Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin to Film K-drama Crashed Landed Love in Switzerland

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are getting their passports ready as they are headed to Switzerland to film the overseas portion of their upcoming K-drama Crash Landed Love (Love’s Crash Landing). I’m not sure what Switzerland is supposed to play in the drama – it’s either going to actually be Switzerland or the Swiss countryside a stand in for the North Korean countryside? It could legit be either since the drama is about Son Ye Jin’s rich South Korean heiress who para-glides into North Korea due to high winds and lands there. She encounters a North Korean officer played by Hyun Bin who protects and falls in love with her, but of course. Rounding out the cast is Seo Ji Hye as a North Korean rich songstress and Kim Jung Hyun as a rich South Korean businessman, dang is no one in this drama poor lol. Those in Switzerland at the end of August to middle of September can keep your eyes peeled for Binnie and Son Ye Jin sightings.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin to Film K-drama Crashed Landed Love in Switzerland — 11 Comments

  1. Well it’s a funny-sounding premise for a drama

    But no weirder than “400 year old alien falls for a top Hallyu actress”, lol. If this writer can make that work, then she can make this work too, with the right cast.

  2. Waiting to see Hyun Bin soon. I hope the drama is good because I love Switzerland. I’m really into the plot but still waiting.

  3. I’m very curious about where they will film! I guess it will be not near my town… But it’s true that we don’t lack mountains in this country :p

  4. I’m looking forward to Kim Jung Hyun and his return to Dramaland after his sudden exit last year. Okay I’ll be honest who the hell goes paragliding into North Korea unless you have a death wish? I want to laugh at the premise of this storyline but I won’t. It’s got HB so triple yes to that and SYJ as well what could possibly go wrong? Please can the script be good from start to finish for the talent that’s been secured?

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