12 Year Old Lee Re is the Actress Scene Stealer of Memories of Alhambra

You win some, you lose some, and K-actress Park Shin Hye herself was a child actress who got acclaim for being more memorable than her adult counterparts when she first started out. It’s not her fault she was saddled with two plot device characters in Memories of Alhambra but I also felt her acting just didn’t elevate the wafer thing personality to something more meaningful, pun intended. On the other hand 12 year old child actress Lee Re playing the younger sister Min Joo has been getting tons of exposure for her sassy role and great chemistry with ahjusshi Jin Woo. I just realized that is Memories went the Leon (The Professional) route and cut out Park Shin Hye’s Hee Joo and made Min Joo the female lead it would work even better. Hyun Bin‘s Jin Woo doesn’t need romantic love as much as he needs believe in him, trust, and emotional support. He could get that from Min Joo who also gives him plenty of verbal crap to keep him on his toes as they search for missing Se Joo together in an uncle-niece platonic way. No matter what, Lee Re is on the radar thanks to Memories.


12 Year Old Lee Re is the Actress Scene Stealer of Memories of Alhambra — 46 Comments

  1. Yes, that’s exactly my thoughts. MJ is cute and her character shines in MOA. MOA does not need any romance line. JW has no time to date while trying not to get killed in the game. Lee Re is much prettier than the young PSH in my opinion.

    • JW doesn’t have the emotional capacity to date. It’d so unrealistic. If I were him the last thing on my mind would be surviving the day to day, not dating.

      MJ is the only standout female performance in this drama. She has 1000x more sass than her sister. And I love her verbal banter with JW. She’s also rather blunt and smart and I’m sure would have made a terrific uncle-niece team with JW. I applaud the actress for holding her own against Hyun Bin in all their scenes together! Quite surprised to learn that she’s 12 given how matured she looks. But am really looking forward to seeing her in more projects. I do agree she’s much prettier than child PSH and has a certain gravitas about her.

      • To the both you, karma is a muthaf’in B. You dirtbags, the passive aggressive prettyautumn and conformist (can’t come with an original opinion) Ginger C will eventually be at the end of the very abuse you give these actresses who don’t even know you exist.
        There is no way in hell PSH will ever see this, so you lot know your just trolling her fans. I’m not even a fan, but watching your commentary these past fews weeks have really cemented just how filthy your personalities are. I guess the anonymity allows for lack of accountability anywhere online. You’re all f’n bullies. It seems it open season when it comes to PSH. It’s game to just eviscerate shinhye, because her fans come across as either too timid or can’t be bothered to argue back.
        I have watched you trash actress after actress and koala has consented to it. Newsflash, this is not a dent on her career and she will recover from this and continue to work going forward. Her reputation is intact in Korea and honestly that’s all that matters.
        The insults have now become way too personal. God doesn’t like ugly…and you too will soon learn to feel what it feels like to be at the receiving end of this vitriol.
        How Disgusting, comparing physical beauty and other shit to a young actress; who more than likely sees PSH as a role model.
        As for koala who uses PSH for traffic and other similar actresses; you will eventually get your comeuppance. This site is officially shittier than netizenbuzz, and it will not survive the long haul…goodnight. I will never visit or post on this site again. I feel the sorriest for future child actresses. Thank God, Hyunbin got some thing good out of this. You can respond all you want, you’re not getting a f’n reply.
        PS let see if koala has the cojones to post this comment

      • Oh please shut the fuck up, Ameera. We are free to post whatever we want. I don’t give a flying crap about PSH and her delusional fans. And this is the only place I can post my honest opinions in peace. If you can’t take the heat, get the hell out and go post on another blog.

        And who’s waiting for a reply from a nobody like you? Shut the fuck up and go do your homework or go worship at your PSH altar.

      • @Ameera – I recognize you. There is no need to change usernames every time you want to talk dirt. Your foul mouth is reflecting how stinky you are inside.

      • Oh Lordy me @Ameera I like your ‘conformist can’t come with an original opinion’ about me that’s a great comeback line! Are you a fortune teller? Phew do you feel better getting that off your chest now that you have just singled a few of us and our comments out yet there are quite a few others not only on KP but dramabeans and all the other sites that MOA has going that unanimously are saying the same thing. I do have to correct you though that every production companies; tv stations are actively scanning for Korean and non Korean sites for any type of ‘feedback’. That’s what happens in the industry. It’s for marketing; PR and reporting purposes. However if you can’t articulate and be succinct in your post and only name call then that’s ‘the pot calling the kettle black’. Oh and that quote is not original it’s been around for centuries.

  2. It seems lots of people dissing park shin hye,but i still like her.some people think they are better than her,pls go be in her shoes.lets see what youve got

    • @May Oh please! You know its constructive feedback or criticism however you take it. Yes PSH is a star and rightfully so but the commentary about her MOA character Hee Joo hasn’t done her acting resume any favours in fact it shows she is a safe+pretty+chic CF brand with acting somewhere in between. SJJ the writer fielded her fair share of slack about the characterisation of HJ and we all learned that HJ was amped up because your PSH signed up and a new storyline had to be developed for her. So no not really I wouldn’t want to step into PSH shoes at all cos I can’t act to save myself but if I could act I wouldn’t have taken that HJ role if my life depended on it as I’m not dumb and desperate plus my acting integrity means more then a few coin on the side.

      • Don’t bother yourself in every drama for her you will find those parking dogs they called their reviews constructive criticism but what you can say the one who doesn’t have a work make him/herself a judge.

    • @May – your comment is so ridiculous ?? After all was said, which idiot wants to be in PSH shoes now? You can have them ? all you like. I prefer to be in Lee Re shoes ?, the very young and beautiful. LOL.

      • Of course everyone wants to be in her shoes having a nice reputation , healtgy , beautiful inside and outside , good personality inside this industry everyone wants to work with her is honourable and she is continuing her successful career
        and popularity .
        It is funny you are you comparing her to child actress seriously .

      • Isn’t this what the article is about? PSH vs LR? Hello Hello, Are you reading seriously??

      • You are the one who mentioning her not me a I am not the one who bring her name in the comment section in first place .

      • Oh come on!! Read the first sentence of the article. The Ockoala article. What’s with you? Geez. I am NOT the first one who mention her. I am NOT the first one who bring her name in the comment section. You have a reading problem @NileRose.

      • @candycane She got herself a bad role, so what? She is not the first and surely won’t be the last to face that. Even SJJ had to admitted her lack and apologized to the public. You actually sounds pretty childish and disrespectful but i guess real life losers feels the need to act high and mighty on internet bashing celebrities to feel they are something.

      • @K – you do not know me. You are the one being disrespectful by calling me “real life losers”. How do you know I am a loser in real life. I am actually doing pretty well in real life. You do not need to worry about me. I don’t understand WHY you need to call me childish because obviously you are older than me, but I guess everyone must be a child once. Examine yourself before calling someone childish!! Yes PSH got a bad role and My opinion is her acting is mediocre, my opinion, I don’t care if you like it or not.

    • Yes, ppl here love to diss PSH. They are even comparing beauty when we all know beauty is in subjective and technology has moved on, make-up is more advanced. How ridiculous these ppl are!!!

  3. Seems all negative comments coming to psh. Is it her fault? She kills someone? Is the lacking of the character and the story plot. If the writer insist her Male centric plot and no romance element then I’ll be more appreciated. @candycane, every single comments u made is destructive to psh. She did something wrong to u that u hate her and bash in this level. Try yo be respect. No one knows why psh get to do MOA. We are outsiders … making constructive comments are welcome but you guys are too much.

    • Haha candycane is a joke who thinks her comments are witty but only appear as lame and uninspired. But one barking dog won’t change what most people think about PSH.

    • Show me how destructive I am. Is she not getting CFs? Is she quitting show biz? Don’t exaggerate here. A no-namer like me giving my honest opinion about her poor acting is termed “destructive”? She sucks in MOA partly because her character is poorly written and partly because she is such a mediocre actress. This is my opinion. If you do not like it then you better stop reading my comments from now on because I won’t stop speaking!! FYI – PSH gets to do MOA because she chooses to work with HB and the writer, this is what I read from everyone’s comments. Don’t pretend you don’t know here. If you are an outsider, then stay out farther. I just like to talk here.

    • But she choose to act in a role that lacks in character development and a story that is male centric. Why isn’t it her fault? Was she forced into it?

      • @another abc She was aware she would work in a male centric but i can get why she would take this role over the other ones she was offered. In moa she’d at least have the chance to play a dual role with one of them showing a sort of antagonist side of her in a big budget project with a great team. Why not? Her past offers weren’t offering anything new neither. But you can see things turned out different from what it was expected that even SJJ had to pronounce and even PSH herself said she had some regrets regards this project and barely is promoting it unlike what she did with all her past dramas. Actors are human beings too and they can’t foresee everything that will happen in a project, she did a bad choice but i don’t get why the hate when who is writing the project is SJJ. At least in the acting department she is delivering and i’m not seeing many complaining in this aspect (from knetz to ifans), only people who always dislike the girl. So why all these fuss? She is not the first and neither the last actor to face a bad role.

      • @k

        In my opinion, PSH is irritating in this drama not only due to characterisation but also in the way she acts and being too self-conscious. perfect hair n heavy make all the time. looking unnatural and fake most of the time. It seems like she cares more about looking pretty than improving her acting.

    • She’s one of the most hated actresses in the community so don’t be surprised. Every little reason is a good enough reason to bash.

  4. Its ok. Its up to ur taste. Heejoo is sad char, her life is already tragic w/ lost her bro and her lover in dangerous.Btw in the new moa trending article rn,knetz keep praise her and like her. They just complain how little meat her char but she still do well even at limited screen time. She deliver her emotion well

  5. I was disapointed they didn’t show us the scene where JW had to wake her up and prepare her breakfast! It would have been very funny :p

    I really like her character. It acts like a breath of fresh air in the story.

  6. Yes I was surprised to see how good it was between the little girl LR and HB. LR gives a good natural and fresh communication especially with HB. I’m surprised mostly with HB- his warm, friendly gaze and easy communication with LR. Both of them are great!

    But I don’t agree with Ockoala about HB not needing a love partner(played by PSH). HB is at the bottom pit of hell here, it is good to have a sweet romance that heals and comforts his soul!
    Imagine if in your real life where nothing goes well, you will find that the best healer is LOVE!

    • Love doesn’t have to be romantic love it could have been familial love. Minjoo would have given that sort of donsaeng love just fine there was no sense to force a romantic love into this drama.

  7. I’m Switzerland when it comes to PSH. I’ve watched and had no issues with PSH in 4 dramas and dropped 1 because it wasn’t my cup of tea. I think she’s a solid actress and seems to have a solid work ethic. Nonetheless, I don’t think she’s an actress who can take the “paper thin” role and make something more out of it. There are actors who can do that; they can be in lackluster dramas with lackluster writing and somehow eek something more out the role with talent and/or pure charisma. Everyone has probably seen a drama that they thought, well that was crap/just ok/etc but so and so was really good in it.

    It’s all good. PSH is gonna do just fine and though I enjoy certain elements of MOA, there are a heck of a lot of other issues with the show, but I’m in it to the end to see how it wraps up.

  8. Episode 15? Anyone out there? We’re in this k I’m freaking out now help??? OMG it’s happening last episode tonight/tomorrow. See you in the final debrief. The thrill of it all! Just absolutely BRILLIANT ❤️

  9. please woo miss lee re for me at once.i love these groups of girls from age and life styles so much as my future wives and ladyloves so much.

  10. agree with the title, I just finished watching the drama and I know I’m late but I’m on hiatus from watching any dramas that year lol…but seriously, Min Joo really catch my eyes when I watched MOA, she’s so cute and pretty..the moment she appeared, I knew she was the little sisters of HJ..I always repeating the scene where she appeared lol…so cute…then saw her in Peninsula, almost didn’t recognized her tho with that short hair but she look so good with short hair..now just finish watching Hello, Me! Saw the trailer and a bit scene of the drama, it was funny and I want to take a break from all drama that cause headache lol…I knew it was her when I start watching..didn’t knew her hair so long now…her acting really good in Hello, Me! she’s a total scene stealer too in that drama…really great acting

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