Kim Jae Wook in Her Private Life is Made for Koala and Park Min Young Equal Parts Fangirling

tvN wrapped up Wed-Thurs romance drama Touch Your Heart this Thursday and sending off the cute couple of Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na makes way for pulled from manhwa pages couple Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook in Her Private Life. The latest stills show the two leads in different environments – Park Min Young’s curator by day and fangirl/stalker by night is in both her natural habits, while museum director Kim Jae Wook looks wholly out of place in a subway sticking out beautifully like a not-sore thumb. How is this man’s entire face chiseled like a Elgin marble? How how? I saw a BTS video of the two filming and Kim Jae Wook to supposed to walk away and Park Min Young chases after him, but he walks too fast because of his long legs, lol, and even the staff remarks that he model walks naturally. Sigh, my next 6 weeks will have so much restorative eye treatment coming.


Kim Jae Wook in Her Private Life is Made for Koala and Park Min Young Equal Parts Fangirling — 7 Comments

  1. I’m really excited for KJW to lead a rom com with one of my of my other faves PMY. He’s been on my radar since Mary Stayed Out All Night. Can’t wait for this to start!!

  2. I’m ready !Kim JAE Wook in a rom com !Coming soon a drama with Kim DonG Wook, Coffee princes are getting what they deserve ! So happy ! Honestly, “Touch your heart” was a big disappointment. Still don’t get what attracted Yoo In Ah and Lee Dong Wook in this drama. Can’t finish it.

  3. I hope it’s actually good and not just some silly fanservice drama. Because the last Kim Jae Wook drama I saw was The Guest, and while that was really good, it’s also really scary and I’m too frightened to watch it again!

  4. KJW never smiles in any of these stills as he remains stony faced. I would watch the drama if there was a storyline of PMY and KJW mothers who were well to do ladies of leisure during the day but turn into the older nutty stalker type of fan girls at night. I need a good laugh right now and if I read good comments on HPL then I’ll have to jump on board plus I like the PD and his previous works- Dear My Friends, Live, Live up to your name.

  5. Ms Koala is exceptionally excited for this drama, I fear you’ll jinx it haha just kidding. I reaaaally hope this turns out to be good, not just in looks but in script as well. I don’t want to cringe over a subpar drama just to have a glimpse of KJW, no matter how heaven-sent he looks.

    • @Arthuesa OMG your pic is of Alf? What a crack up! Gosh KJW is the reason why a lot on KP have expressed such interest and are keen to follow him in his first rom com lead so you’re right the script has to be top notch to carry 16 episodes. I’m not worried about PMY character it’s KJW character that concerns me the most. He might come across as an arrogant dweeb I’ll end up disliking him immensely. Arrgghhh!!

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