K-ent’s First Couple of 2019 Jennie and Kai Breakup After Less than a Month

In what is the fastest dating-to-breakup turnaround in K-ent in like, ever, 2019’s first couple as outed by Dispatch has gone kaput. At least officially, who knows what’s going on behind the scenes. Blackpink‘s Jennie and EXO‘s Kai teased the possibility of a SM Entertainment and YG power couple after confirming their nascent relationship this January 1, but before the month has even ended the two have parted ways. Both agencies confirmed the “breakup” and everyone can go back to living in the status quo of my favorite idol is forever single and available. Some fans think they are still dating but officially broke up per pressure from their agencies, methinks they are just young and was having fun until it made the news and now they are just going on with their busy lives sans the having fun together part, probably because it wasn’t fun anymore.


K-ent’s First Couple of 2019 Jennie and Kai Breakup After Less than a Month — 8 Comments

  1. To be exposed when they are just getting to know each other is just not healthy for any relationship. There really should be more laws in place to protect celebs and their privacy. There should be lines that cannot be cross….

    • How? Celebrities allow themselves to be exposed to to public this can be sometimes good and bad..Unfortunately if your in the public eye than you have to be prepared for the ride…Thats why a lot leave the business and probably its biggest downside.You can’t have it one way and not the other..It’s a harsh business and not for everyone.

  2. I really feel for these idols on this 24/7 media circus train where their private lives are out for all to see, comment and criticise. Being a fan of Exo and Black Pink I was happy to read of their dating news and not even a month out they have now split. Now I’m like geez YG and SM look after and respect your talent for gosh sakes. Kai and Jennie are young and entitled to find romance regardless of their contractual obligations to their respective companies. Live and love and be happy K & J ❤️

  3. Good decision for a cause still young and need to focus with black pink. She doesn’t need getting dragged with this condoms guys will ruined her image. We already have sulli became crazy after dating choiza. We don’t need to have another sulli and hyuna anymore.

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