Park Yoochun Retires from K-ent as CJE&S Terminates His Contract and Police Seek Arrest Warrant for Drug Use

The end of the road is near for Park Yoochun‘s current legal saga and it may be the last the public will hear of him going forward. After testing positive for meth during last week’s police investigation into alleged drug use after being ratted out by his also arrested former fiancee Hwang Hana, agency CJE&S has terminated its contract with Park Yoochun and announced that he will be retiring immediately from the industry. It’s clear the retiring is more like a forced retirement but it’s for the best, I don’t see how he can have any future career outside of his most fervent and always believing in him fanbase. Police have also announced that its seeking an arrest warrant for Yoochun for 5 instances of doing drugs with Hwang Hana either at a hotel or at her house. He wriggled out of the sexual assault allegations three years ago but looks like the buck is finally stopping here.


Park Yoochun Retires from K-ent as CJE&S Terminates His Contract and Police Seek Arrest Warrant for Drug Use — 27 Comments

  1. What a talent waste.i been following his drama since sungkwan scandal,rooftop prince and i miss u..hurm.hope he will be charge fairly and repent.good bye

  2. He built a successfull career both in acting and singing for over 10 years , he reprensented his country in China, Japan,…And he destroyed everything . I know that everyone make wrong choices sometimes but in his case …he couldn’t have sink lower… Adios, the show must go on…

    • Quite honestly I think the pressure he and the fellow members were under plays not a little role in how this plays out now.
      At such a young age a career with an invasion in his privacy with almost no consequences for the maniac and totally crazy fans.
      How can anyone’s psyche develop unharmed under these circumstances?
      I feel so sorry for him.

      • You’re right. I feel so sorry for his. Sorry for the fact that he is a liar and that he made a conscious decision to purchase drugs, use them on multiple occasions and then to continue to lie about it. I feel sorry for the fact that his brain capacity is so small that he actually thought he could get away with it by shaving his body hair before a drug screen and by having a press conference denying any of this happened. I also feel sorry for him when he drops the soap in prison, but then again maybe he won’t dislike this too much since he has a liking for sex in dirty public restrooms with prostitutes that he then refuses to pay. I feel so sorry for a grown ass man who made decisions to break the law. Yes poor him. His poor his lack of self control and poor decision making skills that he should have at over 30 years old. What a poor, unfortunate guy.

      • Me@too Annie, i know that we should say that he is sick and must receive treatment. But when you get what you have worked for since childhood you should thank life. I feel sorry for Young people who are suffering unemployment, children who are suffering hunger, abuse, slavery…all over the world, …so much to add to the list…If he is suffering from depression he should have seek for a medical treatment . As someone suffering from chronic depression i never fell for drugs or alcohol. I choose to help people in need by doing little things .

      • @Annie I’m not defending his misbehaviour, but as a mother of riper age I see how difficult it is for a teenager entering this dirty business.
        Imagine tons of people talking after your mouth, girls all too willing all the time and the absolute horrifying behaviour of the sasaengs, hacking phones, hitting them, sending letters written with their menstrual blood and so on.
        Again, who will develop a sane personality under these circumstances?
        I would not be surprised if his bathroom sex routine were a direct result of living under the microscope every effin’ second of his life. Where else could this guy have a private second? Behind closed doors, among false friends.

        He did tons of wrong things, but I can see where they are coming from. Not because he was born bad, but because of his crazy life.

      • I can understand your logic and I don’t deny that being a beloved celebrity has its difficulties. It’s a flawed occupation and certainly, as we can see, a flawed industry. However, let’s not forget the privileges and money that also comes with being a beloved celebrity. there are people who have been dealt much worse cards and still come out of it being a productive member of society. Maybe, just maybe, a small portion of his decisions can be attributed to entering a difficult industry at such a young age, but I would argue that the vast majority of it is due to his own character flaw and conscious decision to live his life in such a disgusting and pathetic manner.

  3. He had a promising future in the industry. The toilet sexual escapades and now drugs… Everything destroyed by he himself. Such a waste.

  4. It remind of the time when I watched rooftop Prince and thought how innocent yoo Chun looked in it. I don’t have a nerve to watch rooftop prince anymore. Damn

    • Yep sister, what goes around comes around.

      I’m still surprised that he was dumb enough to lie about something that can be easily tested.

      • Druggies tend to lie to themselves to perfection.

        Several years ago we had a similar case in Germany. Christoph Daum, soccer trainer of Bayer Leverkusen, was supposed to become the national team coach. Everybody supported him. As soon as he quit his job as trainer for the club, Bayern Munic’s boss, Uli Hoeneß, who had supported his nomination as a national coach beforehand, suddenly accused him of using drugs. Daum denied it with everything he got, he swore oaths in front of cameras, did everything he could, even agreed to get his hair tested.

        Then the truth came out. His career was destroyed, Munic’s biggest rival at this time, Leverkusen, lost its trainer and Daum lost his dream to become national coach.

        @koala Btw every time I post a comment here today my Norton reports an attack. Looks as if your site is compromised.

  5. Out of curiosity; why do they use body hair rather than hair on his head for testing? When I saw that he had shaved his body…it made me wonder the difference.

    • he bleached his hair and colored it red/pink for his Japanese concert. Now is dyed black. Apparently bleaching may remove the drug traces?

    • hair bleaching may remove 40-80 % of drug tested, if a person bleaches the hair multiple times, there is likely high chance of no drugs tested.

  6. Cjes first helped this man to clean all of the accusations of rape. now that they dont see another way only now they decide to dump him.
    now i wonder why Kim nam-gil signed with this agency. he talks so much about injustice, more representation but it’s management by a another corrupt one. sigh…

  7. Why is the only the buyer being charged? The user should be sent to rehab not prison. No charges on the drug dealers? Those dealers should be the ones sent to prison.

  8. Why does his career have to be over? If Robert Downy Jr. Hollywood’s number one working coke head can kick drugs and become the highest paid actor why can’t he

      • Um iF that’s what he wants to do with himself than okay. The question is why is his career over just because he used drugs? So did RDJ and he bounced back. Are second chances not allowed in Korea

      • I am not Korean. From what I have read, drug use is illegal in SK, if get caught (like PYC) will be charged and put in jail. I guess he can try to bounce back after jail term, it depends if the Koreans will accept him. Besides drug, PYC also has sex scandals so chances are slim that he can redeem himself. Anyways, I cannot even rewatch his popular dramas now so who cares what future career he may have.

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