Eric and Jung Yumi in Talks to Remake Their Own Cult Fave 2007 K-drama Que Sera Sera

Woah baby, now this is something new for once I haven’t seen before in K-drama land. There is a remake of the 2007 dysfunctional romance K-drama Que Sera Sera in the works and the production is in talks with original leads Eric and Jung Yumi to star! That’s crazy, not only trying to remake QSS and recapture all the heat that made the original so good, but bringing back the OG duo 12 years later to recreate the magic again. Originally the news said it was the sequel or season 2 to QSS that was in the works, but later the production clarified that it was a remake. I’m all for it, especially with how awesome Eric and Jung Yumi continue to be as an onscreen couple as evidenced by their reunion in Discovery of Love five years ago.


Eric and Jung Yumi in Talks to Remake Their Own Cult Fave 2007 K-drama Que Sera Sera — 26 Comments

  1. I never heard of something like this before. That’s so funny, interesting lol
    If this pushes through, the main leads will be competing with their old self hahaha has their acting improved since the original. This is insane lol

  2. It’ll give her hairdo a chance at redemption! The stylist did her wrong in QSS.

    The acting from both leads in the original was great… the second leads not so much.

    • My be it just me but I like the hair do on her. It suits the innocent / naive kinda vibe for her character. And it’s cute too

      • I didn’t mind her hair at the beginning- but it got progressively worse.

        The last episode time-jump mullet extensions is what I’m mostly complaining about.

  3. Hell yess… My fav otp! Their chems is off the charts seriously. They feel it that’s why they reunited ?. I don’t think their chems will be as hot as orogonal. Even so if they are Just can bring back the feels i will be grateful. , it will be officially 2019 will be my fav years ever in my years of watching korean drama.

  4. I know this is off topic, but I’m honestly surprised Koala hasn’t posted anything about Arthdal on here since it premiered last weekend. Dramabeans is recapping it so I got my fix there, but I expected at least one lost on here after the numerous posts on its teasers and pre-premiere news. Anyway, I absolutely love it. Won’t compare it to something like GOT as I think it’s solidly Korean in its sensibilities. I like the chemistry between the actors and characters and they’ve done a great job in identifying those you want to root for, those you can’t wait to learn more about, and those you absolutely hate. Pretty rich world building so far. I’m just glad it’s on Netflix and I don’t have to wait for it to be translated on other sights. Can’t wait for the next episode. Hope there’s some post about it soon.

    • Sorry to dampen your excitement but I find it boring. No doubt it featured gorgeous cinematography but apart from that, I was less thrilled about it. I dislike JDG because he broke the initial great interpretation by the actor who played younger Ta Gon and the moment SJK made appearance, I feel like watching K-version of “The Jungle Book”. Decided to drop it after wasting my time with 2 hpurs of snooze-inducing episodes. Such a shame cause I have great expectation on it since this helmed by PD Kim who churned quite a number of my faves.

    • Me too i had low expectations post those terrible posters, But I genuinely like it. Looking forward to next episode.

    • I guess she is waiting for the first 4 episode to post her reviews. Overall its well executed but editing could be better,I don’t understands why Knetz are complaining? I thought cgi and props except that skull one was fine. I think it gonna have same fate like scarlet heart, loved by international fans but panned by Knetz. Hope I am proven wrong.

      • Didn’t know knetz complained about it. I can understand if fantasy isn’t popular there, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Oh well. At least it’s a Netflix show too so hopefully it does well enough for a second season if that’s needed.

    • Netizens don’t like it and they love fantasy. I get the complaints because the show looks cheap and the world building is a copy paste of every pre historic movie with GOT elements thrown in for extra measure. It doesn’t live up to the hype but unfortunately it already has 3 series but thankfully they all end this year itself.

  5. Eric-Yumi always be one of the best on screen couple. Two projects they did and always gave great performances. I hope it’s not a remake but a new season because the old one had open ending. If they agree, then I believe the two actors have strong bond that they enjoy working together.

  6. I literally scream when seeing this headline!

    OMG, QSS is one of the rare hard-to-define type of dramas that left a long lasting impression. I still go back to rewatch certain parts every now and then, especially the ending which gives me a 過盡千帆 feel. The raw emotion and energy that Eric and JYM bring to this drama is the essential factor and charm that make it unforgettable.

    With a remake and both actors becoming older and wiser, just wonder what different treatment may be in store – for example, the ‘greenness’ of JYM’s character is what makes this story believable. Looking forward to a remake (as opposed to a sequel as I believe they would have their happily ever after by the end of the original drama).

  7. I swear they Eric – Yumi are secretly competing for the most reunited onscreen couple. Please accept this!! I’m also hoping for great sound tracks that QSS had

    • Eric – Yumi have this quirky couple vibe which is fun to watch. I wouldn’t mind a 4th round after this either.

  8. One of my favourite dramas , same year as “coffee prince”, “9end 2 outs” “capital sacndal” and “surgeon Bong Dal hee”. i have all dvds of thèses dramas and i still Watch it from time to time. ” Que sera, sera” had a special aura , i love it. Younger ones, Watch the classic dramas ! It’s good sometimes to travel with the time machine!

  9. They both have undeniable sizzling chemistry on screen. I am surprised they never dated. I thought he is now married though. I wonder if the chemistry will still be there or if the will hold back.
    Jung Yumi always seem to have good chemistry with all of her leads though.

    • I also think both has great chemistry compared to their female/ male leads ans secretly hoping they dated. Even when fans shipped him with Seo Hyun Jin’s Oh Hae Young, the chemistry on/off screen is way better with Yumi. Eric is now being a married man. Will see whether he still can deliver the sexy wild Kang Tae Joo.

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