Ji Sung Sends Refreshment Truck to the Set of MBC Drama Spring Night to Support Han Ji Min

K-actress Han Ji Min is on such a roll it’s like she’s driving a Porsche and everyone else around her is in a Pinto. It’s a three-peat for this veteran actress as her acting in currently airing MBC drama Spring Night is deservingly garnering positive reviews, this on top of her last bravura performance in the tearjerking Dazzling (The Light in Your Eyes) and before that the heartwarming Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife). Three totally different dramas and totally different roles and she’s knocked it out of the park in each. It’s almost like she’s giving a F-U to me and anyone else who said she was simply an awful actress, hard stop, after Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Mea culpa to the talented Ms. Han, that drama was the exception, her growing impressiveness is the real deal. I’m loving even more the support she just got from KW costar Ji Sung who sent his drama wifey a refreshment truck to the set of Spring Night in support. Heart, heart, heart! I’m also loving Spring Night now after yawning through the first two episodes, the two leads are written beautifully nuanced and the slow burn a satisfying meal to partake.


Ji Sung Sends Refreshment Truck to the Set of MBC Drama Spring Night to Support Han Ji Min — 16 Comments

  1. I was so fond of Jung Hae In and actually defended him when he made mistake standing in the middle during the award ceremony. But this drama, i am really losing taste on him. He exactly copied his drama Something in the rain with this role which gave him fame. He is trying for another 15 minutes of fame.

    • I don’t agree. The PD and the writer are the same and yes they tell a story that show some flaws in the society. But this time, the themes are different and so the characters.Jung Hae Ing acts very well this character and you can see the differences between Jiho and Joon Hee.

  2. I love everything in this drama! The dialogues, the way it’s filmed, the songs, the characters, the different relationships! Both Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In are great in their role. She didn’t chose an easy role to play, but I love her character! She stands for herself and it’s refreshing to see 🙂

  3. I really love this drama. I love SITR too that dwindles in the 2nd half. The director and the writer must have taken notes on what they did wrong in SITR. This is really well written. The characters feels so real. Thus far, the best romance drama in a long time. It feels so real.

  4. This drama is a work of art and deserves much higher ratings. This would be pulling 20% if it aired a few years earlier but the drama ratings recently struggle to cross 10%. Even cable isn’t doing well recently.

  5. Oh I love jisung and han jimin, I watched my familiar wife, its kinda predictable but their acting is superb. Really want to watch spring night, but jung hae in is such a turn off. Really, can he stop doing media play.

    • Media play? He ought his success to his work. He started his career with small roles, then second roles and now he’s a lead. Pretty Noona was a big success in Korea and gained fame for this. I don’t see where is the issue when an actor gain his fame by being good at acting.

      • Nah, I just found out an article said jung haein is compating in popularity with park bogum, before that he dragging park seojon in his article. He always dragging other actors to make him look bigger. Of course I dont have any problem with his acting, but that kind of article is totally a turn off for me. Eveything about him look so fake.

      • He’s on the top 5 for buzz since One Spring Night starts, it’s not media play.

        And he’s not him who want to be compared.

  6. I love this drama! Han Ji Min’s acting is elegant and on point. First time to watch a full length Jung Hae In Drama though so still reserving judgement ?

    • Me too.. first Jung Hae In drama that I could watch at full length. This drama is really good.

      Those who have experienced real relationship could emphatize more with the characters of this drama. The writer is really doing a great job and how the director is doing in this drama complements that.

      I must say Jung Hae In is doing a great job in conveying Jiho considering this is just his second lead role. He improved alot from SITR. I didn’t catch him much in While You Were Sleeping as I dropped that drama half way through.

      Of course, HJM.. she is a veteran. She has been doing great in her more recents dramas.

  7. I like HJM a lot in Dazzling. Tried to watch this one just for her but really cannot swallow even 15 minutes of it, the music is a total turn-off for me, pace of story is too slow ? I will wait for her next drama ?

  8. I super duper agree. Han ji min is on a roll. Loving her 3rd drama in a row. One of those melodramas that you can’t wait every week to watch. And you need to watch it a couple of times and it is still good. Han ji min’s choice of projects is just so good. There’s variety, comedy, drama, combination and she is nailing every role. Love her more and more.

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