Gu Hye Sun Claims She is Refusing to Divorce Ahn Jae Hyun Because He took Her Cat

I guess K-actress/director/artist Gu Hye Sun wants to continue to air her grievances against estranged husband Ahn Jae Hyun in the public. It’s hard to ignore her since she’s posting it for all her followers on SNS to see not to mention it’s all so odd. First came the assertion that he was divorcing her because she doesn’t have sexy nipples, now she’s saying that she cannot/will not agree to divorce Ahn Jae Hyun because he took her cat. She wrote on SNS today that her cat Anju, the animal she has had the longest, Ahn Jae Hyun took after he moved out despite never taking care of the cat’s feeding or cleaning during their marriage. She posted a picture of adorable Anju and gosh I’m sad the animals are caught in the middle. I hope they figure out a path forward and despite the rather trainwreck can’t look away aspect of their divorce I still hope they take it off line.


Gu Hye Sun Claims She is Refusing to Divorce Ahn Jae Hyun Because He took Her Cat — 68 Comments

  1. This sounds like a bizarre reality show in the making.
    It makes me so sad 🙁

    That’s why I’m so skeptical of marrying. Maybe being alone is lonely but being with someone that makes you feel alone is even more lonely.

  2. I also recently read that she has announced a temporary retirement to go to school: if she has no income and finally does agree to a divorce, will she get more alimony? Conversely, if they have spousal division, will he be solely responsible for their accrued debts? One more way to trap someone who is obviously desperate to head out the door. Sometimes you just have to let the other person go. Divorce is hard, but living with a person who doesn’t want to be with you is hell for both of you!

    • Maybe that is exactly the pointe: he moved out and he wants the divorce and she wants to punish/ hold on to him by refusing to agree.

      It’s like in the play by Jean-Paul Sartre where one character exclaims “HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE” while he’s being trapped in one room for eternity with two other people (and judged by them).

  3. You left out the part that the cat is originally his from before the marriage… aka he took HIS cat when he left. She’s bananas

  4. is she on drugs? very incoherent in her posts. in a way i feel sorry for her if she has no close friend to vent but has to text to the whole world her messy issues.

  5. She needs mental health treatment- not a messaging app. This has gone from shocking, to bizarre… and now just sad.

    I feel bad for him having this messiness all over the news. I feel bad for her because I think she’s really struggling psychologically now.

  6. Her latest IG post via Soompi is now a list of rules that they decided on when they married. AJH had 11 rules to follow which he agreed to she had ‘Nothing’. Gosh she needs a friend or two to console her. She is doing more self harm mentally and emotionally with these IG posts not only to herself but to the legion of fans that are supporting her. AJH is away filming apparently and listening to his lawyer not to respond but she’s just hard out blurting away her troubles for the world to see. See it wasn’t about her nipples it was about staying married and not divorcing and keeping a cat.

    • Like I said before she will go downhill. Not Him. AJH may have to go low for awhile but in long term he is in good position. It show his brain work well.

  7. Someone should block her access to the internet. These are nothing but musings of a mentally ill person.

    More importantly someone should take her to see a shrink

  8. all of people just caught hye sun for being nuisance, mental illness or something, just because she is trying to keep her loves for her ex, i don’t know what they’re trying to prove for saying this, took aside…go divorce! then you all know how to face it normally

    • There is no way that her airing personal business and posting like this will “keep her love for her ex”. I’m not calling her mentally ill as an insult or to criticize her.

      I think she’s mentally struggling based on her irrational and compulsive behavior. It won’t get her what she wants… and it actively hurts herself. I hope she gets help and takes some private time away to heal.

    • Do people air out their dirty laundry in public? I respect that she does not want a divorce. Fine. This is her decision. But everyone here is trying to say she should not stop Texting. I hope you try to understand all the commenters here. There are divorces in my extended family, but they did not text out to the whole world!! Keeping private is a virtue really. No need to create media frenzy.

  9. So the cat was originally his and he had to agree to a set of rules while she had no rules? Sounds like she is the root of problems…not him now. Her plan really backfired.

  10. A slight correction Ockoala – THEY are not airing their dirty laundry in public – SHE is. Someone who’s close enough and loves her enough to see her not self destruct, should take away her phone, tablet or laptop and take her to a remote Caribbean island for a long vacation. Girl needs to vent and decompress in Private. These posts tell me that she doesn’t have any close friends who she can vent to, which is very sad. I remember when my close friend was going through her divorce, all I could be was a listening ear for months while she talked herself out of all the pain in her heart. Break ups are never easy, but the way she’s going about it is making her lose credibility with the public, as I had feared. Now there are more comments about her being a pathological liar and people are digging up old articles about how GHS had a reputation for lying, prior to her marriage and that she’s making a lot of contradictory statements online. Someone who loves her should do an intervention to stop her SNS usage or she’ll end up burning herself badly with all these posts.

    • There’s also something to think about. Her actions make her come across as a person who’s unlikeable and hard to get along with, so I really wonder if her bursts on SNS is because she doesn’t have friends to confide in due to her personality hence she resorts to sharing to the whole world what should have remained private.

      • yes i feel the same way. normal people will grab someone close and vent out the whole thing… a close friend is all she needs… does she have one? the more she texts the more odds against her now. the table has turned. what an ugly drama she has created.

  11. If it is his cat, surely it is his to take? To me it seems she is just finding excuses to either delay the divorce or make life difficult for him. They will reach a settlement but I think it will be him to pay her a lot.

  12. Well, I hope AJH remains silent, he doesn’t need to say anything, I think we all understand now why he wants and needs out! Poor cat! Used as an excuse for her to hold on to him, their marriage! That’s very low…so glad they have no kids, she would just use them as well to get what she wants. I thought she said farewell in one of her post, the last time she would greet her fans…why is she still posting?! She just can’t stop, that’s obsession! Please, get help and move on, and let him move on! This is getting too scary!

  13. I knew she wasn’t all there the moment she posted her marital problems on social media. There were no rumors, no speculations, no one asked yet she wouldn’t stop sharing. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the oil (attention).

  14. And now she’s accusing him of cheating with an actress from his last drama.

    So, I’m guessing it was never really about the cat…

    • Oh Yeon Seo agency is taking legal action for defamation against GHS saying that AJH and OYS are having an affair. It’s the current drama AJH is in not a previous one.

      GHS has to provide evidence now so everyone let’s wait for her to produce the cause of her distress. So it’s definitely not the nipples; nor the cat but an affair according to GHS. Tomorrow who knows what she’ll dreg up. Definitely grappling at straws now.

      Nope AJH don’t apologise and don’t give the cat back. Get a trespass order out against her she’s playing ‘Misty’ and ‘Misery’ all in one.

      • I’ve watched many dramas where a crazy second lead refuses to break up – because they “don’t accept it”. Examples: One Spring Night, Before We Get Married.

        I always wondered if it was a drama-thing or a cultural difference thing.

        In the US, you can get dumped or divorced whether you agree or not. So this whole situation is fascinating to me.

      • If that’s true I would say OYS’s agency jumped the gun but they probably are paranoid after she was caught in the We Got Married cross hairs so they want to be super clear she’s not involved

  15. Well she did say it was his cat. He has stopped talking ever since those photos from his birthday leaked because that is hard proof. Now she is saying cheated.

    Go apologize to her Mom, give her the cat, and call it a day. It’s not that hard.

    • I would never ever give MY cat to someone unstable. Especially someone I want to leave and get away from. If you care about the cat, you will not want it to go to someone who displays such crazy and scary behavior. She is just being petty, next she will ask for his socks because she’s the one who did the laundry most…she will never be satisfied because she can’t accept the divorce, him leaving her. There will always be something that he needs to give back to her just so she can have/keep a piece of him even though she is putting him through hell. That’s crazy and scary! To never know what else she’ll do/post/say about you…she needs to let it go!

      • You mean the cat he did nothing to the point they had to write a rule for it?

        The cat that was one of the pets he claimed was one of the reasons he moved out?

        I’m not saying it’s definite but it does look like he just took the cat to be petty himself but okay. The last bit is speculation

      • That’s his cat, there is nothing petty about keeping his cat with him. Would you leave your pet to an ex when you break up?! If in an abusive relationship, would you leave your pet to the abuser?! No, I would save myself and my cat! He did the right by keeping his cat and saving it from an unhealthy and toxic environment, especially if all she wants is to use his cat against him!

    • But- if he apologized to her mom, gave her his cat, paid her the daily housekeeping fee she requested… do you think she’d agree to proceed with a private dignified divorce?

      I truly don’t think so.

      • I don’t think so either. She is trying to hold on to him by any means she can think of, her sick mom, his cat…it’s pretty sad they are being used by her to try to hold on to him…and then she trashes him, if he is cheating, drinking etc., why won’t she let him go?! He cheats on me, drinks excessively, but I still want him…as someone else mentioned it’s just like kdrama second lead syndrome…”I don’t care if you don’t love me, I just want you next to me even if it’s just your shell…can’t you go with that? I know you love someone else but it doesn’t matter, just stay by my side, your empty shell is fine with me”. That’s just possession. I don’t care what you want as long as I get what I want. Argh, I’ve watched too many kdramas!

  16. She’s mentally unstable, that’s for sure.
    I’m sure Ahn Jaehyun has his own faults but I suspect that her obsessive behaviour is what drove him to it.
    Now her cray cray behaviour is apparently impacting other people like Oh Yeon-seo.
    I hope someone wakes her up and just tell her to get a divorce.

  17. Wait…did I miss the post on the photos from his birthday party with women? It verifies what she said and proves he’s as trashy as his best friend. It was a top topic when they leaked.

    • verify? gimme a break that photo can manipulated and may actually from many years ago before he got married. she was not in the photo does not mean she was not there.. geez!

      • So on Naver the knetz used his IG and the Team Leader’s IG posts to verify his outfits with the weibo photo that was posted and the story that was shared. If you read differently on Naver or Nate then okay.

    • Unless I’m missing something, when does attending a party with a group of members of another gender amount to cheating? Was he caught having sex with them? I live in the US, and if I was told that a married man attended a party with a group of women, my mind won’t automatically go to ‘he’s cheating’ unless he was caught either kissing or groping or in the bedroom with one or more of them. I’m really curious to see the so-called evidence of his cheating. I’m not defending him here, just try to understand why the words of an embittered spouse is enough to label him a cheat, a violent person, an abuser and a nipple hater. Where I come from, the spouse that accuses may have some credibility as they have lived with the person. But no one would take their words as the unvarnished truth because they may be biased, have agendas or misinterpret and misrepresent situations. That’s why other evidence is key in most cases.

      • So…where did she say he was cheating in that instance? She said he went out with other people for his birthday. I’m trying to understand where this cheating rant is coming from specific to his birthday? I asked if I missed the post about that because it was a big deal on Naver.

      • @Hipployta: I think the term “cheating” first cropped up when she posted that he went out with other people on his birthday as well as saying that he texted other women frequently (at least I think she posted both in one statement). Netizens were the ones who called it cheating, she didn’t as far as I know.

  18. Subconsciously … is she really NOT wanting a Divorce?

    While it’s so SAD she’s ungracefully talking about all this in public – WHY is she doing it? To me, it’s a subconscious attempt maybe to keep the marriage – be it a cat, or whatever.

    And it’s NOT hard to understand the resentment either. If SHE has been taking care of all the care of the cat – it’s like he cannot really be bothered about it, so WHY is he taking it?

    Divorce IS ugly, esp when it’s acrimonous. Ask the divorce lawyers – among my Singapore IP lawyer friends, they s’times laugh at the Family Law crowd and call them unethical.
    Down to the last broken flowerpot in the yard … the couple will instruct their respective lawyers to fight over it.

    Be Thankful they do NOT have any real kids to fight over

  19. I m not siding with the guy but anyone will want to get rid of such partner. My ex was posessive and he used to torture me a lot. Possessive people lopk good on tv only. At first i thoufht she was innocent but no she isnt a holy cow.
    She is acting so stupid and she is making her own life miserable. Pathetic

  20. I don’t believe she doesn’t want a divorce. I think she’s been working through the fact that she’ll divorce for the past weeks and her moods go up and down. We also don’t know what else happens between these postings of hers, so who knows, maybe he or someone from his side did/said something to her that pissed her off and so she suddenly said she wants the cat.
    The same with the published text messages. We have way too little context to judge these two harshly or call them names.
    But I do wonder where this is heading. Is this heading to court?

  21. It gets worse… Koreaboo posted the English translation of the texts between both of them. It’s not looking good for GHS in fact reading them I felt physically sick from what she wrote. It’s beyond unbelievable that she subjected AJH to so much mental and emotional abuse. I’m happy that she has her loyal supporters as she definitely needs them. Her fans should be posting positive words of encouragement to get off her mobile. She needs professional advice; an intervention anything to save face. Please help her now! Anyone? She is becoming a pariah if she isn’t already.

    And OYS good on her for taking legal action so swiftly. I’m so with her on this. AJH keep soldiering on silently the truth will be revealed in court. Stay strong and vigilant.

  22. The more she post on her Instagram, the more it shows she is so obsessed with the idea of not letting him go. She is going too far even throwing away her own reputation by saying unnecessary thing about her private life to public. Reading the chat log, it can be seen she was trying many strategies and reasons not to get divorce. Bombing in public must be the latest idea she has come up with. She is replying everything without consulting anyone, which harm her more. Please take her to psychiatrist… she really needs help to calm herself.

  23. KHS appears to an extreme control freak, who is extremely insecure, jealous and paranoid. Whether she is lying or telling the truth, her actions and extremely vindictive and destructive. I;m sure any decent man observing her behavour would not go within 10 miles of her. She is damaging her own credibility, sanity and decency, and by her own admission is a very difficult person to live with!

  24. dispatch just released their texts history, proven GHS is actually very insecure, paranoid, anxious and a control type of person. Everything has to be the way she wants or else it will be a mess. AJH thru texts I can see he does loves her but still immature. Hence, the relationship falls apart.
    Someone needs to help her, things getting out of control. As I observed before, divorce is ugly but one needs NOT to say anything about their ex-partner, because the more you talk bad, criticize your ex, the more judgment you will receive later. And it is happening now.

  25. Dispatch reveal has been translated in Koreaboo.In summary, everything seems their normal in 2018 minus that incident in October where she was annoyed at AJH missing her mothers visit. Mar-Apr 2019 she noticed that instead of concentrating on his acting project, she learns of his partying ways.She bosses him around to do chores as punishment. Then May comes where their convo opens about divorce mainly from her because she is lonely and life isn’t lived that way, which pitter patter till June.July comes and on his b-day,he parties and this time he is the one raising the divorce issue. She then raises about trust issues because she doesn’t know where he is and what and also question where did his love go. Then on 25th, she doesn’t agree to divorce. She changed her mind on 28th and 29th started negotiating the terms. Until August they are still negotiating. On 9th of Aug, the talk between him and the CEO started with her questioning why he went home and she’s annoyed because GHS texted her about a rumour. Aug 18, is when she started the whole instagram debacle.

    She has been telling the truth all along and now we get a little bit of details. I specially find the message between the CEO and him interesting. You guys read it. I am reading it as GHS addressing the alleged cheating. Which she released few days ago.If Anju was taken back in Aug, why say something until Sept. and this alleged cheating.

    • Why left the part of how she keeps asking more money from him, even when he is on red just to get divorce ….. but baaam! Money isn’t enough, she needs more things.

      Why left the part when she talk about her reputation when he never threaten anything nor planning to slander her

      Why also left the part when she wants to not be the reason of his depression while he beg her to let him go?

      See, ahj is no saint but he does look appear to be the victim and not because what he shown, because what she started and all the misconstructed words she uswd to pain him as “bad husband” and “cheater” without any real prove.
      She is all talk yet still able to ruin so many lives, wonder why she get that kind of support

      • As I said this is summary. If you want details, I told you where(Koreaboo)to go.
        From 29th of July until 7th of Aug, the text were about what was her terms/demands for divorce. I call that “negotiating”. Now if her terms/condition is fair or not, I am not involved party. I was only after if her claims/said has truth in it or validity. I didn’t want to discuss about “fairness” of the terms/demand. It would make my post longer than it has to.

      • @3out of 10 Oh and to demand all the payments she is owed by him to repay it all back! That hit me when she had a list of what she believed she was entitled to during the marriage with the amounts and oh the part to leave the house naked? GHS was the control freak in that marriage and right now she is being painted as a psychological liar. @LazyCumber yes if you are reading the posts it does show GHS negotiating however that is between two people surely you can read AJH didn’t have a part in that exchange as she was dictating the conditions to him. I get that you’re wanting to show her up as being fair and diplomatic but the texts prove otherwise. She was a terrible manipulative calculating wanton of a human inflicting mental and emotional abuse upon AJH. I’m relieved he escaped with Anju the cat.

      • @Ginger Crunch, he mostly agreed to every demand of hers, that is negotiating. I don’t know why he didn’t raise any reluctance or objections and that probably made the list longer because he said yes so easily. I don’t know where I said she’s fair and diplomatic.

      • @LazyCumber AJH reluctance to argue against GHS shows how he wanted to keep the peace and agree to all her demands. Even a blind man could see that. It’s obvious she’s manipulative and downright a psycho with ‘Let’s divorce’ to ‘I don’t want a divorce’…I’m glad that you are drawing comparisons and justifying her narrative but the majority of comments here and on Soompi are drawing their own conclusions. She’s mentally unwell and needs psychological help. And please I know you didn’t use the words fair and diplomatic I used them to describe how your approach is to her ramblings. AJH did right by moving out to escape her deranged clutches. Ewww… and she’s still posting.

      • @Lazy cucumber

        Negotiating? It’s him who negotiate, she is just asking and asking, demanding to be the one who isn’t wrong.
        She refused to answer his phone and adding demands from the divorce.
        How many times he needs to say sorry, how many text when he said “okay, alright, I got it” to her demanding attitude.

        What about slander or social media about him?
        That you call negotiating?
        It’s straight up ruining his life.
        She is not being diplomatic, she is being posessive and doesn’t believe that she can be wrong.

        Even after the text revealed. Don’t you think all the waiting period can drive him nuts? The damaged is done.
        She broke him, mentally, financially and his reputation was shit. This will always be remembered in his career.

        She has been telling the truth? Nah, she has been lying

      • @ 3 out of 10 No,the social media was after the text convo. They are not negotiating anymore because she already has stated that she is not divorcing him.
        Like I said, I never said she was diplomatic. I didn’t even say her demands are fair because I am not involved. She is “competitive” in her negotiation while he seems to be “accommodating”. Like it or not, I don’t get why it bothers you when AJH agreed. He’s not naive that he cannot tell that she’s over demanding. He didn’t even ask her to compromise a little. He just wanted out like Ginger Crush said.
        Her outburst in her IG started because she couldn’t trust the agency can be fair to them both.
        What this is really about, is the answer. So as an outsider this is what should be, you are looking for. Not join them in their rants and fight. Or judge a person. This is about them and not you.

    • @lazy
      I am not bother that he is agree with her demand, it’s an observation of how she is a demanding persoba.

      my problem is your claim that “she is telling the truth”

      Truth that smear his life and turn out to be a lie.

      You’ve been protecting her, go on but pretending that she didn’t started this, she didn’t said all the lie especially the birthday soup which he did shows his appreciation and saying that “there must be something that make her do this”
      Ofc there is something called “ego” but how she smear his name is not somethint you can defend as “she is also mentally unstable”

      Gah, crime is a crime, slander and libel stay the same and just because you are not mentally healthy, you are free to be asshole and jerk

      • @ 3 out of 10

        18th Aug: AJH wants divorce
        She wants to stay married

        20th Aug: Divorce never reach full agreement. Reason for taking steps towards divorce;

        neglect = May 12 text

        betrayal of trust = Dispatch thinks it 11th July but it really festered on 1st of July with the 2pm text.

        drunk calls = Dispatch says no suspicious calls. It makes me wonder why they get to decide plus too many gaps on text reveals.

        distrust on agency = 9th Aug text.

        AJH response on 21st

        -he thought they both agreed on July 30th regarding Divorce
        -he paid a “settlement” but GHS demanded more.(Aug 7th text)
        -He mentions about the apartment(Mar 11th)
        -GHS will be filing on 28th Aug.

        Overall, he’s still filing for divorce though he acknowledge she feels hurt.

        21st(same day): Her claims

        July 29th-she calculated 106.7m in won and removing 20m for her part owing him. Though bank balance in red, he responded with him trying to give her 100m won instead.
        Aug 7th-AJH paid 90m won but she now wants the apt.

        So because she wants more stuff like apartment and emotional damage. Hate it or not, she is right that its not total divorce settlement.

        Depression- July 19th text. Also drinking causes depression. Just saying. Its one of symptoms of hang over.

        Drunk talk-just reiterated that she herself witness this. He said no way it happened.

        Soup-July 1st text doesn’t really reflect volume eaten. She is upset that he parties while she slaved for that soup. Mind you the video was posted same day but party was day before. How well you eat after hung over?

        Apartment-Mar 11 text. He moved out for his work.

        Nipplegate- July 1st 2pm angry text. She mentions it again on next text after AJH script reading and unanswered call. She apologized at her outburst at 2pm.

        Cat- May 12th text. I read that as he gave her Anju with his response to her taking the cat. Something changed in between and AJH took the cat home per Aug 9th text.

        Scandal- she never mentions the name but she also touch on this based on Aug 9th text.

        I don’t know where you get that I pretended she did not started this. That’s why we comment on this. We are reacting to what she said. I pointed out that from her perspective, she is telling the truth. I don’t join mob mentality.

      • And…@Lazy cumber you’re reason for itemising the texts in dates but not in chronological order is to support GHS and her claim that she has been wronged by AJH? Please clarify from ‘what truth’ is from GHS so much so that we can see the context of how her brain was operating at the time she wrote and responded to AJH. From what I read and tonnes of other people read that as well; was a waffling desperate power tripper that GHS was and AJH was desperately trying to get away from her any way how? If you want to spend time discrediting AJH to make GHS right in this situation please step back and switch the names and you’ll know what I’m referring to.

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