Kim Jae Wook Confirmed for Rom-com Her Private Life Opposite Park Min Young

I would do the koala happy dance except I’m not quite sure what that looks like in the wild, lol. But imagine it’s happening and at feverish pace because that’s just how excited I am with the confirmed casting new of Kim Jae Wook opposite Park Min Young in the upcoming rom-com drama Her Private Life. The drama is based on a webtoon Noona Fan Dotcom and tells of a museum curator accomplished professional woman by day who is a super devoted idol fangirl by night, and honestly nothing wrong with that since I have a totally professional day job and write a drama blog at night heh. Her newly arrived museum director boss is a no nonsense stern guy at work and in his own time cosplays as a sensitive online netizen posting comments. He finds out about her private life and takes interest in her and of course sparks fly. This sounds so perfectly silly and exactly what I need/want from these two smushed together into one fluffy drama. Her Private Life premieres in early April on tvN after Touch My Heart.


Kim Jae Wook Confirmed for Rom-com Her Private Life Opposite Park Min Young — 53 Comments

    • Agree KJW as lead is great news!! I’m not watching because I’m not a fan of PMY so that’s a no for me. She does cute and I’m not in the mood for cutesy acting and having to watch KJW mope on through.

  1. I doubt there are many actors who will not want to act with Park Min Young. Not just because she is professional, hardworking, fun to work with, her dramas rating are always high.

    • What are you talking about? Healer and Seven days both had low ratings not to mention Glory Days. She’s only had 3-4 dramas in her entire career with high ratings.

      • PMY was in SBS Princess Ja Myung Go sageuk back in 2009 and I thought she did really well as the antagonist Princess Ra Hee and I really enjoyed that drama. I’ve haven’t seen anything else not even WWWSK. I’m curious as to who the idol will be though. I’m putting Joo Won’s name forward as he will be released from military service in February. His comic timing is impeccable and will compliment KJW and PMY.

      • Joo Won will never be 2nd lead to anyone. He’s an A – Lister much much higher than either of these 2.

      • Dr Jin and New Leaf also did very poorly. Her fans are blinded. She depends on her male co-stars for success.

      • Hi B I think for dramas it doesn’t matter if you are a A B C D E lister it’s the story that will count and for me Joo Won would bring a comical element to the drama and that would be a reason to watch the dynamics unfold. I don’t know if KJW has done comedy before so please let me know if he has.

      • hahaha what are you talking about? Even though these dramas did not have high ratings, they are still hit worldwide, SS for 9 years, CH for 8 years, Healer for 5 years, and she has always been in full lead never had side rolls since her debut

      • Another abc: World’s Within averaged more than 6% in ratings. Low for a terrestrial network drama as it was aired on KBS but higher than PMY’s Queen for Seven Days which only averaged 5%.

        So if you consider it a big flop, what would be the accurate adjective for PMY dramas LOL

      • @Arlene: Just because Queen for Seven Days got lower ratings more doesn’t make World’s Within not a flop. 6% rating on public network back then when dramas can get 50% is consider a big ass flop.

    • You sound like a delusional fan. Who isn’t fun or hard working to work with? You really think he chose it because of her then you are mad. He most likely did it for the plot and a chance to break into a different genre. She must not have even been on his list of considerations. Her dramas rarely do well most of them are flops.

      • wow so many negative feelings toward Minyoung.
        She’s not the best actress in the industry, but far from being the worst (like how some of yall are acting in this comment section). She picks good character, drama and portrays them in the best way possible. Many of her previous costars agree and even said “yes” to be in the drama because they heard she’s in it, watch their interviews, you’ll hear the words from their mouth. I personally like her because you can see the growth in her acting.

        I’m laughing at some of you who called her dramas “flops” what do you guys considered successful? 40% rating dramas?

        Secretary Kim: No. 1 on the Most Buzzworthy Dramas list”
        PMY took first positions on the Most Buzzworthy Actors list (PSJ was second)
        During its airing, the drama took first place in its time slot across all public broadcasting stations and cable networks. It is the highest rating among webtoon dramas that aired in 2018 and is Asia’s Best Performing and Best Comedy TV Show of 2018 in iflix Philippines.

        just to name a few.

        – Remember: the ratings started with 7% ended with 20%.. idk how u can say thats a flop? So many dramas barely hit the double digit these days.
        – Healer: many people considered it as a hallyu drama. Yes it was not successful domestically (its still hit the double digit mark, 11%, for ratings), it made her (and JCW) well known outside of Korea, esp in China. After healer, she got cast in Chinese dramas “Braveness of the Ming” and “City of Time”.. not bad for a flop drama huh?

        – Queen for Seven Days: Anybody who watched this drama agree that it was underrated in Korea and praised Minyoung for her acting. The rating reached 7.6%, if you considered this a flop, what about dramas that barely hit 2%?
        KBS second most viewed video on their channel is a clip from QF7D with 49 MILLION views. There are numerous of positive reviews about this drama online, praising the actors, the writers, and the director.

        Glory Jane started at 8% and ended with 22%
        A New Leaf highest rating reached 11.9%
        Dr. Jin reached 16.5%, their lowest rating was 10%
        Sungkyunkwan Scandal started at 7% and ended with 13.3%
        City hunter started at 9% and ended with 19.1%
        Ja Myung Go started at 4% but hit 11% as their highest rating

        Majority of her dramas hit the double digits in rating. It’s fine to criticize her for her acting ability because that’s her job, but please do your research before discrediting her (and her costars) achievements.

      • @ dont be stupid where did you get your 20% ratings for WWWSK? You mean higher than TVN’s Goblin hahaha. I know you are a PMY stan adamant to defend her but check your facts. WWWSK started at 5% ended at 7% which is already good for a cable drama.

      • @grace25 did you read my post? where did I say WWWSK got 20% ratings?
        that’s for REMEMBER

    • PMY never has a drama that she can claim is “hers”, she always tags along a more well known male lead. WWSK has PSJ. Let’s see how this new drama will do in ratings. I am not interested in the story (another boring rom-com)… But KJW is definitely a very charismatic actor and I am glad he is the lead.

      • So if this drama a failure , the blame should go to his male lead then.No star appeal as lead and should go back to be second lead. God luck KJW, hopefully you will do good or else all these hyenas will chase after you saying you should stay as second lead. PMY should be blame as she is only someone who tags along doing nothing.

      • @iblis – oh no you are WRONG. If a drama fails, all faults always go to the female lead. Hyenas only bite the XX chromosome, the XY does no wrong and never will. The only exception is JJH and SHK. PMY is not at their status yet. Why? idk, may be her fans can tell us why… you don’t need to be so bitter, this is a fact of K-drama world as far as I can observe for now. You can hope for the best for PMY but there is no need to fight back with us hyenas because hyenas always win 🙂

      • Hahah hyenas hahhaa oh ok. Good luck hyenas – hyenas dominated by female too, how suitable. This is your playground anyway. In every articles quite entertaining reading your comments, imagining you laughing like hyenas hahhaa- pls cont. you make this site more interesting anyway. And for those saying her acting one dimensional, my guess the opinions of most of her ex costars such as psj, yoo ji tae, lee dong gun, kim mi kyung, Yeom hye ran and others cant be trusted according esperts here , not to say the writers and directors too for praising her one dimensional acting skill.

      • @Iblis- No not hyenas we’re more fluffy sheep here on this blog and KJW can do no wrong he’s a scene stealer in all his works with his beautiful natural face and talent. I’ve never read of anyone writing otherwise except for your post saying if the drama is a failure responsibility lies with him ummmm no it won’t. KJW presence will actually enhance it. And for the record I really didn’t know hyenas laugh? I’m going to look for you tube vids to find out if they do.

    • I love how there are so many non respectful people around this days. Name callings and belittling someone’s opinions seem to bring joy to their life. I have my opinion of PMY, your guys can have yours. I see a young girl growing steadily into a well liked actress. I will enjoy her production and still be respectful towards her. The rest who have so much to put her down for, look at your own life and judge it.

      • Haters gonna hate.
        She steadily improves, but some people prefer to ignore that.
        PMY is a decent actress, and it takes two to tango. No male can be successful in his role if he doesn’t have chemistry with his female lead.

      • @nahaluk

        I beg to differ. Hyun Bin did so in “Alhambra”. You need to correct your statement.

  2. I’m happy for Kim Jae Wook! He deserves a main role! It will be a fun pairing 🙂

    In this kind of story, I think 10 episodes would be better. I tend to lost interest like in Secratary Kim.

    So who will be the idol? :p

  3. I wish for more than 16 episodes – a lot of issues can be covered. Who ever lose interest after watching few episodes then it’s easy as a pie, just drop the drama and choose other interesting drama to watch and for fans of both leads. let’s enjoy and savour every minute of this drama. BTW, ratings for Glory Jane started at 7.3 % and ended with 20%. That not considered high?. And for healer even with low ratings, it boasted her male costar partner portfolio internationally. I wish Kim Jae Wook will gain benefits from acting with PMY too, and no more 2nd lead role for him after this drama.

  4. Excited for Kim Jae Wook but no no no for Park Min Young. I really dislike her in Secretary Kim and so no reeason to tune in even for KJW.

    • Yes! That’s the right spirit. Don’t even watch if you hate one of the leads but wish them success then probably you’ll see him, in your case, sooner than expected in another drama with your favorite actress.

  5. What a Lucky girl . PMY is once again pairing with one of my fav actor. Her acting is not impressive but she had until now great chemistry with all of her partners. She is a lovely actress . No need to say that i love Kim Jae Wook.

    • how can she be natural when she is not (pun intended)… LOL. Agree that she looks pretty. Not sure about the “trying to act cute”, is it because she is old and cannot be cute anymore?

  6. This may be the first time I actually watch PMY I just can’t with her, But I really like KJW. So I’ll watch to see if I can deal with her or if KJW will be awesome enough to keep me watching

  7. PMY is pretty, but she lacks charisma that can accentuate her to a higher level or maybe is it trust me that I feel that ?
    But I’m happy for KJW, I like him since coffee prince and Mary stay out all night. This dude deserves recognition, he is overdue for that.

  8. All I can say is I’m looking forward to this rom-com. I enjoyed many of PMY’s projects so I know I’ll have fun with this one.

  9. Yessss been waiting for this bebe to have a lead role. Its been more than a decade since Coffee Prince and he’s only getting a drama lead just now.

  10. Pmy dis,pmy dat….meanwhile pmy is making money,enjoying her life n doesnt even knw u guys existence…
    I cant even believe pple r hating sumone dey hv never met or cum accross with for no reason…
    Wat a pathetic life

    • @Lawal- You should get a life! Can’t help it if a lot of us love KJW but won’t watch it because of the same old rom com drama delimma and PMY’s cute style of acting. Read the posts again as some of us are commenting on her acting it’s very one dimensional. How you arrived at hating on her…zzzzz is beyond my comprehension. It’s the acting/her character and I’m judging it now okay.

      • Wat a dumb fellow u r….if I sud get a life wat sud u get..
        .a brain i think…u sud upgrade n update it also….den u can stop behaving lyk a perfect being…u commenting on her acting,yes she is one dimensional to you bt she is making her money n am sure she is lot d only one in korean with a dat…m sure u can do better right cus if u cant,u hv knw fucking right to judge..
        I hope u get dat into ur fucking skulll

      • Ohh touchy touchy and language there Lawal. Making money for what? And? Like a lot of posts are saying the same thing so calm down before you self combust you poor being so passionate yet so ummm what’s the word I’m trying to find here I think it’s called……learn how to write in proper English this ain’t a kindergarten. U is spelt as you if you didn’t know. Lyk is like. I’m not dumb but I can clearly see you might be. Happy to help you if you ask. Tut tut.

    • Well said, don’t understand the hate for Park Min Young, you are right, she is laughing all the way to the bank to her haters ! Guys there is a reason why she continues to get cast, despite how you all feel about her sub-par acting! She is extremely likeable, her co-stars all comment that she is a great actress and so comfortable to work with (do these traits don’t matter for good qualities in actresses)? Plus she has 8Million fans on her Instagram and fans worldwide, if she is that bad of a actress and not likeable, please explain that to me. I think you hater are the minority in the grand scheme. Also she has won alot of awards which isn’t bad for such a “bad actress” as PMY
      haters all put it.

    • Have a look around all the posts Lawal we write proper sentences for easier understanding and because many are using the blog ; it’s respectful too. My country has nothing to do with the use of abbreviations and no I don’t chat so hence why my sentences with words are complete. Manners please and DONT swear because you can make your point loud and clear without vulgarity. Thank you.

  11. Yay! He is now the male lead actor… I have waited for him to be not the second lead… Definitely looking forward on it?99M Likes

  12. Like PMY, she is a good actress. She did a great job acting in Healer. I believe she got an award, didn’t she?

    The animosity is a bit much. I always wonder what the people, who sit alone, in front of their computer screens, look like. I can tell, by what they say, that they have low self esteem but wonder if their looks make them this insecure.

    • Well said @Roxyalso, haters are gonna hate, like I said, PMY is extremely likeable, is so popular worldwide, she has now over 8M followers on Instagram. won tons of awards (no so bad for a “bad actress” as haters put it). Why can’t poeple just support others, you are entitled to your opinion but no need to tear down such a sweet down to earth actress. All the interviews with her co stars say she looks cold and unapproachable but she is very friendly, sweet and great to work with. If you ask me, if I was an actor, I’d rather work with one with great personabiliy and good skills vs someone who is a super star actress but shitty and difficult personality.

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