Hotel Del Luna Breaks 12% Ratings in Satisfying Final Episode and Denies Planning Second Season

The best K-dramas are the ones with a well-told story and a satisfying ending. It has to have both and after finishing Hotel Del Luna this weekend I believe it achieves that mark and viewers agree, piling on the eyeballs for the final episode 16 to help it reach 12.001% ratings. The story was ultimately all about the ghostly management staff at the hotel and I cried for each of them, from the noble scholar turned bartender waiting to clear his name to the goofy student bellhop waiting for his sister to the heartbreaking housekeeping manager seeking waiting to see a family die out. IU‘s Man Wol already got her release two episodes back when she sent first love Chung Myung off to reincarnate so the final two episodes were about wrapping up all the other stories and did so marvelously. So happy the Hong Sisters can write cohesively once again! I never felt the shivery romance element between the OTP but I believed they loved each other, but more like Man Wol loved Yeon Woo I got the same vibe in her love for Chan Sung, committed but not electric. So I didn’t care if they got together in the end in some reincarnated or magical way, I thought the journey was complete when Chan Sung and Man Wol got to experience love together and do all the right things to help those around them. All in all, a wonderful drama and a total recommend from me!


Hotel Del Luna Breaks 12% Ratings in Satisfying Final Episode and Denies Planning Second Season — 19 Comments

  1. Hong sisters redeem their status. HDL script is very well written. I enjoy all the side stories as much as the main one. All cast act so well. Good Job ??

  2. It was a gender reversed Goblin till the end but much better than their last two dramas. Still I would they are uneven writers and I won’t put too much hope into their next work. IU was the star of the show and they wrote her that way it was great to watch.

    • This has been my fav from the Hong sisters. IU is spot on as Jang Man Wol and the combination of horror, romcom, melo are just perfect. I am still sad of the ending since I sincerely hoped for a HE though I do agree it’s the best way to close out the story..

  3. Hong sisters, IU and the hotel trio is what kept this drama worth watching. Everything else was mediocre and unimaginative. The past plot had potential but they wasted it and the chemistry between MW and CM.

    • Hong sisters……unimaginative… Do you know who the writers of this drama are? Who are the unimaginative ones?? Please clarify.

  4. I really liked this drama. It was very interesting to see how the side stories were there for the main plot like the writer who helped the bartender at the end. All the details have a specific place in the story.

    For the love story, I really liked it. It was a beautiful one based on trust and honest. Their bickering was so fun to watch!

  5. I think hong sister drama is no longer my think. I was bored. Well at least Yeo Jin Goo get to experience a high rating drama twice this year and IU got public acceptance as a worthy leading lady.

  6. Hotel del Luna is love! The last time I got hooked to a drama was way back with Goblin. I would like to see a sequel with Kim Soo Hyun and a prequel with Man Wol, Chung Myung, and Yeon Woo.

  7. Hong sisters still haven’t found their touch and the plot was copied from several different dramas with a neatly tied up non ending but I did enjoy iu and her fashion parade. Hotel del luna didn’t have much else to offer.

  8. I loved it. It had such realistic human centric + life learnings embedded in the ghost/fantasy settings. The plot, characters, side stories (and production) were all well written, cohesive and all tied together beautifully. Add to that the strong leads, cast and crew – everything was pretty solid. The fashion was incredible too. Many people didn’t like the OTP chemistry but in my view, they were refreshing and set a new K drama OTP relationship standard (honest communication, trust and complete faith! No noble idiocy and petty misunderstandings). I have seen all of the Hong sisters’ dramas and this by far is their best.

  9. I didn’t plan to Watch this one but i did and i don’t regret it . Happy to see that Hong sisters did a good job after their “failed last projects” .The actors were well cast. But i miss their old touch. Un je ne sais quoi. Now i’m watching Graceful family, and it’s addictive… another one that wasn’t on my list !

  10. I really enjoyed this drama! While, I know there have been some duds…Hong Sisters’ dramas have been some of my favorite Drama crack for the past decade! From My Girl to You’re Beautiful…from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (which I watched again recently and still enjoyed) to Masters Sun…Best Love to HDL! I really appreciate their talent and without their dramas…I probably would never have gotten into, and stayed into Korean Dramas.

  11. Hong Sisters excel at ghost stories. Like others have said, the chemistry between Chan Sung and Man Wol was not electric but more sibling-like so her leaving him and he dreaming of her is the best way to end the story. If they do a second season and Kim Soo Hyun stars in it, then I hope it has some gangster like elements in it. That cameo by KSH was gold!

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