Arthdal Chronicles Releases Four Character Previews Running Gamut from Cutesy to Coolly Dangerous

I’m getting this stark dichotomy after watching the just released four character teaser preview for tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles. It actually helps me make sense of the wildly varied previews so far. Leads Kim Ji Won and Song Joong Ki seem to be acting in a Disney version of a sageuk complete with perfectly applied face paint, artfully curled hair, and bucholic innocent interactions. While second leads Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ok Bin are acting in the HBO version of a sageuk with dark night scenes of danger and intrigue, dark eyeliner paired with sexy interactions, and seething intensity to survive or die in a world seeped in danger. I’m so onboard with the latter while the former should be the emotional core of the story but so far it’s not hooking me one bit.

Character previews for Arthdal Chronicles:


Arthdal Chronicles Releases Four Character Previews Running Gamut from Cutesy to Coolly Dangerous — 10 Comments

  1. Same. There’s nothing really interesting in this. IDK if it’s just me. Before we saw the preview everybody was like this’ll shatter all ratings record. Now that it’s airing in a week and all we see is this…I’m not so sure

  2. I actually excited for this. I don’t think they will keep the intensity and action for the whole 18 episode. Hopefully, once that happen, it’s just worth the wait.

  3. Since when jang dong gun become second lead and Kim ji won become lead? Please correct that info. If you’ve seen Arthdal’s poster,you’ll know whose name appear first.

    • How do they hype it?, they are promoting it normally just like other dramas, and promotion usually more when its a week before the showing,tvn is actually behind releasing official video,maybe u mistaken hyping fr post of fans.

  4. i have a feeling this drama will fall flat. big names don’t always guarantee success, but i hope I’m wrong

  5. Wanna bet? This drama will be flop because trailer and poster doesn’t look good and cheaper poster like hwayugi drama. 1st will get 4% rating.

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