Jung So Min and Junho Attend Script Reading for Joseon Era Romance Movie Courtesan Bachelor

I normally don’t post script reading for movies but these two cuties have me excited for this gender twisted Joseon era romance flick. Junho and Jung So Min headline the movie Courtesan Bachelor about the first ever male courtesan (gisaeng) in Joseon and his romance with a progressive minded noble lady. It sounds adorable even in the wafer thin set up with plenty to delve into for a two-hour run from Junho being super attractive onscreen to make it clear how he can win all the ladies hearts to Jung So Min fighting for female rights and end up falling for a male courtesan. Also joining the festivities are Ye Ji Won and Gong Myung in supporting roles. The movie has started filming with an eye towards a late 2019 premiere.


Jung So Min and Junho Attend Script Reading for Joseon Era Romance Movie Courtesan Bachelor — 11 Comments

  1. Love them both to bits and great casting and storyline plus JSM is always a treat to watch never seen any of her drama works that I’ve never liked she is just full of amazingness.

  2. Aww, Junho-yaa.. Yes, unleash that lethal eye-smile to its max potential, or morph it to bedroom eyes, heck, even your pouting and grumbling grumpily is cute and charming. Double the charm with pretty and capable Jung So Min, she definitely can deadpan him and be a no nonsense noble perfectly!

    Wish the best for them and the film!

  3. Given the state of affairs in Korean film (only a couple of films passed the break even mark this year), I wonder who’s the brave one investing in a movie with such a cast. I mean… it looks and sounds like the money will never come back.

    • This is not a big budgeted movie. Both leads can act and their wages are not as high as the A-listers. Junho has a lot of fans in SK and overseas esp in Japan (2pm was the highest earning male group of JYP, now in hiatus bcoz some members are in MS). I think there will be profits especially in overseas sales ?

      • Jung So Min’s one hit away from being a huge star. Like if you paired her with Lee Min Jo,Kim Soo Hyun, Park Seo Joon or other stars of the same popularity, she’ll be super popular. She’s beautiful, can act and create chemistry with anyone and has a huge international fanbase(her IG following just hit 1 million).

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