Married Couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Welcome Second Child a Baby Boy

A very happy lunar new year to everyone on this Tuesday February 5, 2019, and what an auspicious day to welcome a new baby to boot. Not myself of course, but married K-acting couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young who welcomed the arrival of their second child a little baby boy on the first day of the new lunar year. The baby boy named Kwak Bo Ah was born on February 5th so has a chance to celebrate his birthday in future years if it happens to fall again on a lunar new year. He joins his 3 1/2 year old big sister in their lovely and growing family unit, with mom recovering safely after the delivery and the baby healthy and safe. Congrats to Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young, one of my favorite couples in K-ent and each one of my favorites in acting as well.


Married Couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Welcome Second Child a Baby Boy — 11 Comments

  1. Agree 100% wholeheartedly this couple and their family is pure adorable and goals. Also as actors they’re so at the top of their game. I hope all my favourite actors all have the same path; dating >relationship >marriage >family whilst maintaining simultaneously a successful acting career.

  2. I like them as couple, no need media play to getting famous. Very humble and successful in career hope they married will be last long. And congratulations with second child.

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