Chosun News Passes the “God Screenwriter” Baton from Kim Eun Sook Failing with The King: Eternal Monarch to Park Ji Eun with Runaway Hit Crash Landing on You

Complacency is the insidious foe, like termites you can’t see but it’s slowly eating away at the foundation. If I am the most successful drama screenwriter of all time in South Korea Kim Eun Sook and I just read the article from Chosun News that says the epic failure of The King: Eternal Monarch means it’s time to pass her “God” crown to younger Park Ji Eun after her major hit Crash Landing on You, I would take it like MJ would and use it as the fuel to come back with like THE BEST drama of all time. Sorry, so addicted to The Last Dance and love basketball but watching MJ his prime destroy anyone who even had one good game against him is why he’s untouchable, and Kim Eun Sook needs to do that to also keep her God crown. I’m imaging her in her fancy estate writing room going “K-ent thinks my reign is over, HOLD MY BEER BITCH” and she gets back to basics. I don’t disagree with the great points and analysis made in the Chosun article but I think it’s yet early to move the “God” crown to Park Ji Eun who needs another two more solid hits before I think she’s even in the same level of Kim Eun Sook who churned out exactly a dozen hits before falling so hard with The King.

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K-ent Notices Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun Unable to Repeat You From Another Star Success in Subsequent Projects

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