Total of 14 Men in Chatroom with Seungri and Jung Joon Young Sharing Hidden Camera Sex Recordings, Seungri Booked by Police

While the Burning Sun illegal activities allegations spread, there’s the other central investigation into a phone text chatroom with K-celebs sharing hidden camera photos and videos of unwitting women being secretly filmed. Today Seoul police booked Seungri for sharing hidden camera sex videos, adding him to the other two booked so far Jung Joon Young and Choi Jung Hoon. Choi Jung Hoon is also booked for bribing a police officer to get out of a drunk driving arrest. Jung Joon Young’s phones also yielded additional new secretly recorded sex videos so the charges against him have been increased from 8 to 11 instances. When told about finding additional videos his reaction was the horrifically surprised “there’s more?” because clearly the man is so fucked up he legit stopped keeping track of how many he’s recorded. Ugh, toss them all in the slammer and throw the key away.


Total of 14 Men in Chatroom with Seungri and Jung Joon Young Sharing Hidden Camera Sex Recordings, Seungri Booked by Police — 19 Comments

  1. Well just release all the names god damn it.
    No idea why the investigation is taking so slow unless they are trying to help Seungri squirm out of this.

  2. I am also wondering why the initial investigation was so fast in revealing the above 3 names but thereafter, the identities of the rest are withheld from public

  3. Quoting from another netizen who said the right thing… Just release their names! It’s not a movie trailer for goodness sake!

  4. I think it gives the suspects a chance to tie their own noose. If you look at how it’s worked with the others. They release details like Singer Yong…that leads to Netizens speculating who Singer Yong is…which then forces the suspect to outright deny (and their agency as well) publicly that they are involved. When the incriminating evidence is then revealed, the suspect is caught with their pants down and the agency as well who backed their idol singer. It’s a public humiliation that extends further and the repercussions for everyone involved is more far reaching. Also it keeps the issue on the public agenda for a lot longer. Everyone tunes in to find out more?

    • I think in Yong’s case he was caught because his surname is an uncommon one for a celebrity. But that doesn’t apply to the rest, they should just release all the names instead of doing this weird ‘Singer K’ stuff.

  5. Burning Sun seems to be be a den of horrors for women. There is evidence that the club is involved in women trade as well (Korean women send to potential investors etc.) as I read in Asian Variety this morning. Also police has covered up the evidence of JJY’s actions regarding a former complaint. Probably all his fans supported their oppa and blamed the victim then citing the police case being closed.

    I hope that this whole thing will open a course in Korean entertainment that will prevent future crimes against women. And I hope that the fans gained some perspective that their idols are human too and are perfectly able to commit crimes (I hope that the three people who are guilty of crimes against women – one rape, one physcial assault on a girlfried, one physical assault on a sex worker will not work in the entertaiment industry again)

    • Honestly seeing all this makes me sick. I’m glad that at least in this post there are no delusional fans shrieking about ‘no proof’ and ‘you have no right to say he’s a pervert and pimp until a court says so!’ We’ve reached the point where even Seungri’s or those idols’ most diehard fans have to accept that this is the truth.

  6. They can’t release all the names – just because someone sends you a video doesn’t mean that you viewed it. And if you did view it but didn’t pass it on then you have committed no crime. You can’t control what someone sends you – only what you do with it. What you do determines whether you committed a crime.

  7. they knew it was a criminal act, instead of stopping, but they continuing it, so that there were many victims.
    and they all know what happened to the victim, and laugh at it. you’re sure they don’t deserve to be punished.

    • Unfortunately it seems they can’t be prosecuted for having shitty morals, but we can decide they are scum and that we don’t want them to have careers as celebrities any more since they are clearly a danger to any women they meet!

  8. Once their verdict is determined guilty then my suggestion is put them all on a one way convoy to North Korea to do their time there. Done deal then we’ll never have to read about their sordid going on’s definitely ever again and whilst they’re doing hard labour or whatever they can reflect on their past privilege of being a celeb and wonder how the hell did their narcissistic ego, arrogance and misogynistic attitude get them there. Like the bible saying goes ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

  9. As an attorney, investigations shouldn’t be rushed. These things need to take time. My concern is we have known police corruption and so time may or may not be an asset either way.

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