First Poster and Trailer for 2019 Period C-drama Legend of Hua Buqi with Ariel Lin and Zhang Bin Bin

This year in 2018 there were plenty of surprises in C-dramas from what ended up being a hit to the big budget disappointments. Looking forward to 2019 I’m only tangentially eyeing what’s on the slate but one that interests me is solely because I love the female lead Ariel Lin. It’s her first period drama in five years since Prince of Lan Ling and much has improved and evolved in period C-fare. With that said, this first preview and posters feels very throwback almost evoking Lan Ling and a mix of Ariel’s role in Legend of the Condor Heroes. She’s smart, plucky, and has a chip on her shoulder. She’s the central focus of the preview so I don’t have a good sense of male lead Zhang Bin Bin yet but he’s certainly as easy on the eyes as I remember him. The drama is slated for a mid-2019 premiere.

Trailer for Legend of Hua Buqi:


First Poster and Trailer for 2019 Period C-drama Legend of Hua Buqi with Ariel Lin and Zhang Bin Bin — 11 Comments

  1. Mm… Why does the production looks rather dated? And I find the female lead too plucky for my liking. ZBB was a jerk in “The King’s Woman” but that was his only works that I actually like.

  2. I’m so excited for this! Hopefully it’ll air on Viki. I love Ariel Lin and Prince of Lanling was one of my favorite dramas so I’m pumped to see her in a similar drama genre again. And the male lead is very talented, I’m glad he’s the main lead as I’ve seen him as the second lead in many dramas at this point and he shines every time.

  3. I like that the female lead has some spunk! The preview does look a little choppy/dated, though…
    I enjoyed Lan Ling, but I didn’t like the way Ariel’s character was written, so hopefully this is as addictive but with more interesting characters. I’m not getting a good sense of exactly what the storyline is, but I’m assuming it will have a sad/not entirely happy ending. Looking forward to seeing a Zhang Bin Bin drama in which he’s the lead and not a total jerk (? hopefully). He did great in The King’s Woman, but that was a hard drama to watch.

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