Park Hae Jin and Jo Boa Cast in Rom-com Drama Secret About 119 Special Rescue Team

I find the drama title rather random but the casting sounds promising enough. Park Hae Jin and Jo Boa will be pairing up for upcoming rom-com drama Secret set in the world of a 119 emergency hotline special rescue team. It will be Park Hae Jin’s first rom-com drama since his debut if you count Famous Chil Princesses as a rom-com, and the only other drama to even remotely come close to rom-com is parts of You From Another Star but he wasn’t the male lead there and only the OTP scenes in the beginning were rom-com-ish. He was supposed to star in Four Sons but that drama fell apart flaming with PD disagreements and production fee woes so he’s moving on to Secret which will start filming soon. His leading lady is Jo Boa who remains very talented but inconsistent on picking projects, I wasn’t a fan of her last drama My Strange Hero (Bok Soo is Back) despite my love for Yoo Seung Ho. Secret doesn’t yet have a broadcast network but the PD has lots of well known projects under his belt starting from Piano to Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy then Style and Daemul.


Park Hae Jin and Jo Boa Cast in Rom-com Drama Secret About 119 Special Rescue Team — 38 Comments

  1. Gosh give us a break she’s like a rash popping up everywhere. Time out. Not down with her being paired with gorgeous PHJ. Her looks are average and not convincing enough to be cast against PHJ.

    • PHJ is not much of an actor besides that he is also a big star. What’s wrong with JBA to be paired up with him. He is actually lucky.

    • Unfortunately he’s the one that is unlucky sorry. He is a big star in Asia whether you want to admit it or not. JB should decline it then she’s far too popular as you imply and she needs a break otherwise she’ll be reinventing herself and her characters same old.

      • He “was” a big star… Ever since China puts a ban on K-artists, PHJ has not had any hit dramas for the past few years. His movie flopped in SK too… Asia becomes very small with his fanbase. How do you compare him with Gong Yoo or Hyun Bin in K-drama or K-movie world? just curious.

      • Kmovies has never been big compared to movies, not yet. The industry market is basically limited in Korea to the number of admission tickets sold. They have international sales but to a very significant amount.

        So even if PHJ movie flops in Korea, it doesn’t matter if you talk about comparing him to GY or HB as an actor. But as for PHJ agency or might be himself are producers of the movie, then that kind of painful for them. However, I really admire actors who ventures into production of drama or movie. It’s way way better than going into talent mgnt or agency venture like many actors do.

      • He may not be a mega star like Gong Yoo and HB and actively involved in drama and film but he is considered extremely popular in Asia with constant fan meetings and for me if you get a wax figure of yourself which he has managed to do in Shanghai then your big.

    • Actor’s fan dissing the new female lead for oppa, what’s new? PHJ is not popular anymore and his Botox is too apparent, his acting is stiff too. JBA can do better

      • Yep she can do better by declining the role there problem solved. Get any of the following Lee Su Bin; Jung So Min; Lee Da Hee easy on the eye and exceptionally talented to co star instead. JBA should take a break and have a kit Kat. Botox fillers or not PHJ is a heartthrob in my eyes.

      • He got the offer first therefore she was offered female lead so just make it easy and happy for everyone so JBA should just decline and those ladies I mentioned will definitely be on par with PHJ.

  2. JB is a good actress and in My Strange Hero her character was one of the most interesting, it really evolved during the drama. She always has a great chemistry with her costars. So I undertand the bashing. It’s not like PHJ had only master pieces in his career : CITT movie was bad, the love story in Man to Man was really weird. In Bad Guys and YWCFTS he was great but the other actors were strong too.

    • JB may be a good actress in your eyes, to her fans but PHJ needs a good co-star, someone around his age, a charismatic actress with much experience than JB. Plus they don’t have chemistry, they’re not on the same wavelength looks, height, experience, fan base, etc. Man to Man love story is weird cause the female lead is too short and unappealing in it (I love her in Mr. Sunshine though). In YWCFTS, I maybe in minority but she suits Jun Ji Hyun more and they have great chemistry. CITT, it wasn’t bad,there was just so much controversy in it that people tend to overlook the good points of the drama.

      I don’t wanna sound mean, but I trust my gut, this is another flop drama. Its not like JB is bringing in ratings in her previous works. And for people saying PHJ is not a big star, yeah he may not be as big as Song Joong Ki in Korea but he’s got a lot of popularity internationally esp in China.

      • China? still? Sorry I am not familiar with the Chinese entertainment world, and I don’t watch C-dramas. Is the Chinese still cheering for the SK actors nowadays? Don’t talk about the past, I want to know who is popular now.

      • YOu seem to always judge chemistry with the physical apparance of the actors. It doesn’t work like that. I liked CITT drama but not because of him, I didn’t like the movie, all the actors were to old to play this kind of role. Kim Min Jung in Mr Sunshine had a great chemistry with Yoo Yun Suk and he’s pretty tall too. It’s not about height or to be beautiful…

    • She’s a bland actress who basically can only do one type of character. Her last drama was horrible and the chemistry was forced through and through.

      • She was praised for her role of a single mother in Parting Left. Her last drama was not horrible. It was not the best one but it was very cute and warm. YSH and her had a nice chemistry too.

  3. @candycane, nah sis, you win the game. It seems like Jo Boa is confirmed for this. You enjoy this show. You’re belittling PHJ’s star power as if JBOA has any popularity inside and outside Korea. Remain delusional. I’m off, its not like PHJ’s my ultimate bias. I’m just concerned since admit it or not a co-star can make or break a drama. Ciao!

    • You are the delusional one. I NEVER said anything to support JB. All my comments are about PHJ. You are seeing things or hearing things that I didn’t write. You’d better get yourself checked out by a doctor. And don’t ever call me delusional! Idiota!

  4. Oh PHJ is a big star? He have star power? Wow its something new for me. I thought he just a trending actor, lets see the rating of his drama, the first ep must be high, or maybe he will toping buzzworthy actor list (now I’m curious). JB is good in my strange hero, and I think she looks better with PHJ than YSH.

  5. Not really related to PHJ but is being big in the mainland China still a big deal these days? They are somewhat in there own world.

  6. I actually like Jo Boa. She is solid in acting. Park Hae Jin made some weird choices post CITT which includes the cringe-fest film version CITT. Man to Man had potential but it was weirdly executed and they wasted Kim Min Jung with the awful storyline. Now, lets see what happens next. Good luck y
    to the cast.

  7. Who cares ! Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In ah were supposed to be a good pairing, but i can’t feel any chemistry . Sometimes the most improbable pairing makes a good one. We have to wait and see. Park Hae Jin has good chemistry with Han ji hye ” East of Eden” .

  8. Owhh,I like Park Hae Jin..he is as good as some ‘popular’ actors mentioned in comments above and very handsome too. It’s not like I dont like jo bo ah..she is so pretty but I just do not interested to watch her drama yet. She just finished her last drama, she should take a break for a while.

  9. I’m more worried about the fact this drama doesn’t even have a network. With PHJ offending CJ E&M, they better pray TV Chosun or Channel A picks up this drama. Jo Boah doesn’t look like someone who can sell dramas either, she is better off rejecting this.

  10. PHJ’s fangirls should worry more about the drama not having a broadcasting channel than about JB’s casting. Look at what happened to PHJ’s drama with Nana…

      • But Nana is not the problem, of coz she will be casted with an “It Boy”. She is beautiful, just saying…. I have heard that PHJ has burnt a lot of bridges…. don’t you know?

      • PHJ may have burnt a lot of bridges but it’s obvious that he’s still got a lot more in tact and untouched ones so I guess he must be doing well. Nana is very beautiful and it’s great to see her cast with JKY so again everyone’s happy except for me and a few of us here who are still not down with JBA being cast in this drama with PHJ.

      • I talked about that drama because it didn’t have a broadcasting channel and just had so much problems production wise. And this drama still doesn’t have a broadcasting channel too. I am just hoping for this drama to find a broadcasting channel so at this part is covered.

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