Park Shin Hye Reboots with Sassy Short Hair in New Mamonde Lipstick CF

I was excited to see K-actress Park Shin Hye cut her long locks into a really short bob last month, shedding her usual look for the last 7 years for both a fresh start as well as a callback to her Heartstrings look. A month in she’s rocking this look so hard it’s erased all vestiges of her lackluster character from her last drama Memories of Alhambra, she looks so amazingly fierce and cool in this just released Mamonde lipstick ad. if she rocked red lips like this in Memories as Hee Joo I could see her grabbing a sword herself and jumping into the game. Short bobs are hard to pull off but Park Shin Hye continues to suit this hairstyle even now into her late twenties, it’s less fresh college ingenue and more sassy woman in charge.


Park Shin Hye Reboots with Sassy Short Hair in New Mamonde Lipstick CF — 9 Comments

    • really? Is it really good?
      i am currently using laneige… It’s not long lasting so I like to try another brand

      • For me yes. Cos the pink im using now, i can never wear other brands cos they seldom cover my dark lips. This one does and the staying power is very strong too. I seldom touch up when i use this.

  1. She is gorgeous ! Should link the one where she’s in motion. She’s having a fan meeting I’m looking forward to for the photos and videos in this latest hairstyle. Can not believe she continues to do these fan meetings where all profit of photos, merchandise and meeting goes to charity, this time Food for the Hungry. A beautiful girl with the more beautiful heart! Dont know if anyone else does this with their fan meetings. Park Shin Hye doing it makes me appreciate her more and as a fan, so proud to support her. I never bought or gave anything to actors etc…..but I did for her (photobook) since she gives it back to various communities. The lates one to firefighters. So proud of her as a fan and never regret support for this actor.
    And yes, she makes me look and find products she endorses….making her an effective muse of the products!

      • No dollars involved:) just a fan who likes posting positive vibes about a favorite! Thank you very , comment police! And btw, I did mentioned she looks gorgeous and interested in buying the products she endorses. ……….hahaha so maybe $$$$$ are involved from my pocket 😉 and sarcasm.

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