Park Yoochun Tests Positive for Drugs in Police Investigation

One does wonder why disgraced K-star Park Yoochun doth protest too much, even insofar as to hold a press conference tearfully proclaiming his innocence on drug use allegations. He of all people knew whether he used or not, and now he’s looking like a giant hypocrite liar on top of being an alleged drug user. Police have announced that Yoochun’s drug test has come back positive for traces of the meth drug Philopon. It was found on the hair follicle collected from his leg despite his shaving all his body hair claiming it was for an upcoming concert. Drug traces remain in hair follicles for up to three months while it passes in the urine and blood stream in mere days. I can attest that leg shaving is annoying and hard to catch each and every single hair so it’s no wonder the cops managed to find a stray strand to test. Buh bye Yoochun, let’s see how his fans spin this.


Park Yoochun Tests Positive for Drugs in Police Investigation — 13 Comments

  1. Oh dear.

    Fool me once shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    I wonder how it feels after making such a big scene at his press conference only to have news like this revealed to the public.

  2. He was obviously on drugs when he decided to hold that press conference to claim his innoncence. In dazed until he didn’t know that he was using drugs.

    Never been a fan of him but he had quite a promising acting career. Too bad, he was perhaps drowning in fame and the delusion of his diehard fans that “oppa can do no wrong” that he made too many wrong decisions and heading towards the wrong path. So now, he’s paying high price for all he did.

  3. His drama career was over with the pre-military enlistment allegations, but I surmise that he was going to be able to pursue singing for his international fans. All he needed to do was behave and stay on the straight and narrow. We all see how that worked out. I take it he does have addiction issues or he’s an absolute idiot to go lie to people when he could so easily get busted. All I can think is that he was in total denial probably because he got away with so much for so long.

    He needs to deal with his drug issues both legal and getting clean, and go away for a long while.

  4. I wonder who’s brilliant idea it was to hold the press conference. Himself, his PR team, his lawyer? And shaving his body? Not only is he a giant hypocritical lying drug user, but a very dumb one.

  5. It’s been like watching a train wreck. You’re horrified but you can’t do a thing. Since I don’t know him and his gf, my best GUESS is that they were a pair of co-dependant enablers with a toxic relationship. Any chance of having even a modicum of success in his future career is over. Personally, I don’t like drugs and I feel sorry for those who get trapped with them but I’d rather know someone was drooling and glassy eyed on a couch than drunk behind the wheel of a car-less chance of hàrming others. (I know that drugs do damage to others too- like family and friends -but a dui upsets me a lot)
    This is just plain sad as he had already been credited with a lot of good work in acting and singing and there was so much more ahead but now it’s just impossible.

  6. I really believed that he had not used drugs. Mainly because it is a thing that can be proven so it is extremely stupid to lie about it.

    • What an idiot. He would have been better of coming clean rather than lying about something that could be proven true.

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