OTP Attraction Spills Over in Episode 4 of Before We Get Married with Annoying Exes Even more Annoying

I don’t think TW-drama Before We Get Married is making any statement about cheating being wrong or okay in certain cases. It’s purely about letting two beautiful people wildly attracted to each other try to keep apart and failing miserably, because there isn’t the right reasons to stay with their current partners. Ke Huan’s girlfriend manages to out-cray cray herself in her deluded insistence that all is well in their relationship and they are totally on their way to getting married and having babies and everything is JUST FINE OK!

I love her little sister who is watching like a sane third party and incredulous as the level of dysfunction like we viewers are. Wei Wei’s in less of a clear cut case of relationship not gonna work in the long run telegraphing but man is her boyfriend-now-fiancee Hao Yi or 3-2-1 (hahaha, love Ke Huan’s nickname for him) the dullest man in dulleville. Honestly these two should not get married because they are going to just fade into their white wallpaper together and disappear in their meticulously planned life. I need more Ke Huan-Wei Wei hotness because only then do they come alive and we viewers can root for that over zombie relationships.


OTP Attraction Spills Over in Episode 4 of Before We Get Married with Annoying Exes Even more Annoying — 12 Comments

  1. Tonight is ep 5 and as i watched the preview, i could tell that both of them would step on the new level of their relationship. I like how ke huan finally left his unhealthy and stressful relationship. I dont get his ex… I cant wait to see her stop lying to herself and dhow her true color.

    Wei wei is just a normal girl who wants a stable relationship and future. So no wonder if she accepted her bf proposal. But girl, you’ll realize later that love is fading away. The only thing she is holding right now is a unclear commitment. Sigh.

    Can’t hardly wait for tonight’s episode.

  2. I’m so glad Koala is enjoying this drama because I’m obsessed!

    I’m glad they’re taking things slow because you can really see how conflicted Wei Wei and Ke Huan are as their connection grows & at the same time, the audience can see and understand the imperfections of their current relationships with other people…but dangg do I wanna see WW & KH get all that steam OFF because whew do they have such sizzling chemistry!! Definitely an upgrade from their last drama! They do it SO GOOD with each other.

    This is going to be such a slow and painful ride but I’m on my knees & ready! Gimme itttt!

  3. In real life, Weiwei’s boyfriend is quite a good catch. He’s very stable and he seems like a good person so far. They bought a house and he immediately proposed. Some viewers call him controlling, but I don’t think he is. He is just very cautious. He is willing to make sacrifices to ensure his future wife and family a good life. Kehuan on the other hand, is just trouble. He’s obviously unhappy with his current “girlfriend” but somehow is unable to break it off. I find this very strange. In real life, I would worry that he’s rebounding with Weiwei and just using her to finally break up with his girlfriend once and for all. Weiwei’s character is quite relatable and I totally empathize with her. I think she earnestly loved her boyfriend, but it was a stable smooth sailing romance with a lot of stability but lacking in excitement. She didn’t think much of it until Kehuan planted that seed of doubt in her head and now she can’t shake off the feeling that she might be missing out on something. She’s torn between the love and commitment she’s made toward her boyfriend and frankly, the carnalistic excitement that Kehuan brought. Clearly Weiwei and Kehuan are attracted to each other but I wouldn’t call it love. I like the show for the fact that the characters are multilayered and complex. I still don’t understand why Kehuan can’t break up with the ridiculous girlfriend. I totally see why she’s clinging on for dear life to him, though.

    • If you go search the long trailer on YT, you’ll note a crucial past incident that definitively broke the relationship between Kehuan and his girl friend a long long time ago. And it is totally understandable why KH is emotionally dead with her.

    • I have to disagree with bc although her bf seemed “dependable & nice” from the outside he’s really just a control freak & self centered. Wei Wei for the longest time just blindly went along with it Bc she thought that was the right thing to do. You can see with each ep the unraveling of their relationship & Haoyi’s flaws. Not respecting her by making decisions on his own & questioning why “all of the sudden” she is not ok with it. Not caring about how these decisions could affect her. When she had to work overtime & he didn’t bother to wait or come & get her after work when it was raining was quite telling. KH isn’t perfect but he genuinely cares about her & wants her to have a voice of her own.

    • On paper WW boyfriend looks like a good investment but there are a lot of flaws with his one track mind everything is so planned out it leaves no wiggle room and if there is room it always in his favor. The home is one example he knows he can’t afford a house like that but he still over reaches and with the help of K. it’s possible, but when does the planning stops; bigger house higher mortgage more money to save so now what children are on hold?(what about the ever ticking clock that all women have to work with, and if conception is difficult or costly what then).When do they get to enjoy it all, I’m not saying go spend it all but when do they get to relax and breathe.I don’t think H. actually influenced WW. thinking he just voice her worrys, deep down she knows she’s following the boyfriend’s plan u can see that she is frustrated with how the plan is going especially when she asked to stay overnight and he refuses. Let’s not get started on the working issues her friend brought up a valid point in him finding a new job, but why now if u know that marriage is it for the 2 then why stick to a job that doesn’t encourage a relationship.Find a new one and be open (or is he staying on the job just incase the relationship never works out,so he loses nothing and he starts planning with a new someone).To hide a relationship that long is a big deal and H. is right she is good at laying actually they r both good liars wanna beat that bites them in the butt in the future.

    • i totally get 321. I’d choose him over Kehuan anyday. He seems very good person and loyal. Their bed scene looked hot. He is more handsome and hot than Kehuan in my book. He bought a house and proposed right there and tried to be better for her wife and their future. Some flaws they could talk and reason and fix him overtime. They arent very big flaws anytime. He time and time again said they’d change their plan if anything happens like third child. There is no one perfect. Even if kehuan&weiwei get together, what is the chance they could get bored again of each other?

  4. China bought rights for this show, it premiered in Tencent and Iqiyi last night and Jasper Liu was on weibo hot search ranking this morning. with keyword “Jasper Liu’s acting skills”. I’m so proud of my boy!!!!!!

      • Yes, that keyword peaked at no.8 and lasted for about 2 hours of hot search. Although iqiyi and tencent china did cut some scenes but it’s quite a good exposure. His weibo fans gained over 27k just 1 day alone today..

  5. Guys do you know where I can find more information about the clothes that Puff wears? I’m obsessed with her white loafers in the most recent episode!

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