First Poster and Trailer for 2019 Period C-drama Legend of Hua Buqi with Ariel Lin and Zhang Bin Bin

This year in 2018 there were plenty of surprises in C-dramas from what ended up being a hit to the big budget disappointments. Looking forward to 2019 I’m only tangentially eyeing what’s on the slate but one that interests me is solely because I love the female lead Ariel Lin. It’s her first period drama in five years since Prince of Lan Ling and much has improved and evolved in period C-fare. With that said, this first preview and posters feels very throwback almost evoking Lan Ling and a mix of Ariel’s role in Legend of the Condor Heroes. She’s smart, plucky, and has a chip on her shoulder. She’s the central focus of the preview so I don’t have a good sense of male lead Zhang Bin Bin yet but he’s certainly as easy on the eyes as I remember him. The drama is slated for a mid-2019 premiere. Continue reading