Kim Ji Won Cosplays Feral Forest Girl in Drama Stills for Arthdal Chronicles

Third set is not the charm for me as my burgeoning excitement for upcoming tvN sageuk drama Arthdal Chronicles (Asadal Chronicle) took a pause with the release of first stills with female lead Kim Ji Won. I liked her a lot as the second female lead in Descendants of the Sun even though she wasn’t super believable as a medical army doctor but here she’s totally a kid cosplaying a role. The drama is set in the ancient mythical times of Gojoseon ( 고조선 古朝鮮) the first Korean kingdom state, and the leads are all warrior tribal folk battling for power and loyalty. Kim Ji Won could end up working after the drama airs but here she just looks like a very beautiful girl wearing forest rags with messy hair.


Kim Ji Won Cosplays Feral Forest Girl in Drama Stills for Arthdal Chronicles — 20 Comments

  1. Hmm…not sure how I feel about this drama right now…every poster I have seen reminds me of China’s Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy. Also, everyone has such a modern look, could be the make up? Not sure…Hopefully the plot is great above all.

    • She looks like she’s off to cosplay in Law of the Jungle or something. The round neck t-shirt with stitches and that crossbody bag just screams modern. Ugh.

      • I won’t disagree with you, but I’d argue that’s the costumer’s fault, not hers.

  2. now this look is a total turnoff! Not very interested in watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes Gojoseon style. LOL. She may look more charismatic with some face painting like SJK.

  3. Hmm.. She looks like she’s wearing a leather apron over a t-shirt. More like a modern KJW probably doing some painting or whatever artworks in the forest. She exudes no girl-warrior, no charisma at all from the stills. Totally not convincing.

  4. The costumes are a mess imho. They don’t look ancient to me. Even the costumes in the movie RRRrrrrr! had a more genuine look lol!

  5. It’s her porcelain skin and shiny beautiful perfect hair! It’s absolutely not believable at all. My guess is they tried to make her look like Yara from GOT but ended up making her look like a modern trendy girl with a tan.

    It’s too bad, I love it when the costumes are done well in a production.

  6. She should come at my house when i take care of My nephews , I look more Pre historical korean woman than her ! Are they filming a Cecil B Demille production ?

    • Bwaaahhhhhh @ Mandy best line yet referencing the Flintstones…. Wilma, Betty, Pebbles. I guess the costume designer didn’t do their research and it shows. The Tshirt is a dead giveaway. Anyway I still like the concept of the drama but I wonder what Kim Ok Bin is going to look like.

  7. Costume wise, I am certainly unimpressed especially after images of Kim Ok Bin were just released. Her cape coat with fur trim looks so “tailored” – gosh, no rugged appeal of that era.

    Besides Flintstone, Kim Ji Won also reminds me of Pocahontas lol. Her short-sleeved top and cross body sachet look so off in a jungle setting.

    Hope the costume designers research properly or at least follow the excellent examples of GOT.

  8. Acting wise, believe Kim Ji Won won’t fail acting as feisty, tenacious and sassy heroine figures. She is never the docile damsel type. I would liken that Tanya is supposedly modeled after GOT’s Arya Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. Really excited for Korea’s version of GOT!

  9. Go Sung Hee from Night Watchman K drama had that feral wild styling as well and I guess it must be the same costume designer trying to pimp the look for KJW. I hope the costumes don’t become a talking and focal point of drama to the point of distraction.

  10. She looks like a modern girl who survived a plane crush and had to live in isolated island… Why SJK and her have brown hair and not black?

    The story will have to be very good because until now I’m not impressed by the pictures or the teaser.

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