big Issue — 9 Comments

  1. I like her very much for no particular reason. Sorry to hear about her medical troubles but it seems she is over them and looking good.

  2. Gosh I like HYS but why does she look like she rolled out of bed and wrapped a woolly rug around her? She does look gorgeous in her hot pink and luscious long locks kinda channelling the blonde bombshell vibe. Glad she will be in drama and I do like her acting and have seen a couple of her dramas.

  3. I love her since watching her in birth of a beauty. Gorgeous and bright! She makes casual beautiful! Although I didn’t like her last drama madame Antoine, I’m excited and Can’t wait for her next drama!

  4. She’s really gorgeous and exudes an air of confidence.
    Can’t wait to watch her drama and oh gosh… hope the writer has improved.

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