Gao Yuan Yuan Returns to Work Fresh Faced and Fabulous 3 Months After Having Baby with Husband Mark Chao

I don’t get jealous of beautiful stars because they have all the time, money, and assistance to look and maintain glamour. Plus nowadays there is so much plastic surgery. The rare times I am envious are like this one, when I saw the recent pictures of C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan on her workshop official SNS page updating that she’s returning to work three months after having her first baby with husband Mark Chao. Goodness is she not just back to pre-pregnancy days but actually even prettier in my eyes, content and confident with that indescribable glow. Such a goddess, I swoon and wish I had a sliver of her aura. I love the pictures with the cats even though I’m a dog person, it’s nice to have animal company at a work place lucky her.

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