Penultimate Episode 19 of Cable Drama Sky Castle Hits 23.216% Ratings as It Reaches Untouchable Ratings Level Ahead of Finale Next Friday

Sorry for not updating on record shattering cable drama Sky Castle last week, I needed to recover from my brain being smashed in Memories of Alhambra and then whiplashing from the tedious episode 15 of Encounter to its beautiful final episode 16 ending. It appears the power of Sky Castle remains unfettered despite a one episode preemption on Friday night for the AFC Asia cup match between South Korea and Qatar. Episode 19 aired this Saturday to yet another new ratings high of 23.216%, at this point higher BY FAR than the closest cable drama competitors Answer Me 1988, Goblin, and Mr. Sunshine. Ratings are meant to be broken but I am truly doubtful a cable drama will beat Sky Castle’s phenomenal success anytime soon. The cast and crew attending the drama wrap party this weekend as well and is all going on a reward trip in the new future. I wonder if next week’s final episode 20 will break 25%, that would be equivalent to something like a weekday prime time drama breaking 50%.


Penultimate Episode 19 of Cable Drama Sky Castle Hits 23.216% Ratings as It Reaches Untouchable Ratings Level Ahead of Finale Next Friday — 38 Comments

  1. Big congrats again to the Sky Castle team – writer, director, producer, cast and crew! They must be so super delighted at the outstanding results. Probably none of them expected the drama to hit such record high ratings. Really happy for the veteran cast and young cast who are super well known. Always great to see the underdogs succeeding!

    Ep 19 was so emotional, and I thot that will be it, ep 20 will just be a nice wrap-up. Boy, was I wrong! The writers threw a curved ball at the audience! I hope ep 20 will end with a BANG and achieve even higher ratings next week!

    • @ssy, i couldn’t say better . I supported this drama since the debut and i’m so happy for all the cast and the crew. Thanks to the long known veteran cast and newcomers who did a fantastic job! Off of topic but i highly recommand thèses dramas too . Life on Mars, Live, Just dance, …. And now i’m watching Liver or die .

      • Yes, I am so pleased especially for the veteran actors! I actually got to know and like Yoon Se-Ah through Stranger (another excellent kdrama that I can’t recommend enough) where she was a supporting cast. Then some snippet news of Sky Castle good ratings started coming out and I saw she was in this drama too, so decided to check it out. I was addicted within the first 30min of the show!! Hope all the cast and crew, writers, director etc get offers of good projects in the future. The only other actor I recognise was Prof Cha cuz of Goblin (he was scary there!).

        Thanks for the drama reco!! Will check them out. Have you watch Stranger? Love that so much! I’ve watched Signal partially too, but ended reading the synopsis recap instead cuz can’t wait to find out what happens next lol!

      • @ssy i watched signal, Stranger too . If you haven’t, check jin jin husband ( Jo Jae Yun)in Save me a great drama . I’ve known Yoon se ah since a 2006 drama (smile again) with Kim Hee Sun , lee dong gun, yumn Jung ah in a old movie ( the worst guy ever 2007), Lee Tae ran in a old drama with Park Hae Jin ,Jung joon ho and Choi won Young in a lot of works ! I ‘m happy that Sky Castle gave them more coverage.

  2. I’m still obsessed by this drama and I know it will not die down anytime soon.

    I’ve never seen anything like it and it maybe is the most successful drama by far when it comes to ratings seeing that it only started with just 1% and climbed all the way to the top.

    I hope to see the characters in other dramas soon but as for now, let me get that mindblowing finale.

    I’m mesmerized by everyone’s acting prowess especially from Yum Jung Ah and Coach Kim(Kim Seo hyung).

    Every aspect of this drama deserves an award. Truly not to be missed.

  3. For sure, Sky Castle will dominate Baeksang Arts Awards this year with many awards.

    This is one of the very few dramas that kept me to my edge of my seat every f*cking episode and gets even better every single d*mn time.

    It is the only drama my mother managed to watch every episode without getting bored or losing her interest. She’s looking forward to the finale on Feb 1 and it’ll actually be the first of many dramas she has watched that she will be finishing.hahahhahaha

  4. Does anyone think the ratings for Sky Castle will ever be surpassed and what kind of drama will it be to surpass it? I don’t think it’ll happen for a very very very very long time but I’m curious what others think about it.

    • I don’t think Sky Castle’s rating record will be beaten for quite a while tbh not even the upcoming Asdal Chronicles and even another KES drama. Maybe another Reply series like @M suggested (but reports say the PD is going for a medical drama next) or another ensemble drama with strong casts.

    • It won’t be broken in the near or distant future but maybe a family drama with an ensemble cast of veterans like @MMM suggested?

  5. This 5 ahjumma acting make song hye kyo look like squid next to them. Congratulations I hope more award in 2019 will come to them.

    • There are so many good actresses but not many roles of this kind . so they still in the dark while popular pretty faces ( only a few are good actresses) still receive ” the best propositions, but one day they will age !

  6. the second last picture my god.. his makeup is bad! I know porcelain skin is popular in SK, but this is not it!! its so bad I mean at least match ur neck and face

  7. This drama deserve to be number one this year really I enjoyed every episode thanks to the writer who writes this marvelous story with great acting from the all .
    What I love they used the woman as a source of power in this drama from mother, coach , daughter , housewives and the grandmother yes the woman is a source of power in everything she can lead ,control and have plans to the future .

  8. I’m amazed despite very popular, they are not suddenly fill the drama full of ppl and distract the story..the latest episode is full of event and great moment and contribute to the story and that’s just very welcome. I hope so many popular drama follow that kind of foot step. Way to go jtbc.

  9. The next drama with this cast should include IU and Jennie. IU being a daughter of Lee Taeran and Jennie being Seri’s sister.

  10. Its not my cup of drama but I’m happy for them. Sky Castle’s crews (director, writer, actors etc) deserve this success. Started as underdog with no buzz, because most of the actors are veteran, and small rating, they envolved into rating monster. Congrats to Sky Castle.

  11. Well done Sky Castle! Just like the Reply Series, this drama falls under the weekend family melodrama or soap series category which is equivalent to My Only One in public tv station with rating now at 37%.

    JTBC actually falls under the same programming category as the public station which is unlike TvN that belongs to another caregory. The success of Sky Cable is another indication that JTBC is not something public TV station should ignore. From 1% to 23%.. that amazing… things like usually make stations change their programming schedules.

  12. This drama is living proof that with a great script, a cast of great actors who can act and great camerawork comes great ratings!

    Congrats to the Sky Castle team. Well deserved! I hope it absolutely sweeps the Baeksang awards this year.

    Also, you forgot to add photos of Coordinator-nim and Jo-teacher!!

    • For me there are a bunch of good drama in 2018, there is some drama that become an absolute favourite so it’s hard choose this drama as the best drama.. The mainstream drama last year is abit lackluster I guess so no wonder people think 2018 is a weak year.

  13. I’m so happy for them! For all these talented actors that finally can rise and shine brightly.
    I know some of them are actually pretty well known but this drama give them a whole new popularity that they never feel before and i hope they will get a better chance and offer in their next project.
    Thanks for the director or producer who choose these ‘real actors’ and not just some popular name or pretty face.
    Lastly, it would be cool if the one who get the best actress in Baeksang is the antagonist Coach Kim. People just hate her to death but she’s the bomb. LOL

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