Ji Chang Wook Confirms Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Writer’s Upcoming Romance Drama Melt Me

Looks like K-actor Ji Chang Wook is not climbing aboard a spaceship headed for the star but will instead climb into a cryogenic pod to get frozen. The mere days from military discharge actor has confirmed his first army project as the K-drama Melt Me over the other offer to headline City of Stars. The drama is penned by the screenwriter Baek Mi Kyung of The Miracle We Met, Women of Dignity, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and it’s the latter drama that I think sounds like what Melt Me is going for, a bit of fantasy in a humorous romance tale with some intrigue. Ji Chang Wook will played a variety show PD with exacting standards and impeccable looks who was supposed to be flash frozen for 24 hours in a stunt and end up defrosted 20 years later. He’ll wake up alongside the female lead who has also experienced the same thing, and together they find love while needing to keep their core temperature at 27.5 degrees Celsius. Sounds cool to me!


Ji Chang Wook Confirms Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Writer’s Upcoming Romance Drama Melt Me — 12 Comments

  1. I have expected he will choose this drama since the writer has proven track records esp at cable tv jtbc. Plus, it’s a clever move to not attach himself to action genre role. “City of Stars” seem to be too ambitious. It’s a do or die kind of drama and very risky.

  2. Female lead wish list :
    Song Ji Hyo / Baek Jin Hee / Seo Ye Ji

    would make such hot pair <33 I'll die if this dreamcasting really happens. Please happen

    Also… since body temperature tends to rise next to crush how will it work for the ML & FL lead here LOL? Especially when hugging, kissing or far more…. ???

  3. Koala, source(s) please? They may be waiting until after his official discharge to make a statement, but my contacts at Glorious are stating nothing has been firmly confirmed yet.

  4. I thought he was involved with the latest scandal? I thought he visited the club in question? My question is, how many visits?

  5. City of Stars seems very interesting, but it seems like no one wants to do it. Maybe it’s too exhausting. Especially for Ji Chang Wook who’s just coming back from the military. A rom-com is lighter and safer.

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