Park Yoochun Gets Two Year Probation and Monetary Fine for Drug Use

Seeing a star totally stripped of all artifice and accoutrements is a good reminder and underneath is just a person. And underneath a top star career spanning 15 years is now disgraced singer-actor Park Yoochun who has managed to go even lower than his sex scandal three years ago. Yoochun was released from police detention today after over two months in jail for a drug use arrest. He copped a plea and today got sentenced to two years probation and a monetary fine, a slap on the wrist perhaps but this wasn’t a widespread conspiracy nor his crime a danger to the public. He looks so worn out, dilapidated, and generally without any of the remnants of his former top star lifestyle. I hope he gets his life back on track and leave the limelight behind, there is more to life than being a celebrity.


Park Yoochun Gets Two Year Probation and Monetary Fine for Drug Use — 3 Comments

  1. Now he looks openly like a meth head. Also, ironic how he got his ass saved by skilled lawyers from the rape charges but his downfall was hard drugs. That’s probably an indication how lowly SK views women, especially sex workers. Disgusting that he got more punishment for drug use than raping 4 women.

    • But his drug use was related to messing with a chaebol rich woman with links to the highest society. I guess literally there is a difference between raping 4 not-so-rich women and screwing one very rich woman. Yes very disgusting indeed! Let’s see how the Burning Sun dudes will be punished…

  2. Have no intention to justify Yoochun’s behavior however, Alcohol (ETOH) is… of the worst drugs known to society and yet ETOH is celebrated in Korea. Would love to know the statistics regarding liver cirrhosis and other medical conditions that are related to alcohol, in addition to how many of the large number of fatal driving accidents and suicide victims in Korea have ETOH in their system. Drug abuse is still drug abuse, no matter which drug is used. Such a hypocritical society.

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