Gong Yoo Does Hobo Chic at Louis Vuitton Show in Paris

I find it a feat of impossibility that French fashion house Louis Vuitton managed to turn K-actor Gong Yoo into a hobo, and one whose hobo-ness was accomplished by wearing a much too large suit. Gong Yoo is one of the tallest male actors in K-ent and he is literally swimming in his suit, and the second layer and too long pant legs make it worse. He’s still charming and handsome but the outfit makes him looking trying too hard when his style is really big goofy boy grown up. Oh wells, at least he seems to be having a great time and also gave us another reminder of his very polite manner legs this time in knee bent formation.


Gong Yoo Does Hobo Chic at Louis Vuitton Show in Paris — 5 Comments

  1. I’m not feeling the outfit but OMG Gong Yoo is so handsome. His smile is so dam cute. Love love him. I hope he can collaborate in a drama with Han Ji Min soon. Will wait for that day to happen.

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