Shin Sung Rok in for K-drama Perfume, Go Jun Hee Out Amidst Rumors of Involvement in Chat Scandal

The casting winds are blowing quickly around K-drama Perfume. Last weekend Eric turned it out but this week the drama found a great next choice with Shin Sung Rok, who has confirmed and will be leading man in a romance drama so yay finally! He’s so versatile and a chameleon, even in one role able to essay so many nuanced facets of a personality. His Perfume leading lady won’t be Go Jun Hee who has declined the offer and probably for the rest.

Neither she nor the production need the chatter going on that she’s somehow involved with the hidden camera/prostitution chatroom scandal with Jung Joon Young and Seungri. Apparently in one chat thread the men talked about bringing girls to a club before Choi Jung Hoon mentioned that a noona actress is in NY and all the female stars are such bitches for being out of the country when they are on a break for work. Go Jun Hee’s agency has threatened to sue for the insinuation that she is the “noona” in question after netizens matched the date stamp on that chat and found she was the only female Korean star in NY at that time.

To conclude on topic though – Shin Sung Rok as a rom-com leading man super duper yay!


Shin Sung Rok in for K-drama Perfume, Go Jun Hee Out Amidst Rumors of Involvement in Chat Scandal — 18 Comments

  1. Good GJH declined and thank goodness SSR has confirmed. Now who is the lucky lady to star opposite him….GJH needs to clear her name first and foremost and do the right thing to prove her innocence. Look at what happened to Park Han Byul currently in Love in Sadness. She is being dragged through the mud because her hubby is involved in the Seungri/BS saga. Netizens demanding she be given the boot just because she married the guy and us guilty by association. Tut tut

    • Its sad that she needs to clear her name since regardless if she is involved in or not, its not like she is the one doing the crimes or even aware of the crimes. If she is involved its more he wants to use her which is unfortunate for her and good thing she was in NY. Either way it shouldn’t cause harm to her career in either case but this is of course S.Korea.

    • I feel like it’s a different case without park han byul cause she was reportedly seen golfing with her husband and another person (forgot name) that is heavily involved with this scandal. Which netizens assumed she is very friendly with that person and thus means she knew about it. Also adding to the fact she refuses to divorce her husband (people think only trash people would stay with someone trashy). She released a statement saying she’s gonna stand by her husband. Another reason is that usually when you’re involved in the scandal whether big or small you should voluntarily step down from your drama/variety/ postpone music to not affect others. So people say she’s unprofessional.

      It’s sad but netizens are quite harsh. It’s a good thing Go Jun hee squashed all the rumours right away. Hopefully it’s true, I remember with the guy from Beast they also denied his involvement which which turned out to be a lie.

  2. I have feeling the female stars who were close with these guys may not have known the full details of what they were up to but must have atleast had an inkling. Not that they could have done anything considering how hard it is for females to keep their reputation even without any scandals. Its just sad many people including maybe A-listers took a vow of silence because now they are facing the repercussions of that silence.

    • Why the female stars though? We really expect guys like these to let their p-rn obsessions and molka chasing ways slip to their female (platonic) acquaintances?

      But still, every woman who was even known to be on friendly terms with any of that pervert circle, whether through work or otherwise, will get witch hunted as a “she must have known/had an idea but didn’t report”, it was Moon Chae Won a few weeks ago and it’s Go Joon Hee now. It’s really unfair to the female celebs here.

  3. I’m confused so are they saying Go Joon-hee is part of the squad and involved in the crime, or are they blaming her for knowing but not reporting? And yeah I don’t trust denials anymore since the FT Island and Beast guy both denied and it turned out to be fake.

  4. I’m confused, is the “noona actress” or any female celebrities these scum referred to in their little pervert chat, actually accused of any wrongdoing?

    Or is their only fault being acquainted with these scumbag molka chasers? It’s not fair for Go Joon Hee to have to be staying low when if anything, even if she was the female celeb, it sounds like those filth were talking disrespectfully about her and not like she had any knowledge of this.

    • From what I understood in other articles, Seungri wanted to introduce “the senior actress” to an investor from Japan, but she was absent at the time. This is causing a fuss because prostitution is technically illegal in Korea, and there was a case before when some actresses (though their identities were hidden) were suspected of being under sponsorship (they slept with the higher ups in society in exchange for money and/or career advancement) and one was even judged guilty.
      So the gullible netizens are saying that the actress is dirty for doing prostitution, especially for someone like Seungri and his posse, and if she was involved, she is immoral for not reporting the activities to the police.

      • Few years ago, Kim Sun-ah also exposed her for choosing to have dinner with movie producers and lying to her co-stars that she was sick. Thats when the prostitution rumors started for her.

  5. Omg. I’m so slow. I just realized SSR is the same guy who played one of the dads in Three Dads, One Mom with Eugene. ? Wowwwww. I’m mind-blown. He was such a big dork in that drama that I didn’t even noticed he was the same guy in Liar Game as well. -____-

  6. Congrats SSR! After so many years, the time has arrive for him to be the main lead in a drama. I am so happy for him. And its a romcom. He will be lead in a romcom! Can I hope for fluff and cuteness all around? Haha

    Now I wonder who the leading lady would be~ and I also hope SSR gets enough rest, he has been in back to back projects for a while now~ hohoho

    • Thats even better that GWH has been selected. I’m in favour of the casting. She was a riot in Welcome to Waikiki season 1.

      • She was horrible in housekeeper. I don’t think she suits all roles just some roles. For now anyways.

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