Netizens Abuzz on TW-singer Cyndi Wang’s Visuals after Looking Nearly Unrecognizable at Music Event

If hips don’t lie then many if not all netizens would like to think our eyes don’t lie. That’s why speculation about possible surgical procedures or enhancements done by stars countered by the denials of she/he who doth protest too much always ring hollow. Sure one can never know for certain but it’s hard to believe it’s all just a bad camera angle or makeup day. TW-singer Cyndi Wang was at a music event this week and snapped in pictures receiving an award. What should have been a happy moment ended up spawning way more media coverage on whether she looks noticeably different. I think she does, took me a hard three seconds to place her when I first saw the pictures and in general she looks like a different person that shares features with OG Cyndi. In fact, OG Cyndi who debuted in 2003 is still around thanks to internet saving pictures and I rather miss that her “sweetheart club president” look that saddled her with that industry nickname.


Netizens Abuzz on TW-singer Cyndi Wang’s Visuals after Looking Nearly Unrecognizable at Music Event — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t know why celebrities redo their double eyelids when they already have them. She was so pretty in the 2000s, I remember going to one of her fansignings with my friend back then and she was so beautiful.

  2. Omg,she was famous with her face,why would you want to barbie(plastic)it.should have done the makeover before turning into a celebrity. Afterwards will only receive backlash from the public. I rhink she messed up her face not improve it. So sad.

  3. Her and her manager denied dhe had no plastic surgery. Load of bullcrap. She was never a beauty to me and now she real effing ugly. The plastic surgeon should be jailed for making her look like a freak.

  4. The surgeon should be jailed fpr making her so effing ugly. That was one freakiah job the surgeon dod om Cyndi. She can deny all she wants, we know better.

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