Kim Go Eun the Leading Candidate for Female Lead in The King: Eternal Sovereign Opposite Lee Min Ho

This is just behind-the-news chatter but K-ent is reporting that casting is underway for Kim Eun Sook‘s next drama The King: Eternal Sovereign after confirming the crucial male lead role last week with Lee Min Ho. Of course all eyes are on who lands the coveted though also sometimes thankless role of the female lead in what is always more male-centric in how Kim Eun Sook writes her dramas. But this is certainly going to be another ratings hit with lots of exposure, so I was hoping for someone who hadn’t worked with Kim Eun Sook before but now it appears she’s leaning towards using Goblin female lead Kim Go Eun again. I found Kim Go Eun’s role weak and her performance mostly passable in Goblin, one of her weakest outings as an actress, but if she’s cast I won’t be upset more like meh. Like Lee Min Ho’s male lead which is two characters in parallel worlds, the female lead and the rest of the main cast will also be playing two roles and she will be both a detective and also an ordinary citizen in the world where Korea still has a king.


Kim Go Eun the Leading Candidate for Female Lead in The King: Eternal Sovereign Opposite Lee Min Ho — 64 Comments

    • Unfortunately that never happens in a KES drama since the female lead is written poorly and always needs saving.

    • She was horrible in Goblin. Instead of portraying a joyful optimistic girl, she went overboard and coupled with her cringey voice, she appeared retarded. I never understand the hype around her esp with some kept highlighting her status as “movie actress”.

      • @Youssra
        Because you are her fan, so you failed to see her flaws. She did a good job in CITT though but I still stand by what I said, she was HORRIBLE in Goblin. Reiterating RDJ in Tropic Thunder, “one should never go full retard” but she did. Period.

      • @Youssra – Gong Yoo is the best in Goblin. Even YIN is better than KGE. KGE’s character is very poorly written and her acting is also very terrible. I know she was better in CITT and in movies, but in Goblin she is THE WORST!

      • tbh she isnt really is doing well in movies. thats why she need to come back to act in KES drama for popularity.

      • Sorry but it was for all the actors involved in Goblin their worst performance ! Aside the Young actors. Big popularity and money that’s all actors gain with KES dramas, certainly not “a plus” in their acting .

  1. Oh no, please not her – very poor LMH match in looks and acting categories. I would root for 1 of Kim Eun Sook’s fave gal – Kim Ji Won if her schedule from Arthdal Chronicles allows or a new young rookie natural beauty gal instead.

    • Lol. LMH is such a pathetic actor and he is also quiet ugly. On the other hand KGE is really talented. It was not her fault that KES likes to make her female characters cringey.

    • @Icyqueen – KGE is natural beauty, LMH has a PS ugly big nose and puffy face. KGE can act, LMH cannot act. Yes definitely very poor match of KGE and LMH both in looks and acting categories. LOL.

      • @Bianca Yes.. To Kim Tae Ri. Then again, she is starring in KES previous Drama not along ago.. So Kim Go Eun is still definitely the best choice. Think about A Kim Tae Ri given the character and direction like Kim Go Eun in Goblin. I doubt she will do better than Go Eun.

        Definitely No to Kim Ji Won. SHe is a limit acctress I have no idea why every single article I read, they keep reccomend her with their fav oppa. Think about Kim Ji Won given a character like Go Eun in Goblin, it would be more cringy. Her agency must be doing something right to promote her as a good acctress. .

      • Kim Goeun is not versatile herself either. People apparently hype her up because she’s a movie actress.

        While I do agree that Kim Jiwon still needs to prove herself as lead actress, she at least pulled off Choi Aera better than Kim Goeun with for Euntak.

      • I completely disagree both KJW and KGE did the same with their female characters and if you think one was slightly better than the other it is purely the writing gap not the acting gap. Its true though both have limitations as an actor but honestly going up against LMH doesn’t need any great acting prowess. They could cast a complete rookie and she would still ‘match up’ to him in terms of acting skill. By the ways both KGE and KGE are under the same company which is Kakao m and so is KTR only their sub labels are different so whoever is pulling the strings for one actress is also doing for the other.

  2. She’s beautiful.. inside…and she has the potential.that is why she is chosen.because she is good. Sometimes a story doesn’t need beautiful people to portray a role…

    • She’s beautiful, period. Everyone has its own brand of beauty, but I believw everyone is beautiful, God made sure of that.

  3. Kim go eun is the best. I don’t know why everyone is saying a terrible things about her but she did so good in cheese in trap and goblin, i know that she is not beautiful like shin hye or suzy but she is a good actor so please stop saying a terrible things about her.

    • Actually, her character won’t worth of her talent. But Since Kim Eun Suk drama tend to become popular one, so be it.

      Might be Lee Min Hoo fans wanting more beautiful and popular acctress.. I don’t know what actresss they are thinking. But I would jump for joy if my fav actor, especially Seo Kang Joon and Song Joong Ki get pair with her!

      • Agree. I don’t mind SKJ pairing with KGE as long as the script is good. KES is so overrated, her writing is cheezy and cringy. KGE’s character in Goblin sucks. Better not be in another KES’s drama if KGE is wise. Why get burnt twice? KGE did not get any more popularly but she got an F in her performance in Goblin. I don’t care about LMH, he is worse than KGS in acting skill, let him pair up with Suzy, maybe double negatives will make a positive. Old flings also may sell in ratings.

    • People who says she horrible or not good because you never watching her acting besides that’s drama,,then you really don’t know why she’s the best ,,

      • don’t worry. Failing once does not mean failing every time. You don’t need to be so defensive. She was really bad in Goblin.

  4. I didn’t like her character in goblin (well…I didn’t like the whole drama), maybe it was the way she acted or maybe she had to act that way, we don’t know…but I loved her in cheese in the trap and she’s really pretty. Let’s hope for a strong and smart female role for whoever gets it…cause we already know the drama is male centric :/

    • Totally agreed with you, actually I like Kim Eun Seok in Cheese in the trap she really fit well in her character there but not in Goblin as a female lead. I didn’t even finish Goblin cause of Kim Eun Seok and her character didn’t really go well together. Anyways I was looking forward to see the King LMO upcoming drama but not anymore if Kim Eun Seok is the female lead.

  5. Again, Kim Eun Seok pick A movie acctress.. Gosh I miss Kim Go Eun so much on my small screen. I have been watching from her old movie and CITT (My fav of her performances in Small Screen). He is not gaining much popular in Goblin as much as Song Hye Gyo in DOTS. All lies on Gong Yoo. I wish this drama will make her name getting more popular. Please Kim Eun Seok give her baddass roles like Kim Tae Ri in Mr Sunshine!

    But I’m not sure though if Lee Min Hoo can handle act two different character in one drama. His range is the problem.

    • And KGE is always get paired with much older actor, so this pairing is a nice change from her previous pairing. Because For me, her best chemistry is still WIth Seo Kang Joon in CITT and Park Jung Min in Sunshine in my hometown. So it will be nice to see her get paired with close to her age.

  6. Do hope it is a fake news. On Goblin, she appeared nothing but a very spoiled unmature boring girl who even in her late twenties she still looked silly,no matrer how much effort were made to picure her deep and sensible. She was unable to transfer deep feelings: only were there childish acts, silly smiles, and annoying redubdant tears! These are not just my words, these are what almost all the critics have believed. Don’t the Korean drama guys really care?

  7. People who says she horrible or not good because you never watching her acting besides that’s drama,,then you really don’t know why she’s the best ,,

  8. Actually I like Kim Eun Seok in Cheese in the trap she really fit well in her character there but not in Goblin as a female lead. I didn’t even finish Goblin cause of Kim Eun Seok and her character didn’t really go well together. Anyways I was looking forward to see the King LMO upcoming drama but not anymore if Kim Eun Seok is the female lead.

  9. Just basing fr her agency,its most likely confirm, the casting meeting is just for article purpose, testing viewers reaction, they will start filming soon, maybe they are just completing the supporting cast, my guess before, they will cast somebody fr the many agency under cjemn for female lead, maybe most of the supporting too.

  10. KGE acting is amazing in chinatown, totally better than LMH. But they need to cast strong and superpopular actress because LMH cant carry his drama alone. Remember the heirs? KWB taking the show.

    • If I remember clearly lee min ho was in only the heir. He didn’t need
      Any superpopular in boys over the flower . and in faith , lotbs , city hunter , personal taste he was very good. You just hate him , and for the heir I agree that Kim woo bin was very good but don’t said he carried him because there were so many good actors and lmh was good too , is like direspecting him and others such as park shin hye, park Hynes shik, Kim Jim won, krystal, Kansas min hyuk, Jun soops jin, choice jin hyuk , so many good actors . And im not lee min ho fan but I have to admit that he worked for himself and I love watching his dramas

      • For someone with such poor English, I think I can still understand what you are trying to say and I disagree! Without KHS, JJH, PMY, SYJ, he wouldn’t have any viewers for those dramas. He was not good, his female leads are more famous than him (in Faith, LOTBS, PT). He is a very mediocre actor. He has never carried any dramas. This time he is relying on that star cheesy writer… when has he ever carried any drama on his own??

  11. All I can say is, it’s hypocritical if LMH fans go around saying Kim Go Eun is “meh” based on Goblin – as if he was that great in Heirs, himself.

    Anyway KES always chooses leads who have at least some basic acting skill, even if she might waste her female leads in weak roles. She redeems herself in my eyes for that alone, even Heirs supporting cast had Kang Ha Neul, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won and Park Hyung Shik, and look what they became as actors.

  12. I loved her in CIIT. But she was real bad in Goblin, she was the reason i delayed watching Goblin for a year, coz i couldnt swallow her cringy voice and over- acting first time. Then i prepared to watch Gong Yoo and tried to love her and drama for what it is. For this drama i rather prefer her than married actresses or older actresses and some other dull actresses. Maybe she will bring her spunk and cuteness once again like she was in CIIT.

  13. I like Kim Go Eun but I was hoping it would be Kim Tae ri chosen to be paired with Lee Min Ho. And I’m a little wary about the two characters in parallel worlds. If not done right would be a complete disaster.

    • She is in talk for a movie, and maybe shooting will coincide with the drama,aside fr the fact she just finish a drama with kes

  14. I love this actress! In Goblin, she was great, she balanced very well the humour and the sad scenes. I really liked her character. The scene where she found back her memory and run to find him was beautiful, they had a great chemistry and it was filmed before all the korean scenes.

  15. Oh no not her again. Stop watching goblin because of her super OA not so good acting. she was a nuisance in Goblin, did her agency pay the writer to cast her’? Lots of good actress out there. Not her please

  16. I love Kim Go Eun. If anything I think she should ditched Lee Min Ho. I never found acting his best asset. I would love to see You Ah In in this role instead. I suspect this won’t be a popular opinion!

    • I dont think KES writernim would cast YAI. She prefer someone who is manly, healthy and better already did the military. YAI didnt go to military bcuz of his illness. Im saying this based on all the male actors in all KES’s dramas. Well i’ve watched almost all her dramas, except the very first drama of her.

      LMH probably isnt the best in acting but since KES has chosen him, he probably has something that similar to her character in the new drama. Who knows.

  17. It would be a ‘looking forward’ tandem. I think they (Kim & Lee) will have a good chemistry. Hope they would pursue it. Goodluck to all the casts n crew!!!!! Fighting!!!!

  18. Why people are blaming KGE in Goblin? The drama itself was terrible. It has nothing but fillers not to mention it was cheesy.

  19. I loved Goblin so I don’t get what all the complaint is about. It was beautifully shot and the fantasy part was fun. The scene with the bus accident made me cry so much and the bromance was legendary. The drama was massive in terms of domestic and international popularity maybe even the most popular kim eun sook drama since Lovers in Prague and Secret Garden. The main leads were amazing, the villain was phenomenal and even the cameos were well written. It was head and shoulders above both gentleman’s dignity, heirs and DOTS which were truly bad dramas.

    • No one complains about Goblin’s cinematography (Quebec is a beautiful city), the bromance, and villain. The male lead is good. But not the female lead, her character is extremely poorly written and her acting is cringy, she was only ok in the last episode when she finally acted her age. Heirs and DOTS are bad dramas, no one said those are good.

    • I did not watch Mr Sunshine, so I will skip this one as well. I don’t really like KES’s writing… unless the reviews are good after a few episodes in 🙂

  20. I really hope this news did not true because i dont really like Kim Go Eun pairing with Lee Minho. I really cant’s stand his acting. His last drama i watch and never finish is K-version of meteor garden and that’s it. I checked some ep of his drama with JJH but still allergic to his acting. He’s bad so i doubt he can pull off two character at the same time.
    Kim acting was also very bad in Goblin but she was great in CITT and her movies!
    I hope Kim eunsook will write a better female character and story this time just like Mr Sunshine. No more a weak, whiny, childish female character this time please.

  21. la verdad es que no entiendo porque la critican tanto a KGE, si ella se ha ganado el lugar con esfuerzo y dedicación y por eso ahora esta en donde esta y ya dejen de criticarla y si no les gusta ella o él simplemente no vean el dorama y ya,en que les afecta pero dejen que la gente trabaje. plis

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