First Teaser for The Tale of Nokdu Plays Up Male Lead Jang Dong Yoon’s Pretty Disguise and Manly Stares

Every rising actor and actress needs a breakout role to vault to the next level and if all goes as well as it looks in previews Jang Dong Yoon is about to become a bona fide K-drama male lead for life thanks to upcoming KBS sageuk The Tale of Nokdu. He may mess it up if his acting isn’t up to par but from what I saw in A Poem a Day he’s got plenty of potential.  Female lead Kim So Hyun is already an established star and I would love for her male lead in this drama to be on par with her and the two just shoot sparks all over the place so we audiences win in the end with a great onscreen pairing. The first teaser is out and is Jang Dong Yoon-centric since he plays the flashier character being a warrior in training cross dressing as a woman to avoid an arranged marriage. He’s simultaneously very pretty but still has that masculine intensity when he looks at Kim So Hyun. I’m swooning already.

Teaser for The Tale of Nokdu:


First Teaser for The Tale of Nokdu Plays Up Male Lead Jang Dong Yoon’s Pretty Disguise and Manly Stares — 20 Comments

  1. The teaser sure looks like fun, I just hope it doesn’t go like overboard silly and that the drama overall is balanced and nuanced.

    I hope the next teaser it’s more so Hyun centric. Although she’s an established star, she hasn’t had like a big universal hit work in her belt. I hope it would be sooner than later because she works so hard and deserves more recognition. I hope her next work after this is more female lead centric like she was in love alarm, page turner, and school 2015. Miss granny if that is still happening sounds like a good vehicle.

    • I feel it’s getting harder to have a big Pan Asia hit these days because of changes in viewing habits and maybe political conditions. Even Hotel del Luna to me personally wasn’t as big a hit as I thought it was going to be and this is despite me enjoying the drama a lot. I think Sohyun has built up her credentials very solidly and more importantly proven her acting versatility and ability to carry dramas. I’m wishing for her to get her big hit as well but I think I’m also satisfied by how solidly she’s established herself and her fan base. I’d love to see more female centric roles for her as well and I’m sure she’d excel at it. Till then I’m enjoying this teaser a lot.

      • @Misty Everything you’ve said I’m wholly in agreement with. Its so hard to get good numbers on television these days and even a gem like OSN didn’t manage to break 10% makes me sad. That said I think critical appraisal and audience approval is more relevant these days then just big numbers. KSH has always been praised by both critics and audiences alike for not just her acting but her overall wholesome personality. With or without a big hit her status as one of the most in demand actress in SK will continue especially now that love alarm has been a big success. Her decision to set up an independent label was one of the best career moves shes made but whats amazing is the star power and reliability she had at just 17 to be able to do that. I’m most satisfied with the fact that they cast JDY in this drama because hes a great fit for the role and his acting has always amazed me. Like @Janeaul said he doesn’t pick easy roles and neither does KSH so the combination works very well in my opinion.

    • Love alarm is a huge hit and not just in korea netflix hasn’t released the official stats yet but they’ve already stated its had a very strong positive response. So hyun is managing her career fine and there we all know how massive her popularity is. When she gets older there’ll be more opportunity for her to do different multifaceted darker roles so she should do all the lighter fun roles right now because I know i’ll miss them. 🙂

  2. He won best new actor in KBS drama award last year thanks to Just Dance and deservely so… He can create believable chemistry with his costar too. His chemistry with Park Se Wan is off the chart and feels natural. Even if this drama just a cross dressing sageuk, I believe we will having fun! Can’t wait.

    • I love Jang Dong Yoon his acting style is very natural and grounded which is why I think Kim So Hyun is a perfect match for him. I seem them as being complimentary to each other and if this teaser is anything to go by the chemistry is going to be something we can indulge and enjoy. Its always great when your two favorite actors team up and you didn’t even know how badly you needed to see them together. I’m very excited to see this drama and I’ll be rooting for it because the cast is great!

  3. You should watch him in Solomon’s Perjury (korean version), he was really great and his character was pretty difficult. All the casting did pretty well.

    I’m very excited to watch it! I love cross dressing theme! Rookie Historian is pretty disapointing for the love story part, so I have a lot hopes for this drama.

    • I was so disappointed with rookie historian as well, it was rather boring and the acting was so hyperbolic. I was hoping for it to be the next love in the moonlight :/

      • I really like the historian story part. It’s like an office drama but in a sageuk. The female historians are really great.

        But the ML, Prince Dowon, is useless in the story until now (except for the episodes outside the Palace). I don’t know understand why a heroin like GHR would fall in love with him. I prefer her scenes with Officer Min, they are more interesting.

        There are still 6 episodes for Prince Dowon to be interesting…

        I liked ECW in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty but in this one, he’s lacking charisma. His soft voice and round eyes don’t work for me.

      • That’s like the perfect description, an office drama. I agree the female lead has a purpose and is more interesting overall.

        You watched gangdem beauty as well! I loved that drama to pieces and I saw potential in ecw. Maybe it was unrealistic to have high expectations since he’s still green. His eyes need acting lessons, I feel like his eyeballs are about to pop off its sockets every time his character acts surprised LOL

    • No RGHR is sooo cute though! This looks amazing as well and a great follow up in terms of fun youth sageuks this year which I’ve sorely been missing! KSH and JDY look so cute together and the chemistry is already sparkling!

  4. This trailer is appealing to me a lot. I’m already thinking I’ll end up wanting them to reunite in a modern drama as wel because the chemistry is strong ?

  5. This is one of the few dramas in recently that has satisfied me completely with its casting. Both KSH and JDY are very good actors and have proven their versatility through their previous roles. I’d love to see JDY firmly establish his leading man roots and couldn’t have asked for a better partner then KSH to help him accomplish this. Definitely going to be watching this drama.

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