Jo In Sung in Talks for New Noh Hee Kyung Penned Drama After Doing It’s Okay, It’s Love and That Winter, the Wind Blows with Her

Three time will once again be the charm, I’m confident of it, with the reported reunion of K-actor Jo In Sung with his now drama muse screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung. Or maybe he’s her muse, because the two have done two well-received dramas together already and is in talks for another collaboration. They first worked together in That Winter, the Wind Blows, and adaptation of a Japanese dorama and also earlier made into a K-movie. My fave was their second go-around in It’s Okay, It’s Love, perfect in every way and so beautifully crafted as a normalization of people with mental illness in a society that still doesn’t talk about it like it does with a physical condition. No word yet on what this upcoming drama is about but I’m all ready to “take my money and gimme!” with these two, and also in talks is supporting actor Bae Seung Woo to join the cast.


Jo In Sung in Talks for New Noh Hee Kyung Penned Drama After Doing It’s Okay, It’s Love and That Winter, the Wind Blows with Her — 13 Comments

    • Kim Tae Ri, Kim Go Eun, Park So Dam are everywhere.
      They are good but I don’t mind someone else.
      Maybe someone who is good but hasn’t had a good breakout role.

      • How are they everywhere? KTR has only 1 drama, PSD has 2 and KGE just signed her 3rd drama. They hardly have 6 dramas between them where did you see them everywhere? I’m with OP KTR would be the perfect choice for this drama.

    • I seriously love “That Winter, The Wind Blows”.
      I just hope that 1 day, Ms. Noh will open her heart to give a change to other actor/actress. ?

  1. I’m so jealous for everyone’s fave that get a good writer. My fave is just a B-class actor in Korea that I think he’ll never get an A-class writer :/

  2. I don’t understand the appeal he has to Noh Hee Kyung. I’m not a fan of his acting honestly. But maybe NHK saw something in him of what I don’t see it yet. But sigh… Good luck then.

    • I think his acting is bad speacially in his movies but NHK makes him shine. I think it’s bacause NHK likes him as a person. On the other hand he seems to work only in NHK’s dramas. I wonder how would he fare outside her dramas.

  3. She is known to cast actors who were previously on her dramas. Jo In-Sung was also in “Dear My Friends” as a supporting character. I don’t really like the actor, but okay.

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