Singer Jang Jae In Blasts New Boyfriend Nam Tae Hyun as a Lying Cheater

I think of this post as a public service, much like what motivated singer Jang Jae In to go public in the first place, but she probably was super angry and needed to vent as well. She was in the news two months ago in April after rumors of her dating her variety show costar singer Nam Tae Hyun. Their agencies confirmed it but now two months later she’s imploded the entire short relationship. She posted on her SNS that Nam Tae Hyun cheated on her after he tried to woo another Star A and lied that he was broken up with Jang Jae In already. Star A reached out to Jang Jae In and the two ladies realized Nam Tae Hyun was playing them especially after Jang Jae In was given his text messages with Star A. Jang Jae In further explained that Nam Tae Hyun admitted to their relationship without her consent and forced her agency to admit it too. He’s such a major scuzzbucket, and looks super grody too so I don’t know how any woman in her right mind would ever be attracted to him. Hopefully after this the ladies in K-ent will steer far away from this dipshit.


Singer Jang Jae In Blasts New Boyfriend Nam Tae Hyun as a Lying Cheater — 1 Comment

  1. She’s pretty brave to do this, given that she is a celebrity and her industry is so image-obsessed, but frankly she deserves praise for exposing the cheater. Both women are better off without this jerk in their lives.

    (I firsr thought he cheated with someone who knew about him being already in a relationship but he lied to the other woman too? The nerve of him….)

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