tvN Drama Encounter Enchants with Fairy Tale Artistic Title Openings by Artist Jamsan

Art isn’t something I expect to find in a K-drama, and it’s usually the opposite as many productions struggle to even craft decent posters and title designs. I was pleasantly surprised to see a full title opening for tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend), an illustrated fairy tale-esque rendering of a princess, her rescuer, castles and winged horses, all the elements of a romantic throwback fairy tale but here applied to a modern day capable hotel president that is trapped in her life despite all the trappings of success. The title art is by a famous South Korean artists called Jamsan using a technique called digital painting, it’s like a moving picture book rendering that really adds a whimsical element to Encounter when the narrative of the female lead is so grounded in a life weighed down by responsibility and the chains of privilege. Check out some more cool screenshots below!


tvN Drama Encounter Enchants with Fairy Tale Artistic Title Openings by Artist Jamsan — 26 Comments

  1. Visual, arts nice. Acting mediocre, story plot SHITE. Both Boyfriend and memories of the Alhambra. Unfortunately, tvN hasn’t realized that getting big names won’t automatically guarantee you high ratings anymore. People are interested in the story and the dynamics more.

    • And MOTA gets nothing but praise for it’s fresh and new plot and great acting from both leads so I don’t know what you’re always on about.

    • Except that big names do get you high ratings.

      Encounter got 8% and jumped to 10% the next day. It dropped now but is still getting 8%. May I remind you that some of the biggest successes like My Mister, Pretty Noona, Secretary Kim etc never got that kind of rating?

      MoA is a sci-fi drama which is getting 7% ratings, when previous dramas of same genre did not do well. Its also receiving positive reviews.

      Again you are being biased about the acting and plot. Whats shit to you is gold to others. I personally find BF to be a beautiful drama.

      • Yess when encounter got 2 digit in rating, I felt bad and happy in same time. I felt its too high, I dont remember a simple (but touching) drama reach that rating in tvn. Thats why I dont complain when its dropped.
        But MOA deserved more rating, the story is brilliant, and its not scifi anymore its fantasy. I actually dont understand why they still stuck in 7%.

    • Memories of Alhambra is perfect from the plot to the chosen casting so if you don’t like then don’t watch. What’s so hard about that? It received very positive feedback so who gives a dam about the rating.

      • who cares?
        keep your prediction for yourself otherwise it’ll be a shame when it came out otherwise like you did when you predicted to laugh on Encounter reaching poor ratings earlier before the drama airing.
        what a poor soul.

    • I luved them both…both were unique a d refreshing. Ths was for encounter was perfect. You really should stop watching dramas if ur heart is closed off.

  2. so many stuff in this drama has such in-depth meaning to them that when you catch on to them you realize how good this drama really is. unfortunately, there is another drama which is very good but its viewers have taken upon themselves to degrade encounter. I like both of these dramas so it’s saddening to see both sets of viewers bashing one another. they should have aired both the dramas at different months. I am sure we would have seen better reception for both of them.

  3. Everything means something in Encounter. Sometimes it’s easy for me to miss certain hints especially when both leads appear on the screen. Usually I’d watch every episode a few times to fully appreciate them. Such a beautiful drama.

  4. Yes that is why i love this so much because I myself a fan of art also. This is so different from any other drama that I have watched and that’s why it’s so unique and beautiful. Too bad that not many people can appreciate the beauty of it. The drama has such high qualities including cinematography, scenery and music.
    It is sold to 100 countries already speak the volume of its success and popularity.
    that made me even more happy because this will be the motivation for tVN or any other cable or public channel to invest to high quality project in the future.

  5. I keep waiting for these illustrations every week. So so much hard work and talent seems to go into them. They are beautiful and beautifully illustrate what is going to happen in the episode.

  6. Beautiful arts indeed! I always pause my screen for a minute just to appreciate it. That last piece of art with the OTP holding hands and facing all the snakes around them totally depict what they are facing now!

  7. My fav is when the OTP in boat and sailing to the sun. Its when CSH said they in ‘some’ relationship. I will give more attention with this art, its beautiful

  8. Being an admirer of visual art I too enjoyed seeing the montage of this artist’s handiwork in Encounter and thought of a friend’s recent IG post of Alexander Jansson- a Swedish digital artist and his work and I can say it’s wow! However I like Jamson’s colouring it’s almost gothic looking and I’m going to stop right now because I’m veering off into unfamiliar art territory and yep sorry about that.

  9. Yea I find it relevant too, different but nonetheless whimsical & beautiful~
    I do love the art pieces in SHK office & home too, esp the ones with a back-facing girl; anyone
    Any idea whose work or where I can find? Thx!

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