HK-actress Cecilia Cheung Confirms Giving Birth to Third Son

When someone has been in the public eye for over two decades it’s hard to remember age because it feels like that person has been around forever. HK-actress Cecilia Cheung has been in the industry for over two decades and when news broke two weeks ago that she secretly gave birth to her third child my first reaction was concern that she was on the older side to risk a healthy pregnancy. And then I realized she is only 38 years old but it feels like she’s lived a really dramatic life – early success in her late teens right out of the gate, multiple high profile relationships before marrying fellow young and hot top star Nicolas Tse, then the photo scandal with Edison Chen, and finally her divorce from Nicolas a few years ago. She seems to be doing well though, resuming her entertainment career and raising her two boys with Nic, and now a third son as joined their lives as she has officially confirmed the rumored birth. The new baby boy just hit the one month mark this week and mother/son are reportedly doing well. Congrats to Cecilia and good luck being a mother of three!


HK-actress Cecilia Cheung Confirms Giving Birth to Third Son — 10 Comments

  1. She/Baby will be OK … even if soldiering on as single Mom of 3.

    Afterall kudos to HER, and not Nic for all the responsible hands-on parenting thus far.

      • Lol. It’s indeed fact that he is not an active father. If not active is not considered as bad father, then what is?

    • How responsible, to get again pregnant to a rich Singaporean old fart and become a single mother. Well, at least she can afford it and isn’t taking any government assistance and getting knocked up to random dudes.

      • Responsible as a mother. Her choice to gave birth to a son without father or with father or who the father no excuse to use against them and call it for being irresponssible. Not responsible for what again? If according to your logic?

      • ‘To get pregnant again’ ???? Did she get pregnant without being married in her first two times for you to use ‘again’ in your comment? And it seems like you are jumping into conclusion with your bias minded. First of all, even the media is not sure the age of the so called father. And here, you made it like a fact that the rumoured father is being rumoured to be 65 yrs old

  2. “She gave birth secretly” should be “she gave birth privately”. It’s interesting how the media thinks people are doing things in secret when it’s really just them living private lives. Who else should know but the people close to her? I guess a lot of women we don’t know about are giving birth secretly at hospitals! Just because she is a star/public figure she doesn’t need to share the news with the world/media.

  3. Her kids look so cute 🙂 And I hope that she’ll be happy from now on.

    And who am I to judge her? She can be a single mother if she wants to be and she can be knocked out by anyone she likes, random or not. Not really my business.

    As for Nic, not being married to CC does not make him a bad father.

    Anyway I wish these people all the best and happy to hear that the baby and mother are doing well.

    • Yeah, what’s wrong with being a single mother? As long as she takes responsibility and good care of her children, she is free to have children without marriage. It is sad to see women pushing all these stigma and judgement on other women.

      Best wishes to both the mother and the baby.

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