Kim Yoo Jung Drops First Short Hair Pictorial for Nylon Magazine

K-actress Kim Yoo Jung first debuted her dramatic hair cut from forever long to manic pixie last month at the airport jetting out of Korea. Looks like she made a stop in Macau because Nylon just released her new pictorial with Fila shot with certain iconic backdrops, and at first glance I thought she shot the pictorial in Las Vegas as well because of the same hotel chains. She’s doing her best to present the Fila brand clothing, shoes, and accessories, projecting a warm youthful image that could convince young ladies of her generation to purchase the styles for a comfortably stylish travel jaunt.


Kim Yoo Jung Drops First Short Hair Pictorial for Nylon Magazine — 21 Comments

  1. I like her photos in June Nylon Magazine. Short hair also suit Kim Yoo Jung- Beautiful, fresh and youthful.

  2. Omg she grows up to be a breathtakingly stunning lady. You should watch Kim Jae Hwan’s new mv as well. Yoo Jung is stealing hearts left and right.

  3. She is has ugly smile. She might be beautiful but doesn’t have aura like sohyun unni. Sohyun is more poised and feminine

  4. I like kim so hyun but when it comes to beauty or acting she will always play a second fiddle to Kim Yoo Jung just like she in the moon embracing the sun. As for her smile it is the brightest and prettiest smile in the industry with a sunshine like personality all her directors and costars can’t stop gushing about.

    • second fiddle? LOL. Are you comparing when they were children? hahaha… what a joke! Any child actor can play those roles. As adults, they are now of equal status, no more no less. Are you trying to stir a fan war again here? Stupid.

  5. Why is this troll bringing up Kim so hunt’s name here. Or is she really her fan I feel like she will only bring her abuse for trying to put down Kim yoo jung

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