Lee Seung Gi is a Cool Vagabond Alongside Cute Agent Suzy in New Drama Stills

The production team behind April 2019 pre-produced thriller K-drama Vagabond dropped an early Christmas present for fans of leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy, sharing two new drama stills that are clearly the two characters in the same location. Both are drinking from paper cups and giving off different vibes. Lee Seung Gi looks serious and a tad tense while Suzy has a cute smile and seems at ease. There are also new Lee Seung Gi solo stills showcasing his character’s action side. The two cross paths as he searches for the truth behind an airplane hijacking that took his loved one and discovers a vast governmental corruption conspiracy and she’s a Level 7 government agent with a top retired military father. Vagabond reunites the two 5 years since the fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book and I’m hoping she’s improved her acting and both generate more chemistry together this time around.


Lee Seung Gi is a Cool Vagabond Alongside Cute Agent Suzy in New Drama Stills — 21 Comments

      • U must be joking ? Suzy couldn’t save the ratings of all her previous dramas, got worse and worse over the years.

      • I’m for LSG ?
        Hope Suzy’s acting prowess has improved in this drama. I really didn’t like her acting in Dream High and Uncontrollably Fond, that’s why I opted not to watch While You Were Sleeping..

    • We can trust the power of suzy, she will improve her acting for this drama. This drama for sure will be hit. Even will get higher rating than chronicles of asdal???. Drama in 2019 unpredictable jtbc, sbs, or kbs will be strong competitor each other if the story and the pd is good it will be come as winner like last empress and sky castle. We now this year was for makjang drama and maybe next year was time for spy action drama. Suzy ???.

      • 9.1 million instagram followers and going strong…Suzy has the world at her feet…Go Suzy.?

    • we will see. I think this rating would be high because Seung gi ,all his dramas in national tv is always a double digit ratings. It is up to the script , Seung gi is good in acting so I’ll watch this.

  1. Suzy reminds me Park Min Young in City Hunter who never could convince me she was a bodyguard…

    LSG looks good on those pictures 🙂

  2. Nothing wrong with her 9.1 IG followers; CF endorsements and popularity no one is disputing that. Our reservations have always been about her ta da ‘acting’ so called prowess which everyone admits is still improving or has improved. I’m not ashamed to admit that yes Ive enjoyed a couple of films and a drama in the past but I’m questioning her moreso because she actually wins awards? Now unless you are new to K dramaland and only follow Suzy then you would be none the wiser however there are quite a few K actresses that more worthy of that accolade but don’t have the connections/financial backing to secure a nomination and sorry to burst your bubble but that’s the truth. Vagabond is not Suzy’s drama alone; it’s a platform to to showcase how her acting has improved. Her prettiness can only do so much. Thank goodness LSG is there to buffer it.

  3. then hope those 9.1 million followers will watch her drama, most of them seems invisible when ratings are coming out, expectation vs reality fail, most of them could be bots or trolls for all you know, her agency can pay for hackers you see. smh

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