Two South Korean Men Arrested For Planting Hidden Cameras in 30 Motels and Live Streaming Unwitting Couples Together

The pandemic of hidden camera recordings in South Korea hit another fever pitch this week outside of the current scandal with Korean entertainers doing hidden camera recordings personally. Two men have been arrested and charged with planting hidden cameras in over 30 motel rooms and live streaming over 1600 motel guests over the course of the past three months having sex. The hidden cameras were planted in hair dryer stands, plugged up electronic sockets, and even TV satellite boxes. They set up a website where viewers can pay a subscription fee and log on to watch unsuspecting motel guests having sex in the privacy of their motel rooms.

The issue of hidden camera (molka) recordings have been plaguing women in South Korea for the past few years, to the point that the Seoul government launched a crackdown and is doing periodic sweeps of all toilets in the city as pervs often hide it there to capture under skirt videos and images of women using the bathroom. There is a huge protest that happened last week and it’s just so frustrating that South Korean men seem to be addicted to doing this nasty shit. All women living and traveling to South Korea is encouraged to always look around bathrooms and now hotel/motel rooms for hidden cameras to protect oneself.


Two South Korean Men Arrested For Planting Hidden Cameras in 30 Motels and Live Streaming Unwitting Couples Together — 22 Comments

  1. They should put the names and faces of the perpetrators for all to see and not allow anonymity for these deranged individuals. My empathy goes out to those couples being secretly filmed and not knowing that they were part of this sick perverse set up. That’s who I worry for the most. It’s not just in SK it’s happening everywhere. Be vigilant people.

  2. With the president instructing to investigate thoroughly on the 3 nig cases – i noticed all of them related to sex. This (i couldn’t help) but have the impression that so many korean men are sex maniacs and perverts. Something is very wrong with the culture.

    • The bigger problem is the lack of laws and easy access to these cameras. If the problem is so endemic they need tighter and stricter regulations but the government doesn’t seem to be paying attention to it and that’s even more disturbing.

      • Well the govt. will be paying more attention now, as this issue will affect tourism. Good for the Korean people for holding the huge protest. “Don’t Come To Korea, your young daughter could be a porn star!” That statement speaks volume.

    • They really seem to be sex maniacs. There’s a historical context to it though but it would take some time to explain it fully

      • I find it’s due to the Confucianism teachings where women have to be pure and their roles were good wifes and mothers. During Joseon times, noble ladies carried daggers to kill themselves in case they get raped to “conserve their integrity”. Still, I heard that rapists get castrated as punishment during those times.

    • I think the wrong is not from culture,but but from the mindset because they know that vulgar things can make a lot of money, and they know access that wants to buy all that videos.

      • I think it also comes from the fact that Korean schools don’t really teach sex education and stress on the concept of consent and how intercourse isn’t only about physical pleasure. Conservative adults think sex is a sensitive topic so they avoid talking about it, so kids turn to dodgy sources without careful consideration. Moreover, people should stop thinking that rapists are just felons from the lower classes or immature men – they could also be anybody with an average background who thinks rape and assault is okay.

  3. Andy Warhol said that one day everyone would have a moment of celebrity…he didn’t predict that it would be for a few of them without consenting ! Orwell, Bradbury,…anticipated all this ! It’s creeping. In a lighter tone, it reminds me the korean movie ” Love in magic” with Park Jin Hee and Yun Jung Hoon. Watch it , it will change your mood. We all need it !

  4. I encourage you guys to watch the documentary called “Save my Seoul”, it really gives you a clear perspective on how perverted the majority of men are. FYI, it is free to watch if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to south Korea due to kpop and kdrama influence, im planning to do travel DIY. but this news is alarming for someone who will travel there for the first time ..

    • @ayenyou Please go and don’t let this type of news stop you from visiting Seoul. It is an amazing place and if you can Busan is worth seeing too.

  6. Disgusting! I’ve heard it’s a common problem in East Asia so people going there for holidays shouldn’t book cheap or unlicensed hotels.

  7. This happened everywhere, not only in Korea. And even there is no hidden camera, sex maniacs crazy people also equipped them with extra zoom in function high quality camera just to film the couples in hotels and posted on the porn website for making money.
    So girls and guys, please be vigilant and cautious.
    It doesn’t matter if they stay in high end 5 stars hotel or cheap motel.

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