Song Hye Kyo Sleek and Sultry at Prada Event

The queen of fashion diversity goes dark again but this time hits it out of the park. Song Hye Kyo attended a Prada event this weekend going back to the dark palette after donning white dresses in recent CF events overseas. Unlike her heavy and staid black ball gown matronly look fail at the HK Film Awards, she went with a gunmetal grey gown with long locks and enviably perfect eyeliner look. This dress and makeup suits her beautifully and could work on a lot of women as well. The simple gold jewelry also adds a pop of brightness to the darker hues. Love it!


Song Hye Kyo Sleek and Sultry at Prada Event — 18 Comments

  1. The length of her dress suited her better than the short skirt she always donned. She looked impeccable except for the rather heavy makeup on her face. Maybe it was done deliberately for the whole retro package. She still looks ravishing!

  2. I almost couldn’t recognise her with this makeup, but it gave her a whole different style of gorgeousness.

    • What? Another noona drama?? It will be such a downgrade from PBG to LMH. Not a wise business decision for her career. Unless it’s an OCN Thriller ?

      • Nothing with Lee min hoo can ever be a downgrade.
        Korea dramas are not very popular in my country but everyone here knows Gum Jun pyo.
        Any drama he features in, are usually the most popular and best selling.
        He’s the biggest international star and Song Hye Kyo is up there with him .
        He had chemistry with jeon ji hyun , so why not the younger Song Hye Kyo?

      • Do you know LMH is no longer the IT boy in SK? Trying to hold onto a 10 years old drama (aired on Jan 2009) totally smells stale about this guy. He did not have any chemistry with JJH, that drama is the worst drama of JJH’s in her whole career.

    • He left with a noona romance, I think it will be too redundant to come back with another noona romance. It’d be nice to see him in something more refreshing

  3. I felt a bit saturated with all the recent SHK articles. But have to post that this is one of the most gorgeous make up photos of all the articles.

    This glam look really suits her. The dress colour choice and whole look is just perfect. She is versatile and good looking as we all know.

    But somehow this looks just perfect. Close up. And far away.

  4. Gorgeous and absolutely flawless and finally no more white prim and proper white dresses! I like this look a thousand more times then the staid monotonous pics previously shown. Waiting for her OCN drama to drop in the near future….with Hyun Bin. That is my wish.

  5. I almost did not recognize her because of heavy but stunning make up ?.. Hope to see her in diff genre of movie or drama. For example an investigative thriller kdrama with lee jun ki or gong yoo.

    • Sadly, her acting is quite one dimensional :/ I would love to see her in a thriller/mystery drama but there’s a reason why she doesn’t do them. She should just stick to making cfs Bc she’s so good at it!

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