Temptation Becomes Real Emotional Attachment in Episodes 5-6 of TW-drama Before We Get Married

Sorry for skipping out last week on my commentary for currently airing Friday night TW-drama Before We Get Married. It’s my crackiest of crack dramas going on right now but the last two episodes were slower and denser than usual so I’m glad my busy life delay led to reviewing it together because it feels like a 1-2 punch. Ke Huan finally broke up with Zi Yuan and everyone other than the insane Zi Yuan is happy about it, especially the younger sister who is on pace to be my favorite character of the entire drama. The breakup leads Ke Huan to finally pursue Wei Wei in earnest but really it’s all about being her white knight and I can’t help but heart break for both of them. Him for finally meeting a woman he wants to go all in for except she’s taken already, and her for finally feeling more than comfortable complacency with a man who gets all her angry/frustrated/happy juices flowing.


Temptation Becomes Real Emotional Attachment in Episodes 5-6 of TW-drama Before We Get Married — 19 Comments

  1. I am obsessed with this show. I don’t think I’ve rewatched anything as often since Healer.

    I watch it raw, then partially subbed, then fully subbed. My life is turning into a bigger mess than Wei Wei’s because of this show.

    I’m just dying for them to get together but actually admire her strong desire to be faithful. I’m in my 30s and married so I know temptation comes in life- you can’t chase every person you have chemistry with. And he was so intense and aggressive and taken in the first few episodes. It’s understandable that she’s conflicted…

    The cast, music, everything. It’s like the whole is greater than it’s parts. Her bestie is my favorite drama character ever. Kefei is loyal and bold- a ride or die friend who really wants Wei Wei to be happy.

    • No. The lead and her boyfriend have their lives planned out, but he hasn’t officially asked her to marry him.

      • Actually he did ask her to marry him, but he sort of postponed the wedding because of his busy new job.

      • I was assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that they were asking about her status at the beginning of the drama. There are so many comments about people not watching because it is a “cheating” drama on MDL. But yeah she is now officially engaged though looks like it might not last long.

      • Thank you for the reply. I actually dont want to watch it since I thought she’s cheating on her husband. But.. she’s not married yet? Whoaaa… dating (or engage) is the time to change one mind before marriage.. lol. I’ll watch this one when it’s done airing.

  2. Ok it’s been a long time since i’ve personally read the word “crack drama” on here…i need to check this out because we seem to have similar drama tastes and I miss having crack dramas SO MUCH

  3. I think the next 2 episodes are going to be key. I can’t handle multiple episodes of her being in denial, but so far the drama has handled quite well the onset of doubts and I think the upcoming realization that things are very wrong in her stolid relationship. I mean he planted the seed of doubt and it has taken root.

    I agree about the little sister. I’d be happy for her to get her own drama or at least a greater storyline in this drama.

    • Agreed! I’m nervous that they’ll spend the next 2-4 episodes circling the same plot points over and over. It’s started so fast and intense – I don’t want it to get draggy.

      I hope Wei Wei will recognize her feelings and dump 321. Let’s raise some stakes and get this plot moving. Also more kisses please. Haha.

  4. I love that scene of the younger sister trying to talk sense into Zi Yuan. I don’t think there is much more she can do as her sister just refuse to give up. But then there will be no drama if Zi Yuan doesn’t continue being insane ex GF.

  5. I love Ke Fei’s character and her “COLA” reference! Her advice to Wei Wei really hits the ground. I can see that reality is slowly coming into Wei Wei.

  6. My fave besides arthdal and search www.

    This drama is soooo good. Some people compared this one to kdrama, one spring night, but i think, even with the same theme, 3rd party whatsoever people named it, this drama is more appealing for me.

    Kehuan is my fave character. He looks like a playboy but he seems to be more ready to settle down with his beloved one. While 321 just started to enjoy the life. He even forgot about weiwei. Duh.

    Cant wait for the next episode. Fridaaaaayy, yes, im waiting for you.

    Ps : jasper is serius rocking this role.fighting!

  7. THIS, and WWW are my top viewing favorites,

    Love the chemistry – though have to say plot be quite OTT overkill.
    ep 6 … seriously all the way to hospital bec she has a bad cough?!! drip and requesting a stay overnight?

  8. Also … while we seeing more of stalker ZKH and understanding the WHYs … I am also wondering if he was so solicitous of his delulu gf back then. Afterall while he plants all these seeds of doubt in Wei-wei – he’s also the same pulling all nighters himself.

    Wei-wei – one confused person.
    321 is as dull as ditchwater, and prob f–ks to a metronome.
    BUT he’s not a bad dude. And he’s started a new job, which is way more responsibility, autonomy and pays better.

    So her self-pitying feeling woe is me lonely is NOT sitting down well on me, plot wise.
    Girl,you’re an independent woman … go do something, please.

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