Fan Bing Bing Posts on Weibo For the First Time in 9 Months After Tax Evasion Scandal Wishing Fans a Happy Lunar New Year

Wow, what a difference nine months and the biggest tax fine ever makes to the entire aura of a person. Formerly China’s top actress (by far and totally unchallenged) Fan Bing Bing made her first public post on her Weibo account this week, on Monday right before lunar new year to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. The post was accompanied with two selfies of a very lightly made up face, looks like lip gloss only, and with her hair simply parted. Anyone who has followed Fan Bing Bing can see that she looks thinner and also very very wan, but who can blame her after paying nearly $70 million US dollars equivalent in RMB tax fine for evasion and being banned by the Chinese authorities from her entertainment career. Of all the crimes that typically befall a star, from drunk driving to domestic violence to sexual assault and even involuntary manslaughter, Fan Bing Bing’s entire tax evasion scandal shows that she owned up to it and paid full restitution. At this point if she wants to come up I don’t see why not but it’s clear she’ll never regain her top goddess spot again. But new year new beginnings, hopefully she’s got her future mapped out.


Fan Bing Bing Posts on Weibo For the First Time in 9 Months After Tax Evasion Scandal Wishing Fans a Happy Lunar New Year — 13 Comments

  1. Happy and healthy Pig year to Ms Koala and all the readers . Looking forward to ranting, venting and gushing over our favorite dramas.

  2. Wow, I feel really bad for her. She learned a really hard lesson especially financially. I think her career might be over but I do think she deserves a 2nd chance.

  3. I think we might all be surprised to see her rise to the top again. I’m rooting for her to have the biggest come back and then some.

  4. The Chinese government is the scariest. I wonder if some of the big stars sleeps with them just to get in their favor. They can inflict any kind of law they want against them basically.

    It’s sad but it might not be a bad thing not living under the spotlight. She has been famous for so long. Living a normal life is probably a blessing from now on. She was lucky to riding high and you can’t be at the top forever. There’s a price for everything.

    • She was top actress because her and her team were great at creating controversy. She tops Weibo easily. Not quite sure that equates to ‘top’ actress. I do wonder sometimes, if she only used her wealth properly as in put the money she hid from the government back into film production, she wouldn’t have been fined so heavily. She was too greedy.

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